Wednesday 6 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 November  2019


The shower tap in the guest bathroom had been making squeaky noise over the past few days. I mentioned it to my husband and after our  guests left mentioned it again. My husband tested it and said it was working fine. We argued and eventually when I said I was going to call a plumber - he said ‘ask Pradeep’. Pradeep is our son and he does not speak against the father. That is easy for them – the children. I let go and went about my other work. A few hours later – my husband asked me whether he ought to ‘fix the tap’. I said ‘If you want to’. He went ahead. I did not think of testing it because usually when Param attends to it, it works.
Pradeep who usually lives in Melbourne was in Sydney for work purposes. This morning when he turned on the tap it leaked and the tap came apart. When I heard the loud noise of the shower,  I knew intuitively and was first to pick up the problem as it was, and  consolidated  the  energies of all concerned – including those of my guests who live in me.  After my husband fixed it – Pradeep said ‘It’s good it happened to me and not to the next guest’  who is due in today. I said to my husband  – that it was the divinity of this home that  prevented it. Each customer is brought into me first and then served as if I was serving myself. I said to my husband that he took Pradeep as his authority / customer and not me – the highest owner. To the extent we include the other as part of ourselves – our work is a program and we do not need to prove anything to the other. Confidentiality is needed to prevent external interference and distractions. Such confidentiality facilitates Energy sharing between owners. It is that ‘confidentiality’ with my home that invoked the ownership (albeit lesser than mine) in other members of my family to cure the problem. The real problem was lack of ownership and therefore lack of motivation.
Those who lack ownership Energy need to be transparent to others concerned – so those others would take only that which is needed by themselves – as a lesson or to use in their own operations. At that stage onwards there is no compulsion to take the outcome or to leave the outcome. That is ‘project’ basis that most Western Public Services have moved to at the lower levels of operation. Under this system there is least Energy sharing during processes. Inastead  those who recognize the value through the outcome would respect it. This therefore requires Transparency and distance between the two groups - suppliers and users.  
In governance of multicultural groups – project based transparency is important. Some parts of Australian media are ‘telling us’ – the public that the government is being ‘secretive’ about some of its work. But when we the members of the public said it through our own experience – the media was not interested. As Gandhi said about Indian Political leaders – the media wants to be the supreme power. When there is separation of powers – project approach and transparency is essential. Reasons for judgment by Judiciary is such an outcome. To the extent legal experts ‘wait’ for such outcomes to praise or to criticize – they are confirming that they are NOT entitled to confidential sharing of energies. In terms of Government,  Opposition has to work on Project  basis and v.v. There ought to be  NO confidential power sharing.
This has been a root problem with Sri Lankan politicians who keep shifting alliances. Here is one recent example:
[Prof. Peiris also discussed a fresh crisis caused by UNP leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s declaration that he would continue to be the Premier in case Sajith Premadasa won the presidency. Declaring that the SLPP candidate had almost 65 per cent of the vote, Prof. Peiris said that Sajith Premadasa wouldn’t have to face an issue regarding the premiership.] Island article ‘SLPP: Did Sajith give in to separatist demands?’
To the extent the UNP has been democratic I am an ‘insider’. I identified with Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s endorsement as one that states that he was still the head of UNP for government purposes – the same way I said that I was the authority in this family home and not Pradeep. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has the intuition including through his many failures which he turned into lessons learnt. That intuition would consolidate the energies of all owners – seen, known and beyond. THAT is what experience is all about.
Mr G L Peiris switched from Academic world to politics and in politics from UNP to SLFP and now to SLPP. The Island article includes the following  about his opinion about Tamil Political group:
[Prof. Peiris said that the ITAK’s declaration that it would support the candidature of Sajith Premadasa should be examined against both SLPP candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa categorically denying controversial demands.

Commenting on the demand for abolishing the long standing Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) with Counter Terrorism Act (CTA) promoted by Western interests, Prof. Peiris said the country would have been extremely vulnerable in the wake of Easter Sunday attacks if the PTA had been scrapped.]

TNA – to the extent it feels connected to those of  us who have invested in democracy – would naturally share energies with UNP which is far more democratic than SLPP. Hence there is a natural and confidential  power-sharing. That is the way of Dharma which delivers to all as per their true contributions.

PTA was never an issue with LTTE who had their own laws. Insight into LTTE was lost by the government that used the LTTE for political gain. Hence the loss of insight into Muslims who also were law unto themselves. Their attitude to PTA would be ‘Who Cares’. This PTA  law is to empower the government and it confirms lack of belief in its own citizens and therefore Confidential Power Sharing. Civilians whose communities that these perpetrators are part of are pained because it feels as if they are being punished. If not for PTA anxiety – Muslim civilians would have more freely shared with Christian civilians and that would have led to internal power sharing and cure.

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