Friday 22 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 November  2019


Most of us choose as our final destination -  the wider world whose horizon we cannot see. Some of us realise that truth is our leader to becoming universal. Becoming Universal could be through the vertical time based pathway or lateral space based pathway. Democracy facilitates the latter.
The victory in the recent Presidential elections – is through Democracy. If used for Sinhala-Buddhism only – the world that the leader recognizes as his own is narrower than the one called Sri Lanka. One does not expect natural identity with non-Buddhists from  one who has expressly attributed to his victory to Sinhala-Buddhists. One expects the leader to use the common secular pathway. If not the risk is natural separation or worse invasion by Tamil-Hindus.  

As per the law of truth – two sovereign units / individuals / groups would operate separately. The recent presidential elections have confirmed that  Sinhala-Buddhists nation and Tamil-Muslim  nation are two such natural entities in Sri Lanka. There is also the less visible third dimension. That is the Sri Lankan Nation which was represented largely by UNP with the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe as its leader. It is this group that naturally merges Sri Lanka with wider world. If Sri Lanka seeks to be part of the global community this group of autonomous Sri Lankans  should never be made junior to the other two. Yet, often it is this group that becomes the victim of the other two.

When Tamils or  Muslims attack their opposition – they are termed as ‘Terrorists’. But when Sinhala-Buddhists attack their opposition – they are recognized as heroes. THAT is the net value of  Sri Lanka taken as total.

Every sovereign individual who considers her/himself  to be part of a group – adds natural order to that group – at her/his level of civilization. Relationships help raise our standards as per the structure rather than the individuals around us. When we consider the position as our relation – we naturally strengthen the laws that connect one end of the position to the other – as in Senior-Junior. But if we limit ourselves to the individuals we would not strengthen the structures. This often results in low level expressions of leadership.

The newly elected president of Sri Lanka demonstrated his truth by attributing to Sinhala-Buddhists as his natural electorate. Everyone who accepts that would be led by his mind-structure. Those of us who ‘oppose’ become independent of that group. We then become independent of their ‘handouts’ also.

To the extent Tamils & Muslims who followed the law did not react unlawfully they are relatives within the Sri Lankan group. They were strongly facilitated during the leadership of the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe. This is worth preserving as part of Tamil-Muslim Sri Lankan heritage.
Mr N.S.Venkataraman states in his Sri Lanka Guardian article headed ‘Sri Lankan Tamils Should Endorse Gotabaya Government’ :

[Today, thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils are staying in Tamil Nadu in difficult conditions with bare minimum facilities. They are very uncertain about their future. Instead of encouraging the creation of conditions in Sri Lanka for return of the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees back to their motherland, it is unfortunate that some politicians in Tamil Nadu are creating negative mindset by decrying the new government in Sri Lanka]

The value of Sri Lankan Tamils to India and any nation that facilitates the Sri Lankan Tamil is the real vote through which they- the facilitating nation becomes sovereign. They get the authority to be seniors to Sri Lankan leaders in the regional and world communities. To my mind this is why Mr Modi ordered and Mr Gotabhaya obeyed.

In terms of those who had the experience of war – these refugees did have the opportunity to return to Sri Lanka during the leadership of the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe. They chose not to and the reason for this would include extended anxiety. If anything – they have more reason to fear the new President who clearly showed what would happen to opposers of Rajapaksa regime. If they are followers of LTTE – they are better off in Mother India with Her big bosom to comfort them.

Foreign interference is now a Sri Lankan reality due to declarations of nationhood at primary level. Under the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe we made foreign participation,  an involvement. If big brother Mahinda controls  the new President – then all that would be converted to interference. Our last opportunity is to restore the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe or his heir as PM through the next Parliamentary elections.

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