Wednesday 18 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 March  2020

Wonderful Caring Australians

When our mind is still – the truth that is positive to us manifests in that environment. This manifestation  may even be through our opposition. There are times when such manifestation is needed towards early detection and prevention of a larger manifestation of the  problem. Discipline goes towards such prevention. When a disciplined person manifests an outcome  and it is accepted or is unopposed – that manifestation strengthens the discipline of the whole. The unopposed manifestation silently confirms acceptance of the disciplinary  action manifested. This deters ‘free’ manifestations by the less disciplined. Thus the value of the whole becomes greater than the sum of the individuals. Discipline/Sacrifice goes towards this invisible strength. When such a person is punished – it confirms lack of discipline in the punisher. If the punished ‘includes’ the punisher in her / himself and the punisher feels remorse the whole becomes more orderly. If the punished separates and the punisher fails to feel remorse – the problem would manifest through the punisher and that manifestation would be  larger than it otherwise would have been.

Such a manifestation happened at the University of NSW reported as follows:

[In April 2002, Professor Bruce Hall was claimed to have committed academic misconduct in medical research by Norman Swan on the ABC Radio National program, The Science Show. On December 232003, then Vice-Chancellor of UNSW Professor Rory Hume produced a report, which found Professor Hall guilty of misconduct in relation to five of the six allegations before him. At least $1 million was spent over three years by the university on a series of inquiries into Professor Hall. As a result of his handling of the affair, which drew criticism from the media and within the university, Professor Hume was pressured to resign by the Chancellor and others seeking his resignation. Professor Hume officially resigned on June 302004 after a breakdown in his working relationship with the University's governing council. Professor Mark Wainwright was appointed Vice-Chancellor in July 2004, having been Acting Vice-Chancellor following Professor Hume's resignation.]  WikiDoc Foundation

On 15 September 2003, I was arrested for Trespass when I went over to speak to Professor Hume – the  Vice Chancellor. The arrest was unlawful but it happened. Had Professor Hume heard me – his report would have been differently structured as per my true wisdom  about Liverpool Clinical School and also the true needs in managing Research grants after manifesting the weaknesses through a meeting with headed by the then head of Research. The proceedings of this meeting  are detailed in Appendix 3 of my book ‘Naan Australian’. Now I realize that that manifestation was destined to happen. I was the democratic strength in that group but I was also the weakest link in their real system which was highly subjective.

There is a Tamil saying confirming this – ‘Veliyila pohra ohnaanai sattaikula pottukolkirathu’ – ‘Taking the Fence-Lizard and placing it inside the dress’. The Fence-Lizard is an example of a problem that seems attractive and controllable to the idle mind.

Between the separation of myself and the separation of Vice Chancellor Hume,  I continuously  wrote emails expressing my truth. These would have been the expressions of others who also were similarly affected but lacked the courage to express. The cumulative truth was waiting to ‘happen’ and it manifested itself to uphold Dharma / Righteousness. It happened due to true Media Power.

When the mind is idle, it becomes the breeding place of our desires followed by fears. The idle mind ‘imagines’ benefits – especially status and if there is no opposition to diffuse it – it goes into fear and depression. The panic demonstrated in supermarkets during this period of Coronavirus spread, is due to desire for hoarding followed by fear of not having enough. Welfare recipients who are not respectful of their providers are most likely to so panic.  A global minded person would share in the pain of victims and therefore would not panic.  In contrast Lesley Dale – a fellow hostess who was booked to stay with us for the weekend – to spend time with her daughter in Coogee wrote as follows:

[Good morning, in light of all medical advice that Australia should go into lockdown we will have to cancel. I can't in all good conscience eat out in a tourist hub and come back to my work in an aged care facility. Our daughter also works in a popular restaurant so has had much contact with tourists. Keep safe and well. ]

What a wonderful caring Australian!

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