Monday 30 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 March  2020


Last evening when Prime Minister Scott Morrison advised ‘All Australians aged 70 and over 'should stay home and self-isolate’, my heart fell. I was feeling good all day  and then this. I suddenly felt tired and weak. I went to bed early. This morning I thought about it during meditation. To my mind, this time in this crisis the PM was wrong for my group – the independent mothers’ group.

Given that in a democracy the government is limited in its true authority to the Sovereignty of the People – I consider this an abuse of power by the PM. May be he is tired and overworked now at the age of 51, and projected on the basis of his own experience – and  concluded that he would become dependent on his children and/or juniors in government by the time he is 70. My spiritual Guru  was active until He left His body. Jesus cannot be limited to the age of His body. That would be to mourn on Good Friday and not celebrate Easter Sunday.
Scott’s advice  was confusing because there are special queues for the elderly  which means they / we are taken to be capable of operating on their / our own. Queues for us and self-isolation desire for Political figures? Such directions would disconnect the flow of belief from the sovereign citizen to the government.
Then I received the Economy Next article headed : ‘Sri Lanka asks for international debt relief on Coronavirus hit’:

[ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has asked international lending agencies to give debt relief for vulnerable nations as a Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc around the world.
“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa requests international donor agencies to provide a debt moratorium or debt deferment facility to all vulnerable developing nations to the COVID – 19 risk,” his office said in a statement.
“President had urged Director General of the World Health Organization to forward this request to multi-lateral and bilateral lending agencies.”]

In this pandemic – as per reported figures – Sri Lanka is doing 10 times better than its sugar-daddy China, in terms of infections and 50 times better in terms of Deaths. If China had spent money in improving the  Respiratory health standards of its home folks instead of  sugar quoting  the Rajapaksa activities, Sri Lanka would not need to beg international agencies. This President alienated himself from International Common standards in relation to Democratic Accountability in terms of ethnic cleansing which happened behind closed doors. He has no moral authority to expect assistance from International agencies. If indeed China was a democracy – its People will protest against such assistance to a ‘foreigner’.

If Sri Lanka were a relative it would have sent its armed forces across to China last year – and contributed to curbing the spread of the virus at the early stages.   Reference to ‘vulnerable developing nations’ is the parallel of  our Australian PM labelling us the over 70s’ as high risk group. Former abused Buddhism and the latter weakened investment in Christ.

Italy’s death rate may have invoked anxieties. Given that majority Italians are Roman Catholics – they have the moral duty to measure success through Soul value realised and not the physical.
At the beginning of last year – the Italian Government raised the age limit for drawing retirement benefits and also introduced the ‘Quota 100’ scheme which facilitated early retirement for those who started work early. Unless those above 60 understood the structure – they are likely to have feared losses due to the 2019 changes. Restructure of the mind after 60 becomes difficult. In addition, Italy is reported to suffer higher than European average rate of dementia. Advice such as the one by Mr Morrison yesterday would push those who tend to be dependent to become even more dependent on their children who are also being challenged in many ways by the Coronavirus.

Some of my uncles retired early when the then Sri Lankan government introduced the ‘Sinhala Only’ legislation in 1956 and at the same time facilitated early retirement for those who sought to retire due to not wanting to learn a new language in old age. Many of them picked up farming and became landlords. The greater loss to the government was the oneness through common Public Service.
Sri Lanka’s curfew is an example of youth becoming more unruly in areas where they think they are the rulers. Yesterday – two days after I received the complaint of our temple fence being cut – the cleaner rang to report that four youth had jumped over  the gate in broad daylight – claiming that it was cooler inside the temple, than inside their homes. I asked the cleaner to send me photos, until I am able to obtain footage from the security cameras. I said further – that beyond that they would be taken care of Lord Vairavar – the Lord of Security.

My husband asked me how? I said I have invested in the security of that temple and its surroundings. Divinity in the form of  Lord Vairavar would have received that investment on behalf of those who were in need of that protection and who believed also in the importance of  security of a ‘home’ in the form through which I have invested . This usually begins with their investment in formal education. In this instance – education of  the children in that area. Sometimes this protection happens through mental illness in the one who drew benefits but was unfaithful to the provider. In rural parts of Northern Sri Lanka they refer to this as Vairavar power when positive and Soonyam / black magic, when done for selfish purposes with negative effect on the whole.

I neither believed nor disbelieved it. But later I realized that it is a kind of mind to mind influence to which they were giving their own form. One of the four mentioned above was mentally ill for some time. But when the youth are idle – they go back to such pranks. If the police of that area do not take action, I have decided to instruct the cleaner to turn off all the lights so the folks who turned a blind eye to the breaches by the sons of their neighbours – would be blamed by those who need the lights for security. When that happens I would interpret it as Lord Vairavar having balanced the equation of  common faith.

My approach to the Coronavirus challenge is also based on faith. The values I have realized about the mind living beyond the body, have been shared with many groups. Hence I neither fear nor submit to death by giving up on my body which at most times is controlled by my mind. The mind filled with faith and/or by intellectual balance is the key to effectively killing the bad virus. Not all of it is bad.

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