Thursday 7 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 November  2019


We make discoveries about how nature works and this helps us go along with our environment – and function as part of that environment. Some discoveries are used for ‘internal’ purposes whilst others are packaged as theories and laws that help others also.  When we get paid money and / or are allocated status – we have the responsibility to ensure that the usage is balanced as per the stated laws of our environment.

Press Trust of India reported as follows about the conduct of a passenger which was not considered unlawful but inappropriate :

Man offloaded from flight for 'inconveniencing' co-passengers
[A seemingly "mentally unstable" air passenger was on Wednesday offloaded from a Colombo-bound carrier, after he caused "inconvenience" to others by performing yoga and exercise on board, police said.
The crew's repeated requests to the passenger against doing so paid no heed.
He had come from Varanasi to the city to proceed to Colombo, they said.
After the passenger created 'inconvenience' to others, he was offloaded with the help of CISF who later handed him over to the police, they said, adding, a part of his ticket cost was also refunded by the private airline.
Since there was no formal complaint against the passenger, he was not arrested but was in the process of being handed over to the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission here, they added.
He had in his possession both Srilankan and US passports, police said.]

Varanasi is believed to be a strongly sacred place by Hindus as well as Buddhists. It is highly likely that the above person was strongly affected by the spirit of Varanasi and because he was performing yoga, it is likely that he is a Hindu. It is likely that he considered the environment of the plane to be Hindu. It takes the mentally weak mind to adjust to a different environment and v.v. As per my observation this can happen when one carries dual cultures in the mind and over  time fails to recognize which culture s/he is in. Interestingly, the above person is confirmed to be dual citizen.
Most individuals face this dual culture problem through marriage – with  the relations-in-law. Those who resign themselves to the past tend to relate through biological connections which are usually sense driven. A small minority connect through truth. The relationship-in-law is a link between the two. The law through which we relate needs to be common to the two sides – including through religion.

The Buddhism Foremost article  in the Sri Lankan constitution confirms that all non-Buddhists are distant relatives-in-law to the government. The articles that are ‘common’ also have minority status – in the Apparent Buddhist mind and in the mind that is obedient to the Apparent Buddhist mind. The true Buddhist mind would not need to ‘show’.

Varanasi to my mind is a place of truth and responds to many religions:

[Varanasi grew as an important industrial centre famous for its muslin and silk fabrics, perfumes, ivory works, and sculpture. Buddha is believed to have founded Buddhism here around 528 BCE when he gave his first sermon, "The Setting in Motion of the Wheel of Dharma", at nearby Sarnath. The city's religious importance continued to grow in the 8th century, when Adi Shankara established the worship of Shiva as an official sect of Varanasi. During the Muslim rule through the Middle Ages, the city continued as an important centre of Hindu devotion, pilgrimage, mysticism and poetry which further contributed to its reputation as a centre of cultural importance and religious education. Tulsidas wrote his epic poem on Rama's life called Ram Charit Manas in Varanasi. Several other major figures of the Bhakti movement were born in Varanasi, including Kabir and RavidasGuru Nanak visited Varanasi for Maha Shivaratri in 1507, a trip that played a large role in the founding of Sikhism.] Wikipedia

One who adds her/his truth to a place – is led by the Truth of that place. That is the value of Commonness. In Commonness one does not see a particular form. If therefore Varanasi has the ‘Hindu Foremost law’ it is likely to become bipolar – one area for  Hindus and the other for Non-Hindus. That is the way of Natural Law. This is the question we need to ask about Sri Lanka – whether we have become bipolar.  

As per Hindu philosophy pleasure and pain are equal and opposite twins. The higher we raise them the more common they become and hence there is no risk of bipolar problems. Given that majority Tamils do not see their militants as ‘Terrorists’ – those who do ‘see’ them as Terrorists – i.e. majority Sinhalese – become the other ‘pole’. Buddhism foremost contributes to this bipolar formation.
Bipolar mind goes through extreme excitement on the one hand and extreme depression on the other. But Nature tells us that the two pole formation is healthy when they are linked but do not physically ‘see’ each other. To my mind Yin-Yang  formation in  Chinese philosophy confirms this. In Hinduism Lord Muruga with two Consorts  confirms this. Two Equal and Opposite forces would be present in every Sovereign formation. Dancing Shiva confirms this by the Siva-Shakthi (Male-Female) formation which is visible in static form – presented as Arthanathiswarar / Ardhanarishvara form. As Dancing Shiva in Kinetic form we do not ‘see’ duality but one Energy.  We have the experience.  This is presented as follows by Fritjof Capra in ‘The Tao of Physics’

