Wednesday 11 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 March  2020

Easter Bombing – Pandora’s Box?

As per current news report ‘The former President, former Prime Minister, former State Minister of Defence and former heads of security establishments should be held responsible for the dastardly Easter Sunday carnage, former Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri told a press briefing held last Sunday in Moneragala.

If the above is taken to be true then we have no reason to fear another attack – now that we have a new President, new Prime Minister and New Defence head – all of whom Opposed the ‘former’ leadership.  It is therefore unjust to remind citizens who caused the change to live in anxiety. People need to know only if they and not the government was responsible.

On 31 July 2019, I wrote under the heading ‘Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’. This included the following:

[Yesterday I learnt about the Japanese suicide bombers who attacked Ceylon on Easter Sunday – 5 April 1942. Because Sri Lanka is my homeland, and because Easter is about resurrection, I felt a deeper connection between the 2019 Easter bombings and the 1942 Easter bombings]
Today, I ask whether the above comments by the Deputy Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament is to open the Pandora’s Box? Déjà vu is at feelings level. The outcomes happen at a different time, at a different place. But Pandora’s box is matter. If one opened it for the purposes of quid pro quo one unleashes the ugliness that caused the matter to manifest. When one unleashes the past that is a ‘finished’ product, that is an example of opening the Pandora’s Box.

Australian Administrators listed me as Sri Lankan – which title to them was of lesser status than themselves. The direction of migration confirms this. If there was no merit for such positioning they are actually opening their past which has the racial discrimination genes. Those officers then manifest outcomes confirming those genes. I was listed as a Sri Lankan when as per the language of the law – I was Australian. I was also Australian by belief which would have been difficult for the officers to identify with through their thoughts driven by ‘looks’.

The past of a migrant is also  Pandora’s box. When the  authorities responsible for immigration in the nation that the migrant comes to, assess through their own truth – they would identify with the truth of the migrant and therefore an expanded relationship is formed. Where the laws of immigration are written by a true national such laws would support healthy and positive recruitment provided the officers using the law respect the law and/or the processes through which they make the decision. If on the other hand, the immigration authorities recruit to make juniors of migrants and/or to ‘show’ their own senior countries that they are a recruiting body – unjust discrimination is likely to happen. If left unaddressed – they separate and join their own communities. 

When the law written by a true national is followed – those who respected the law get united. Likewise in a family. When outcomes are given and taken outside the basis of such truth – they divide. A structure based on truth unites. Distribution through such a structure is sharing. Without such truth – the movement is give and take. Then it is better to separate visibly – to prevent conflicts and wars.
To the extent such separation happens through truth and/or common law – the two would be the polar ends of the whole. Where such separation is due to lies and desires – the whole gets fragmented.
To prevent such fragmentation, ‘finished work’ could be escalated spiritually  to the higher level by us first entering at the Nuclear Energy /Truth to Truth level. As in Virtual Reality,  the essence of  past is recognized as raw Energy  for current life and no more . Unlike in the real world where Virtual Reality is artificial – belief based escalation is true experience so long as its value is formless. Ancestral powers are thus invoked through true faith, as virtual reality. To my mind, Dreamtime experiences of Aborigines  happen when they are totally in their local area – as if it were their whole world. These are different to dreams on the basis of imagination.

Taken that we recognize Time and Space as agents of change in form, if we freeze one and move through the other, we would reach the origin which is also the targeted  destination. In other words, we would reach the origin by traveling through one or the other and not both. When we travel through time we do not ‘see’ the destination but identify with it as experience. Time being invisible, the destination is also invisible. When we travel through  space we do not ‘see’ the place but we are present there. Hence we do not ‘see’ the outcome but experience it.

Once we reach the destination – both – Time and Place become invisible. The two are like the two coordinates of a destination. Unless we were present at the time and place of manifestation, we can neither ‘see’ nor ‘show’ the physical form. We can ‘explain’ through the coordinates for another to mentally reconstruct what happened. But when it manifests at a different time and/or place – the form is different. When we use theories/laws through which an outcome was produced we get the mental picture of that which was produced. To that extent theories and laws preserve the values and also lead to reliably reconstructing today’s form of yesterday’s energies. This is how Common Outcomes are produced.

