Saturday 23 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 November  2019


Today is the birth Anniversary of Swami Sathya Sai Baba. When I write articles and my attention is drawn to a particular source that confirms my view, I believe that I am connected to that ancestry. Swami provided such support on 05 November 1998 when I was in deep pain after resigning from my position as head of Finance within the Faulty of Medicine at the University of NSW – after hearing racially separatists statements by Ms Pauline Hanson.  The psychologist to whom I was directed by my legal team wrote as follows in her report:


Mrs. Paramasivam acknowledged that for several years she had been in communication with a range of people including Yoga Swami, Our Lady and Sai Baba the leader of an Indian Religious Group. She told me that Sai Baba was a saint and on the 5 November 1998 red powder materialized on her picture of him. She interpreted this as meaning that he was in communication with her and felt that it was a miracle, a sign of his love for society.

She said that Sai Baba was able to anticipate her thoughts and she felt comforted by this and said that she had experienced an intuitive relationship with Sai Baba and her communication with him had continued to this day. She described the communication as a “blissful state” it felt as if she did not have a  care in the world. She acknowledges that her current charges did not concern her because of the comfort she received from Sai Baba and said that he was the only one whose opinion counted with her.

05 November was significant in that it was on that day that the Auditor General’s report confirming my criticism of the Financial Management system of the University of NSW was published by the Sydney Morning Herald.  One of the staff who was trained by me  - informed me. I gradually realised that the system of Truth was supporting me to be an independent Opposition of the management that was senior by age and colour.
This morning, I thanked Swami for being there for me even when I was not a devotee of Swami. The University Administration failed me by using their own internal measures. The Human Rights Commission did identify with my pain but they failed to ‘show’ that outcome in their final decision. The Courts dismissed my complaints as per their own thoughts. At the time the Kungkumum (red holy powder)  materialized – I did not know that this was going to be the case. Now I realize that Swami brought me under His influence – so I would not suppress my pain and with it my truth. My pain was valuable because it was due to the damage caused to ethnic relationships in Australia. The pain happened because I had invested in the higher order by reducing my true status. But truth would not let me. Not identifying with what was happening caused me the pain. The miracle helped me feel that someone somewhere had received my service.
This morning this ‘support’ happened again – when a journalist of global standards who read my book ‘Naan Australian’ responded to me as follows in regards to my article ‘SRI LANKA WAS USED BY SINHALA EXTREMISTS’:
[A good article and well argued. I totally agree with the last para.  Ranil's contribution was substantial and not understood by many.]
Not one Sri Lankan by name expressed  identity with my message. A global investor in Sri Lanka  did.

It reminded me of the song by Poet Kannadasan - ‘Paramasivam Kaluthil Irunthu Paambu Kettathu – Garuda Soukyama? (the snake sitting around Lord Shiva’s neck asked ‘Garuda Are you well?)’
Garuda is the king of birds who eats evil creatures and is usually - the enemy of snakes (creatures without backbone). Garuda is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu the Preserver / the Son in the Hindu  Holy Trinity. Hence the mocking question. The Sri Lankan parallel in terms of the UNP is Sajith Premadasa – the Presidential candidate asking Ranil – whether Ranil was well?

In the above mentioned song – Poet Kannadasan says in terms of family – ‘that the cart needs only two wheels of equal height for it to be functional. If one is short no cart would move. Likewise,  groups that are of different heights’

In terms of family, the two wheels are mother and father. It is to maintain this equality that Hinduism attributes the status of the female as ‘Shakthi’/Energy which confirms exponential power. The most visible power is linear.

In terms of Sri Lankan politics – apparent minorities are often taken at their linear value by those who rely on majority vote. If Buddhism is taken at its apparent value – then all Buddhists who claim so must become celibates.  The Daily Mirror report ‘Sajith was too hasty to contest the presidency: Ven. Dhammissara Thera’ confirmed that there  was at least one such power :

[While claiming that UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa was too hasty to have contested the presidential election, Eksath Bhikku Peramuna Secretary Ven. Bopitiye Dhammissara Thera said he could have easily won it if he had contested the presidential election after another five years. ]

I have also confirmed the essence of this through my recent articles. Out of the two – Premadasa is the shorter wheel as Prbhakaran was to Mr Sampanthan. From time to time the taller ones do shorten their heights to be in harmony with the younger generation which is usually restless and desires to produce and ‘show’ immediate outcomes. A more mature LTTE supporter wrote as follows under the heading ‘The Tamil curse will continue.’:

The new cabinet of Rajapaksas are back in business. The Tamils and the Muslims in the North and East unanimously voted, in the recent election, against these 'war criminals' who massacred them in the last ten years. There is no Muslims in the Cabinet ( they are united ). But there are 'traitors' in the Tamil Community always ready to join whatever the government comes to power. … ( what happened to the Tamil traitor in the East ? - no Chairs ? )

My response to the above went as follows:

[The vote against Rajapaksas was also the vote against Karuna. But within their camps he is nobody. THAT is his punishment.]

Buddhism is also used by Sinhalese politicians when Buddhist monks shorten their height. The parallel in Tamil Nadu is politicians shortening their height to woo the cinema crazy voter.  But in both instances they ‘forgot’ to climb back to their original apparent  heights – confirming that they did not earn that true status.

Both Presidential candidates in 2019 - used the name of Buddhism in their claim to Presidential power. The one who won 53% out of those who voted seems to be the winner. If that is true then as per the picture that has evolved – with Mr Rajapaksa claiming that he won due to Sinhala-Buddhist votes – then Tamils & Muslims have confirmed the existence of a separate nation.
The ‘invisible’ connector in the above song is the axle. This axle is the common belief. Two equals need belief  in a common system for them to function. Sri Lankan Nation  is that axle that connects the two extremists. The heirs of Sri Lankans is the least visible group in currently visible  Sri Lankans. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe is one part of that  axle.

The Gordian Knot that Alexander the Great cut into two was to keep the yoke of the ox-cart tied to the Post. The yoke that kept the two oxen moving in unison is the parallel of the axle of the axle that kept the cart moving. The post to which the yoke was tied – was the ‘tradition’ that kept one at home. As per the prophesy – one who untangled the Gordian Knot would rule over Asia. But Alexander took the easier way out and cut it. To my mind, this led to his men losing faith when they reached the sacred Ganges river in the Indian Subcontinent and Alexander’s  men feared the war elephants on the other side.

The Sri Lankan parallel is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa  cutting the multicultural knot of Sri Lanka and claiming victory as if he has conquered the whole. It is highly likely that the Jaffna River at Elephant Pass would be the turning point. Ruwanweli Maha Seya where the new President took his oaths – may confirm the spirit of King Dutu Gemunu. But Anuradhapura is also the place where Tamil Emperor Rajaraja Cholan defeated Mahinda V – king of Anuradhapura.

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