Saturday 21 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 March  2020

Out Goes War and in comes Corona

Our logic varies as per our personal culture and/or as per our environmental culture. Those driven by visible effects make weak mind-connections. The subjective system does not work very well for them. To the extent they are strongly driven by their own personal laws they would tend to be self-sufficient. To the extent they are driven by the common law of their environment, they would tend to move laterally with others who also are followers of those laws. They thus would be successful migrants in countries / regions where such laws are upheld. This could be mental migration. – leading to regionalization and globalization.  

The higher mind raises the matter to the higher level and therefore remembers the experience and eventually it becomes that matter becomes positive Energy. The minds of those who absorb the wrongdoing by others instead of taking an eye for an eye – move towards this state. To my mind transcendental meditation is based on this. I myself meditate in my own way – by dwelling on the truth.

During our recent  visit to Sri Lanka, we were in Trincomalee for a few days. Went to Kali Temple and Thirukoneswaram Temple every day. Lord Shiva is the Lord of the mind. Tamil Hindu Saints – Sambandar, Sundar  and Arunagirinathar  identified with the Spiritual connection between Sri Lanka and India – confirmed as follows by Wikipedia:

Sixth-seventh century A.D. hymn, Pallava kingdom
Tevaram of Trincomalee
"Konamalai is the abode of our Lord Shiva, where despite the wrong beliefs and evil efforts of the Jains and those that follow Theravada, the rearing waters of the sea scatter on the shore sandalwood, ahil, precious stones and pearls – all of value high, for where he settled".
The true believer picks up the Energy of True Owners. Those politicians who declared through the Sri Lankan Constitution that they were Buddhist foremost – are naturally excluded from ruling places like Trincomalee where Hindu ownership is confirmed to be the dominant ‘ultimate reality’ is confirmed to have been realised first through Hinduism.  They are part of the group that is identified as one opposing Hinduism which included followers of  Theravada Buddhism.
Where there is lack of logic there is separation in the memory. Where one is driven strongly by visible outcomes this separation is more likely to happen than in the mind of one who believes in seniors who are follow spiritual leadership. Such spiritual leadership need not be through religion. It would not be through particular religion. One who actively recognises a particular religion would automatically disqualify to rule over those who also follow that particular path. They are opposition to each other. Hence the Tamil Political group became the natural opposition in National Parliament in 1977 and in 2015.
Such ‘separation’ would not be in the mind of a person who feels s/he is commonly responsible to all whom s/he serves.
In his Financial Times article ‘COVID-19 must be battled’ , Ravi Perera highlights the inability of the current government to work the civil service:
[While this unintelligent melee provided the coronavirus an unhindered breeding ground, there are a few good men at work to prevent the virus overwhelm the country. The Government-run medical services are working around the clock, under-staffed, with limited resources, they are in the forefront of a life and death struggle. Supporting them closely are the members of the armed forces, working tirelessly, transporting the afflicted, looking after them, building infrastructure, creating purpose built hospital wards, tracing virus carriers, all these activities potentially life threatening to the service provider.
Here again, we see the weaknesses of our million plus public service, unable to adequately respond to emergencies without falling back on the armed forces. One of the often cited features of a failed State is an inadequate (and corrupted) public sector, incapable of providing essential services while holding the system together with an independent and objective approach. Once again, the men and women of our armed forces are proving to be the best among us.]

Here in Australia a good proportion is following the guidelines provided by the government. I myself am. That way if I am more orderly than the ones who fight for the limited goodies, I share my own discipline with that of the government. Our Government in turn is mind-connected to other nations. The current Sri Lankan government is known to be pro-China and it is therefore understandable that the discipline would be strictly subjective. In contrast, Indian Government appears to rely more on its civilian forces than on its armed forces.  This is why it is recognized as a true democracy. If Buddhism was indeed foremost – the current government would rely on meditation at home to stop the spread of virus. Since it is deploying the armed forces – one is entitled to conclude that Sri Lanka has failed Buddhism. Majority  Buddhist Sinhalese voted for a war hero and they got war environment. You get the behavior you reward. 

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