[Five years ago, I had a beautiful experience which set me on a road that has led to the writing of this book. I was sitting by the ocean one late summer afternoon, watching the waves rolling in and feeling the rhythm of my breathing, when I suddenly became aware of my whole environment as being engaged in a gigantic cosmic dance. Being a physicist, I knew that the sand, rocks, water, and air around me were made of vibrating molecules and atoms, and that these consisted of particles which interacted with one another by creating and destroying other particles. I knew also that the earth’s atmosphere was continually bombarded by showers of “cosmic rays,” particles of high energy undergoing multiple collisions as they penetrated the air. All this was familiar to me from my research in high-energy physics, but until that moment I had only experienced it through graphs, diagrams, and mathematical theories. As I sat on that beach my former experiences came to life; I “saw” cascades of energy coming down from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I “saw” the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I “heard” its sound, and at that moment I knew that this was the Dance of Shiva, the Lord of Dancers worshiped by the Hindus.]

In democracy – duality is recognized as Government and Opposition. If active at the same time along the same plane  but in opposite directions – they confirm Sovereignty. In Sri Lankan politics – Tamils were confirmed to be that ‘equal opposite in governance’  – in 1977 and in 2015. That is the true formation of  Sovereign Government in Sri Lanka. The 1977 manifestation happened due to Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. The 2015 formation happened after the 2013 UN Resolution sponsored by America and strongly supported by India. To the extent – Apparent Buddhists are empowered to manage non-Buddhists one who believes s/he is Sri Lankan will invoke when s/he activates that power – that sovereign picture at her / his level. That level is the mental picture that one is governed by.

Be it JVP or LTTE – they sought separation. This is confirmed by their use of arms to attack instead of to defend only. One who uses armed force to defend only is disciplining the other side. One who attacks separates.  Hence the 2015 Separation within the SLFP which was born out of attacks on civilians who were relatives-in-law and not relatives by belief.  The only common secular law was not practiced by the Government which attacked instead of defending. The medium of the karmic return (Mr Sirisena) was one who failed to practice Buddhist Truth presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Pali; Sanskrit: Dharmacakrapravartana Sūtra; English: The Setting in Motion of the Wheel of the Dharma Sutta or Promulgation of the Law Sutta) is a Buddhist text that is considered by Buddhists to be a record of the first teaching given by Gautama Buddha in Sarnath after he attained enlightenment]

Sarnath is close to Varnasi. To my mind, in essence the four noble truths discovered by Lord Buddha – identify  the root cause of Pain - as  Desire and show the way to transcend that state.  Desire for Presidency – a secular position – through ‘attachment’ to Buddhist  vote – made the person passive in politics. Hence the bipolar behavior to cover up ignorance  in common secular structures.

As per Financial Times article headed ‘GR inks MoU to uphold rights of differently-abled people’ :
[Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) presidential aspirant Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Sri Lanka Sahakampana Organisation and Joint Front for differently-abled people and pledged, if elected, to uphold their right to equality and inclusion.

The MoU was signed at Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s office in Mirihana. Following the MoU signing, Rajapaksa launched the manifesto in Braille and as a recording.  He pledged to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities
. ]

The fact that this ‘right’ was NOT recognized by the government Mr Rajapaksa  was part of is confirmed as follows:

[However, the Sri Lankan Government signed the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities on 30 March 2007, and it was ratified after a lapse of nearly ten years, to come into effect from 9 March 2016.

“I will take necessary measures to uphold equal rights for people with disabilities. It was us who created pavements in Colombo which have special features for the differently-abled. They should also have equal privileges as other citizens in education and when seeking employment, and voting,” Rajapaksa said

One who
believes in the sovereignty of those who seem – mentally and physically – to be different to oneself does not need laws. One who believes but others under one’s leadership do not – needs laws. If one so believes in Sovereignty of those who ‘seem’ different  – one would not believe in Buddhism Foremost article in the Constitution.

Like the Yoga guy on the plane – ‘Different but Sovereign’ value is secular importation from most likely USA when Mr Rajapaksa was a American  citizen  and later Dual Citizen. This status became a handicap to claiming political leadership after the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.  Apparent Buddhist  status is the vote ‘winning’ vyugam / structure that would be presented foremost in these elections. That makes the other side idle in Buddhist area  and leads to bipolar separation. This is strengthened by these promises to win the votes of Differently abled / structured minds.  

One who believes in her/his sovereignty would believe also in the sovereignty of the largest diverse group – Tamils in Sri Lanka. One who does not recognize that group and in fact rejected their expectations – is lying about recognition of a smaller diverse group. The differently abled folks would become so distant that they would be ‘forgotten’ after some handouts.

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