Tuesday 5 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 November  2019


The laws that an individual is regulated by, confirm her/his position  in  that environment. The wider the coverage the higher the status. Whether that individual is facilitated to take that position or not – it exists and when needed, the individual will take that place to confirm the order in her/his home group. Those who use outcomes instead of laws – confirm that their relationship with the group is weak. It is for this reason that in families money based interactions without the blessings of the senior-most  person are banned. Families that measure through money disintegrate. Likewise, countries.
As per EIN Presswire report headed ‘Major Tamil Political Parties Jointly Submit Demands to Presidential Candidates for Response to Decide Tamil's Position’:

[Five Major Tamil political parties have agreed on basic demands to be submitted to the Sri Lanka's major Presidential candidates for response to enable them to decide Tamil's position in the upcoming Presidential election. This initiative was coordinated by Tamil University Students.]

The ‘demands’ are those of  the University students and they are way beyond their jurisdiction in submitting them to politicians. It is most disorderly and shameful. Even if they were initiated by Politicians – they do not belong during election time. The value of each person’s vote is as per their belief in an issue. Such belief is confirmed by their true needs. The system of truth manifests it through the appropriate candidate in the appropriate environment. This may not be the election environment or even political government. The deeper the need the greater the assurance of return.
Any politician who needed to give form to Tamil expectations ought to have contested for that very purpose. To the extent Tamils overwhelmingly vote for that candidate the values that s/he represented would be confirmed as being legitimate.  That is what the  franchise is all about. That vote is the demand. No politician who is not participating has the right to formulate that demand to influence the voter one way or the other, leave alone promote themselves in an election where they have no representation.
As per Ceylon Today article headed ‘Gotabaya rejected 13 proposals ; Sajith is mum – Wiggy -  Have to check if ‘Unitary State’ has different words  in Sajith’s manifesto’ Mr Wigneswaran’s mind-structure is presented  as follows:
[‘if none of the leading  candidates accept the proposals he will ask the people of  the North to refrain from voting for them and instead vote for some other candidate. “Under no circumstance will I ask people not to vote” he stressed]
Given that no Presidential  candidate is a Tamil – the need here is for community leaders to identify with the relevant values in  the leading candidates who have demonstrated commitment to democracy and therefore separation of powers where a particular group has demonstrated diversity by structure and / or conduct. As a former member of the Judiciary Mr Wigneswaran needed to know this at least after the experience of Dr Shirani Bandaranayake – the Chief Justice who was dismissed by the Rajapaksa government. Remembering that breach and how we balanced it in our own minds becomes our true armour against such forces in our current environments.
As per the Island article ‘PM says no secret pacts between Sajith and Tamil parties’ :
[Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday that New Democratic Front candidate Sajith Premadasa had not reached any secret agreements with Tamil political parties.

The Prime Minister was quoted by his office, in a media statement, as having said at some meetings in Jaffna yesterday (3) that the NDF candidate had made known his position on women, youth, etc. "The parties that agree to these ideas have joined forces with our candidate."

Only the NDF camp has offered a solution for the national problem that is acceptable to the North and South alike, the PM’s Office has said.]

That confirms commitment to Unitary State and Equal Opportunity principles. Out of all the current politicians – Mr Wickremasinghe has demonstrated global mindedness which makes Sri Lanka attractive to global investors. More impressively – ordinary Australians living in Canada have demonstrated such merger by compensating for the damage done by Australian Government. SBS Reports as follows under the heading ‘Meet the Australian expats helping ex-Manus Island detainees get a fresh start in Canada
  [Laura Beth Bugg doesn’t live in Australia anymore, but the plight of refugees stuck in Australia’s offshore processing system hasn’t left her mind.
“My family is still in Australia. My friends are still in Australia. I’m Australian – and as an Australian, I feel responsible to do something about this,” Ms Bugg told SBS News from Toronto.
Ms Bugg is part of the Canadian branch of Australian Diaspora Steps Up (Ads-Up Canada), a group of Australian expats and Canadian locals helping to resettle refugees from the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres in Canada.]

Global minded Tamils likewise have the opportunity to groom Sri Lankan Tamils into democracy and therefore globalization. If the Sri Lankan government is committed to democracy – the network would include the government. Otherwise it would bypass the government and work through private groups. In his Daily Mirror article ‘Tabs, Pads and so on… Promises – if Kept, a Paradise!’ Mr KKS Perera analyses as follows:

[Voters are flooded with all kinds of promises, our politicians hardly address the priorities, the real wants of the people, and instead they aim at winning the gullible poor masses. Campaign promise is a promise or an election guarantee made to the voter by a candidate or political party that is trying to get elected. The UK, Spain, Sweden, Portugal and Canada, we find the highest percentages of promise fulfilment by government with one party rule, with lower percentages in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria and Ireland in most of which, the governments are alliances or coalitions. ]
The sanitary pad request by women cadre in the LTTE was immediately satisfied by leader Prabhakaran. I learnt about it from the women cadre. That was their measure and not mine. As per my measure,  it was highly unlikely that Prabhakaran would have become democratic leader of the Tamil community. The one party system works better when the juniors leave it to the government to govern including in their local home environments where truth ought to govern. . While Sri Lankan Tamils claim to be self-governing, they failed to resist militancy because they left democracy to the leaders whilst they themselves practiced autocracy wherever they found dependent groups – including amongst politicians. The University student group is confirming to be such an autocratic group.

First among the ‘demands’ is listed as follows by EIN Presswire is:

[Reject Unitary State in the new Constitution and establish a Federal State for Tamils.]

Despite the leadership of Mr Wigneswaran as Chief Minister – Jaffna Public Administration is seriously lacking in democracy. Once there is Federal structure – we are assured to become like the Sinhalese government and would promote internal militancy led by University students. Leaders who keep blaming others without looking at themselves – turn wrongs into sins. Once they are sins – there  are beyond our control.  Dictatorship in Northern Sri Lanka where the Vaddukoddai Resolution was given birth – is WRONG.  When we let it become a sin – even god will not come to our rescue.

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