Thursday 28 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 November  2019


Recently, my cousin Priya complimented me on my English language skills. I attributed to ‘Margret Teacher’ of Holy Family Convent – Jaffna. Priya being family, attributed to my mother and grandmother. Yesterday, when accessing my work published by Sri Lanka Guardian, I came across the following at
Appendix 1

Miss G.Navaratnam is well known to me and I can testify to the excellence of her character. As a pupil in our Collegiate School she showed a high degree of intelligence and industry. Remarkable mathematical ability, easy command of both English and Tamil and enthusiastic participation in extra-curricular activities contributed to her brilliant school career. I have known her to be always cheerful, sociable and ready to be of service. Upright and dependable she is capable of giving her best to the task entrusted to her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any post of responsibility.

(Mrs.) M. Saverimutu
Holy Family Convent Collegiate School – Jaffna
I had the virtual experience as if ‘Margret Teacher’ was valuing me now. ‘Margret Teacher’ was a disciplinarian.  Submitting to that discipline helped me raise my experiences to the higher level so that they would be consolidated in my mind which would merge with highest minds in any environment. Subsequently, here in Australia also I continued to learn the order of expression at the highest level but without losing the simplicity of my own position in an institution. My humble positions helped me learn from seniors - that which they were good at.
The above was published by Sri Lanka Guardian when Nilantha Ilangamuwa was the Editor. Nilantha continuously expressed appreciation for my language skills and did so respectfully. Our minds merged and recently – Nilantha took the trouble to meet me in Colombo. Every time our minds merged – we contributed to common Sri Lankan heritage. Thus far not one Tamil journalist has valued my work as Nilantha of Sinhalese origin has. By genuinely valuing my experiences – Nilantha would be able to naturally access minds at that senior level within Sri Lankan community and global level laterally. As a senior Sri Lankan – I blessed Nilantha yesterday also.

Margret Teacher’s daughter Dr. Mrs. Amirthanjali Sivapalan was head of Linguistics and English literature at the University of Jaffna. I ‘happened’ to sit next to Amirthanjali at the wedding of Sam Hensman who introduced himself to me when I was at the canteen of Jaffna College – undergraduate campus – in-between lectures. I discovered that Sam Hensman is the grandson of my class teacher – Mrs Hensman. Margret Teacher was very much part of our sharing. Sitting next to Amirthanjali happened naturally – without any planning. That is the way ‘belief’ works. Such connections are Energy based. Minds with negative Energy also merge naturally. Amirthanjali passed away early this year – but I keep recalling and appreciating the respect she enjoyed at the University of Jaffna – as if they were mine also. I believe that in turn Amirthanjali’s loved ones would access my wisdom even though they may not be conscious of it.


While accessing my work published by Sri Lanka Guardian, I came across the picture (shown above) of mothers wailing for their ‘lost’ sons. My heart went out to them as if their pain was mine. As per my knowledge – they did not send their sons to fight. The sons chose that pathway or were conscripted by force. When those mothers cry – the sons as well as their masters get cursed. If indeed the mothers had sent them – then they would be honoring their sons as great heroes. That is the way of truth.

I also went against my parents’ wishes from time to time. But by successfully living a respectable life and raising my children to be professionals I made them happy as parents. Thus the standard of the ‘Common Parent’ is raised. My mother did not want me to go to the camps in 2009. When my mother expressed this while I was ‘waiting’ for clearance from the Ministry of Health – in Colombo. I then said words to the effect ‘When Sathyan (Gary Anandasangaree who is now an MP in Canada) goes on such missions – you praise him but when I go for pure humanitarian purposes you become a concerned parent.’ My mother was friends with the family. Since Sathyan’s mum gave him her blessings my mother also accepted it. But Sathyan is now a politician in Canada. His status would therefore be valuable only as part of  the Canadian Government. I am not bound by such protocols. I am free to use my status at any level seen fit by me. I overrode the ‘benefits’ on the way to raise my contribution to Energy / Truth.
We need to therefore ask the question as to whether the above students who disobeyed the lawful ruling of the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna contributed to unlawful dismissals of and / or by University Administrators. We have no moral authority to blame the government – the President in particular - when such dismissals happen.  Nilantha as editor of Sri Lanka Guardian chose to highlight the following message  of Mr Harvey Perera included in my article:
‘Those who classify themselves as Christians can be divided into 2 broad groups: those who have chosen to allow the Bible to be their final authority and those who have chosen to allow men to be their final authority’.
Obviously – these young ones have chosen to allow men to be their final authority. They have no place at the University where bibles are continuously produced and taught in various subject matters including Political Science. One who is disrespectful of seniors/ gurus has abandoned the academic pathway.

Ada Derana reports under the headingTNA ready to work with current President – Sumanthiran:

[Sumanthiran also urged all political parties in the country that represent the Tamil community to come under its wing and to stand united to fight for Tamil issues.
“With the parliamentary election to happen soon, it was important to join rather than stay divided,” he told the reporters.]
Tamils need to access the wisdom of politicians and other independent Tamils to sustain the unity demonstrated through the recent Presidential elections. The University of Jaffna issue was one such opportunity. Tamils living from election to election will miss the BOAT of Democracy to the destination of self-governance at our own local levels. That small sovereignty – will merge naturally with the Big Universal Sovereignty. That is the promise by the Creator.
The University of Jaffna was founded on the pain of Standardization. Anyone who uses that University for lesser purposes – including for political purposes – is earning the curse of Merit Based system. At University level one does not find fault. One finds the connection between causes and effects. That in itself will lead to self-governance. Once we are in Big Truth – whatever we do will be manifested at the highest level of the environment in need. Even we as co-causers may not know the logic of it at the time of manifestation. But gradually we will  see  perfect logic to every such manifestation.
As per the recent elections – Tamils and Muslims claimed to be the Opposition of the winning President. As per Ada Derana report :
[ Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran, the spokesperson of the TNA, stated that their party is willing to work cordially with the incumbent President, in keeping with the people’s mandate.]

The mandate by the Tamil People was to Oppose the President. This is healthy in Democracy and is essential at lower levels of manifetations. By wanting to work cordially with the President – Mr Sumanthiran is confirming that he effectively voted for the kind of President that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is. Hence he was part of the causal force that manifested the disobedience to law through  those to whom Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Tamil parallel – Mr Velupillai Prabakaran is hero. They are in the wrong institution – the  University of Jaffna whose motto is ‘Mei Porul Kaanpathu Arivu’ (Finding Truth is Knowledge).

The full Thirukural (Tamil Bible) goes as follows:

Epporul yar vaayil ketpinum apporul meipporul kaanbathu arivu
[Knowledge is That which leads to the discovery of truth from that which is heard from anyone’s mouth ]
The start is that which happens / visible effect. The destination is the Truth. Knowledge is the pathway from effect to cause.
Those who ‘saw’ the attacker – i.e. – the Armed Forces and concluded that the seen attacker is the cause – do not have a place in the University of Jaffna. This University land holds the power of one who shared his land - Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan – the greatest Ceylonese / Sri Lankan of all times. I manifested it yesterday without conscious planning. I conclude that Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan – the real hero of the University of Jaffna which is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities manifested himself through my writing. Neither the biological descendent Mr C V Wigneswaran nor the Professional descendent Mr Sumanthiran - of this Great Hero paid their respects to him publicly to oppose the disobedient students who were desecrating  the purity of education. They have dismissed themselves from University education which is a core purpose of the political actions by Tamil leaders from the time of Standardization.

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