Indigenous folks, travel through time. Hence the dreamtime realities.  Hence the saying that when we continuously focus on a particular goal – it becomes a reality. It is virtual reality that is formless. If there was no true basis to our dream – we would not sustain the focus. They are not shown to nor seen by others. But they are real because of the virtuality of true belief. It exists but is not seen.
In any indigenous group – including many villages in Sri Lanka untouched by ‘secular law’, the laws applicable are strongly based on faith in ancestors. This feeling of ownership in land is essential for true governance through democracy. Voters who connect to the leader through such faith, developed through common living in land space/ place  known as the Electorate,  connect to the whole electorate, through this virtual reality of belief. This confirms that they have identified with the leader to form common Energy by losing consciousness of the ‘particular’ that is in their custody. When that leader connects to the Parliament through its institutional values – s/he connects to the whole nation that the Parliament is led by.

A political leader who ‘trades’ through quid pro quos – confirms attachment to the visible ownership and thus confirms the basic ingredient  of belief which is virtual ownership. Only such a politician has the moral authority to make laws.
One could say that the Easter Bombing was ‘made’ by the forces then current. Since they are no longer in power – they would not make that now. Similarly, since the current President, Prime Minister and their group were in Opposition at the time of the Easter Bombing – they are taken as its Opposition and hence they would NOT make it. By opening that Easter Box – the current regime is confirming either that they made it and it is not yet a ‘finished’ product but is work in progress or that they can reproduce that outcome again and again.

Many civil operations such as NGO and Media management as well as Immigration have now been brought under the supervision of  Defence Ministry and therefore the new President.  Majority Sinhala Buddhists  may need that kind of regimented supervision to produce uniform outcomes as do machines. That is a kind of Marxism that was practiced also by the LTTE. This however goes wrong when the foundation’s internal relationships undergo structural changes. The LTTE’s underwent such changes when Karuna Amman – the Eastern Leader broke away from the Northern leadership. The new Regime’s likewise went through natural restructure which resulted in the then Defence Secretary becoming the President. If UNP led 19th Amendment to the Constitution had not happened – it is highly likely that Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa would have remained in a lower position to his elder brother who was President – the President who ‘made’ the elimination of the LTTE and caused the deaths of thousands of civilians. Since this was done after eliminating ‘supervision’ – it becomes a sin because of lack of moral authority over a different group of People. The LTTE cannot be morally tried in Sri Lanka by a government that failed to punish them for killing Tamil members of Parliament. A group that is incapable of protecting its own members lacks the authority to punish to protect members of wider society.

Whether others recognize it or not – the UNP government led by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has the capability to invoke regional and global powers. Mr Sajith Premadasa who has formed his own group – carries with him the same tendency as Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa to produce the parallel of  the outcomes that his father produced. Sajith’s father became President due to his ‘staying power’ under the Presidency of Mr J R Jayawardene whose parallel is Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. So long as Sajith  remained as Ranil’s junior within UNP he would have confirmed the inheritance of that ‘staying power’. Not when he opposes it and shows Equality. Without the leadership of those like Ranil the Sri Lankan government will be seriously lacking in global values.

Déjà vu like Dreamtime visions gives us identity with the Energy. In 1942,  the Easter Sunday bombing was registered by world leaders as follows:
Churchill on the Battle of Ceylon

The most dangerous moment of the War, and the one which caused me the greatest alarm, was when the Japanese Fleet was heading for Ceylon and the naval base there. The capture of Ceylon, the consequent control of the Indian Ocean, and the possibility at the same time of a German conquest of Egypt would have closed the ring and the future would have been black.
— From a conversation at the British Embassy, Washington, D.C.]

In 2019 also it was an international issue and we Sri Lankans have the responsibility to deliver at that level – so the Indian Subcontinent does not become another Middle East. Making a Pandora’s Box of the 2019 bombing would make the Indian Subcontinent another Middle East.  

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