Saturday 16 November 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 November  2019


Someone said recently that I must be doing much research to publish as I do. I have heard that from time to time. But I really do not do research outside myself except to find the source of a parallel discovery . The main discovery at the University of NSW was that I had ‘insight’. Academics said so. One senior Administrator also said about my analysis of relationships – that it was in essence French philosophy. This morning I searched to know the origin of  ‘we get the government we deserve’. Then I came across the name -  Philosopher Joseph de Maistre who is reported to have published as follows:

[In Considérations sur la France ("Considerations on France", 1797), Maistre claimed that France has a divine mission as the principal instrument of good and evil on Earth. He interpreted the Revolution of 1789 as a providential event in which the monarchy, the aristocracy and the Ancien Régime in general, instead of directing the influence of French civilization to the benefit of mankind, had promoted the atheistic doctrines of the 18th-century philosophers. He claimed that the crimes of the Reign of Terror were the logical consequence of Enlightened thought as well as its divinely-decreed punishment.
In his short book Essai sur le Principe Générateur des Constitutions Politiques et des Autres Institutions Humaines ("Essay on the Generative Principle of Political Constitutions and other Human Institutions", 1809), Maistre argued that constitutions are not the product of human reason, but rather come from God, who slowly brings them to maturity.]

I myself believe and publish that all of us have our own natural structures / constitutions. Hence I identified with the above and was happy to have a partner.

Sri Lankans – past and current – have developed that natural constitution of Sri Lanka. Every person who gave form to her/his truth through Sri Lankan people is Sri Lankan to that extent. They would work that natural constitution much more than those who benefited from it by depleting the value of the true structures. Migrants who contributed to ownership bring that as Energy to their new homelands.

SBS Australia has also been such a contributor to the development of Sri Lanka’s natural constitution. This morning my attention was drawn to SBS report headed ‘The Sri Lankan election is creating fear among Australia's Tamil community

All of us are anxious due to our investment in Sri Lanka through various avenues. Most at risk is the pathway to connect to wider world. But those of us who have continuously shared our truth – especially at policy level – would work the system. The Presidential election today would confirm whether we work with the President or as the President’s Opposition. But our true contribution would be part of Sri Lankan leadership.

Australian Tamils who have expressed fear of  Rajapaksa government returning need to be ready to go back if Premadasa became President. Otherwise their fears are due to their own desires.
As per SBS report:

[The frontrunner in Sri Lanka's presidential race this weekend is a man accused of widespread human rights abuses against the Tamils. Here, Tamils living in limbo in Australia tell SBS News they fear they could be returned to a situation even more dangerous than the one they fled.
They came here seeking peace and found it on the cricket pitch.
Western Sydney team Oceans 12 is made up entirely of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers and refugees.
"We left a war-torn country with a lot of mental anguish. That is why we started to play cricket, and that gives us some peace of mind," says Sivarasa Manmatharajh, 35, who came to Australia by boat in 2013. ]

When we identify with the pain of these applicants – as if it is our own – and we have accumulated ownership in Australia as well as the Tamil Community – the pathway is open to sharing of Energies. That is the way to truly earn the ‘visa’ to stay here. When they take that path of truth – the ownership entitlement manifests accordingly – as happened – as happened with Mr Behrouz Boochani who did what he could to help those in need of support to survive in that alleged refuge where they were actually experiencing torture. Whenever even one genuine refugee applicant suffers due to confinement – Australia loses the deservedness to be the senior relation in this global group. Hence, where the government fails, we the People can restore that credit – not only by identifying with genuine need in a refugee applicant but more by investing in global policies of democracy – starting with Equal Opportunity values.

The Australian Tamil community needs to be a sovereign group and rely on its true structure rather than expect as per what happens to others. If one’s credit is not enough – one must take junior position within a member of that community and pay one’s respect to the senior. Otherwise we are mere associates without sharing each other’s powers through true common structures.
My book which translates as ‘Jaffna is my heritage and not Dowry’ is about my true experience with relatives from Vaddukoddai who diluted that Australian investment in Tamil heritage. This happened because younger migrants desired to ‘show’ ‘freedom’ which disconnected them from the seniors. Recently – an Australian Tamil Diaspora leader lamented that their investment in Mr Wigneswaran was wasted. To my mind it was also for the same reason that he was a mere associate and not a relative. The book is about the value of Thesawalamai which is naturally inherited by all those who are true believers in Northern Sri Lanka. The real value of that book is the Energy that is in it. Like I do not understand the meaning of most of the mantras – including Kanathasashti Kavasam which I often chant – most readers would not understand parts of that book pertaining to the law. But those in need of global values would naturally be Energized to the extent they respect my work and / or relate to it as per their own experiences in family relationships based on Common Tamil culture.

To the extent we invested in a democracy in our own leadership positions – we would be rewarded by fellow Sri Lankans. If it happens during the reign of the person we chose as our medium – then WE know that we are the President to that extent. If we are ‘failed’ after investing in the Presidency – then we know the Opposition to the apparent President. This is likely to be the case with Mr Premadasa for those who are pro-militants in their local environments.  If such supporters are sent back they must know that it is their own karma. The way out is to totally surrender themselves to Democracy.  

That is the way to truly defeat the Rajapaksas as well as the Prabhakarans.

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