Friday 1 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 November  2019


From time to time children  seem cleverer than their parents – leading to rebellion and/or other leadership confusions. In a system of democracy – voters are the parents of politicians. Clever politicians who ‘tell’ the wise citizen damage the democratic structure – just as clever children who play the senior  role with their parents damage the family structure. It is for these reasons also that the governing head of state / institution / family has immunity from being ‘found fault with’.

Professor Ratnajeevan Hoole has repeatedly demonstrated such restlessness and it happened again:
[A tense moment arose at an Election Commission media briefing today as Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya publicly declared that a controversial comment attributed to Commission Member Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole was the personal opinion of an inexperienced election official.
Prof. Hoole, according to Deshapriiya, had told the media that no candidate in the upcoming presidential election would secure more than 50% of the vote. (In such an event, the Commission would have to count the second and third preferential votes cast by the electorate, a process that could delay the announcement of the final result).
As Prof. Hoole was responding to a question at this morning’s media briefing about internet voting, Deshapriya interrupted his colleague mid-sentence to remark that his answer, along with his previous comment, did not reflect the views of the Commission.
Said Prof. Hoole: “Regarding postal voting, I think it’s very out of date. The way to go is to vote on the internet. We deal with millions of rupees <unclear>. Which do you value more, the billions saved in -“
At which point, Deshapriya cut him off, with a: “It is not the Commission’s decision. It is his own decision. Even India is not going for internet voting.”
Deshapriya, in an uncharacteristically stern voice, then complained that Prof. Hoole was voicing opinions not shared by the Commission he represents.] Republic Next article ‘Tensions high at Election Commission over difference of opinion

All of us are influenced by the environment that we are part of. If Professor Hoole who is clever, sought to publish his work – he needs to wait until he is the head or separate from the Election Commission and publish his work through an institution where he is the head. In traditional families – marriage renders such an opportunity to have one’s own kingdom.

Election Commissioner Mr Mahinda Deshapriya is experienced in Sri Lankan elections. Even if internet voting is better by merit – the timing is inappropriate and confirms the motive to be ‘show of cleverness’ rather than sharing of wisdom. That was how the American-return-Vice Chancellor,  failed at the University of NSW.

Cleverness has to be received by the other side – to become wisdom that naturally enriches our environment forever. Every completed experience becomes the common natural power of that environment. The natural power of any environment is its true heritage. Expressions to the media by Professor Hoole who himself writes to the public confirm that Professor Hoole is relying on others to get his message across. This would distract him from being Election Commissioner – empowered by those who have completed experiences through the Election Commission. Most of them may be unsung heroes but to the extent they completed their workplace experiences including as cleaners - they would be naturally empowered in any environment at that level.

Not all holy persons publish their work. The published work of a true ascetic would be far less in value than the real value of the discovery itself. Discovery of truth makes one Independent. A huge part of this comes from respect for their gurus / forms of god / truth. Respect for the laws of nature empowers us to complete our experiences in that environment.

It is for these reasons that the relationship between the current President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, failed. The junior was cleverer than the senior. It was intended to be  a transitional relationship but tended towards the past where Mr Rajapaksa showed cleverness over the common voter.

These days I appreciate more and more the Christian message ‘Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.’ As per my belief – Gandhi renounced high status and worked as per the structure of the low status Indian. The return was inheritance of India itself. Cleverness unshared is not inherited. Even if we discover the laws of Nature / Truth by remaining in our single space – we develop heritage. This is naturally shared through the law of truth.
Presidential Immunity prevents shows of power by clever juniors. Article 33A of the Sri Lankan Constitution is a show of cleverness by a junior. It states:

[The President shall be responsible to Parliament for the due exercise, performance and discharge of his powers, duties and functions under the Constitution and any written law, including the law for the time being relating to public security]

One who is wise by completing her/his experience at the lower level should not be ‘told’. If the President has immunity – then he is above the written law. He is taken to be the highest level governor elected by the People. The beauty of the governor is that s/he confirms that those who renounce their cleverness status – are able to work the whole. True work never dies. It transforms to empower exponentially.

To the extent the Presidential Candidates talk about ‘clever’ ways in which they would operate – they are cheating the people and therefore themselves as ordinary citizens. In turn they will then inherit the karma of a clever junior overpowering them. We need more of the wise like Mr Mahinda Deshapriya to protect the true Sri Lankan wisdom from damage by clever juniors who fail to respect their past.
The completed circle of karma arrests continuity and therefore returns of good or bad. From then on the good or the bad in our current environments lead us to the needy. If our minds are functional as per current environments – the past does not affect us. It’s when we activate the past or become idle minded in our current environments that the past affects us – the bad joining the bad and the good joining the good.

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