Friday 27 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 March  2020


‘Sri Lankan President pardoned an Army officer who was on death row for killing eight Tamil civilians’ – Hindu

The Tamil Political leadership is reported to have responded as follows:

[The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Sri Lanka’s main party representing Tamils of the north and east, condemned President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s decision to pardon and release an Army officer who was on death row for killing eight Tamil civilians — including a 5-year-old and two teenagers— in 2000 during the civil war.
“If true, we condemn the opportunistic action of Prez @GotabayaR under guise of dealing with the issue of prisoners at a time like this. This is one case in which a person was actually convicted. Other cases weren’t even prosecuted or were acquitted,” the TNA tweeted.]

My question is what is the UNP which represents minorities doing? Are there no law respecting Sri Lankan politicians in the majority race?

Even as I began writing, I received a call from Vaddukoddai in Northern Sri Lanka – informing that our temple fence has been cut again, last night – which obviously was during curfew time. It was sickening to hear that the ‘boys’ would do this. The timing of the message made me think again. As a community what have we earned in the eyes of Almighty? What has any Tamil politician – including TNA in Vaddukoddai done to discipline these boys – due to whose disrespect for law and order,  our contribution to law and order is being rubbished?

The irresponsible conduct of young ones who failed to follow the social distancing rules here in Australia, resulted in accelerated spread of the virus. It looks as if Vaddukoddai is breeding its own virus of unruly conduct to disturb the peace in temples. When the custodians of law let us down Dharma protects us. Temples are institutions through which customary law and order is learnt and maintained.

My question to the TNA is – have we, as a community,  earned the support of Dharma? If yes, the above would not have happened to me in what was a high security zone during the war. Mr Wigneswaran who represented TNA came to this village to make his speech. But what did he do to address this issue of invading others’ properties? Since they have not done anything about it – the question that comes to my mind is -  are we entitled to more than our investment in Common Law to find fault with the President ? The limit is our truth or our own investment in Common Law – whichever is higher. No more.

I reported the matter to Vaddukoddai Police and informed the caretaker to warn the parent of one of the boys whom I disciplined in February.

The call came to inform me about the real need of Northern Sri Lanka – investment in common law. Those who are moving through the UN have the duty to first ensure that the beneficiaries are worthy and are not likely to abuse any victory at global level.

Information from cyberspace comes to me when I seek it. I am therefore not surprised that the call came at this point on the basis of truth of our community as a whole. God never fails the believer.
Like emigration due to war, I no longer reside at the cottage within the temple grounds – built by us. I stay at Jetwing in town where I feel safe and respected. The funding for that comes from my Airbnb accommodation here in Australia.  That is how Universal power of belief works. If TNA and/or Mr Wigneswaran were seeking through ownership based belief – they would have found these areas of need. Neither has the support of Dharma in the case of occupied lands. The buck must stop with us. That was the mandate of the People. If TNA considered itself to be the true Opposition – it would not have vacated post after the Constitutional coup in 2018.

If UNP does not oppose it – then it also limits Sri Lanka to the absolute power of the President. We get the government we deserve.

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