Monday 4 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 November  2019


This morning, I meditated in the room instead of in the common area facing the ocean.  It was not due to any conscious plan. A little later I heard our Airbnb guest use our kitchen facilities. I then realised that I was led by my intuition to change my routine to facilitate our guest. To my mind, that is the value of my genuine service through which I am the customer and I am the service provider. My Reserves accumulated in the past lead me. I thanked the Universal power of Truth that preceded my conscious thought which facilitated our good guest to feel at home in our kitchen.  The more I thought about it – the more I appreciated the system of truth which delivers without fail – as per our true motive when we worked and/or forewent immediate benefits. The support happens at the time of our need in the form needed. When we pool our work / wealth in common it acquires that true energy which remembers beyond time and space borders. I now value  more and more that invisible connection which actually precedes our conscious thoughts. As per my discovery, this is the deepest causal force in any manifestation and most difficult to identify with – through physical and / or mental faculties. It Exists and leads us.  The opposite happens when we take more benefits than we have earned. That is negative Energy and it misleads.

Later this morning I received a communication from Canadian Tamil - Yoga Joseph – headed ‘Negativity vortex crumbled Life of Sri Lankan Tamils’ by Northern Breeze. This article included the following:

 “I realized that if my thoughts immediately affect my body, I should be careful about what I think. Now if I get angry, I ask myself why I feel that way. If I can find the source of my anger, I can turn that energy into something positive.” – Yoko Ono

I felt a connection with the genuine purpose of this sharing. Thamby Ramar of Northern Breeze writes as follows  in relation to the upcoming Sri Lankan Presidential Elections:

[The fact about life is that outside influences affect our energy state, while positive energy is absolutely contagious, negative energy is more infectious and if people are in bad spirits and in a negative state of mind, they are more likely to remain in this state. After the war ended in 2009 'negative peace' had prevailed in northeast of Sri Lanka, when the present government was formed after the 2015 parliamentary election saw this State negativity vortex crumble. This gave some comfort for the Sri Lankan Tamils, who suffered most by the ethnic conflict. Now opportunity is presented to them to rid of the vortex caused by the state once and for all, by voting for the right candidate to be the next president of Sri Lanka.]

This has been the essence of my message also over the years. The ‘form’ in which I present my feelings varies as per the audience. Within Tamils – there are those who would continue to seek ‘active conflict’. Those who are connected to the Tamil Diaspora including through family relationships have a good proportion of them.  If  those members of the Diaspora pamper them and use their name to benefit within their diaspora community – then their vote is likely to be for the business of war. Most of them deal at individual level and not through common structures. The intuitive Energy of those folks would draw them away from passive harmony. They thus disconnect with the Common positive energy.

The author of the above article states:

[For the minorities in Sri Lanka the only right candidate is fielded by New Democratic Front (NDF) an alliance of 50 over democratic forces. The candidate Sajith Premadasa with Swan symbol has a close battle ahead. Every adult citizen in Sri Lanka is given equal right of being eligible to vote on 16 November and all Tamils must honor that right and vote for Sajith.]

The government that was active from 2015 was / is effectively the same grouping. Even though Mr Sirisena did not deliver as promised those Sri Lankans who sought to weaken the Executive Presidency had the pathway through which to channel their Energies. Relative to majority group, for minorities it is easier to base such channelling through their investment in issues that  affect them. The mothers who lost their children in the war and are still in pain would vote naturally for cessation of armed militancy which facilitated the armed forces to occupy Tamil areas.

It is therefore important that each voter votes as per her/his true experience. This would include the value added by those who shared in their pain one way or the other. Now we need to let that truth flow and observe what the People are telling us through their votes. Analysing the  voting patterns of minorities who are not particularly interested in personalities, but have had deep experiences due to ‘environmental circumstances’ – would lead our relationship with the government.

The energies of those who support/ed militants would go in favour of Mr Rajapaksa. Those Tamils who have benefited from investment by those outside their local areas – and are appreciative of this – would naturally vote against Rajapaksa who waged war at the level of militants who sought separation. Had it been disciplinary action – it would have elevated that group to be above that of Separatists. By claiming victory – Rajapaksas confirmed ‘possessing’ separatism.

As per my conscious mind – UNP does have deeper connection to Tamils than SLPP which has disconnected with the root – SLFP. On time basis – the UNP and SLFP have had more experiences with ITAK and All Ceylon Tamil Congress than with newer parties. Those energies would lead the still minded voter who is true to her/himself.   

The challenge for Premadasa is not only to remain within UNP but also respect, value and keep within UNP those elders with natural uniting energies .

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