Monday 2 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
02 January 2017

British Tamils Dividing Britain?

TN leaders knew Prabhakaran would kill them to rule Eelam, says Shivshankar Menon
The New Indian Express

LTTE Leader Would Have Been Prime Minister By Now says State Minister of Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran’ Asian Mirror

A simmering dispute has surfaced amongst the Tamil community in the UK over controversial moves to build a monument in memory of dead LTTE cadres.Sujeeva Nivunhella of the Island.

‘It has come to my attention recently that persons belonging to an organisation called the World Tamil Historical Society, otherwise known as ‘Headquarters’, claim possession of my beloved husband Anton Balasingham’s cremation ashes. These persons have also announced that the urn containing his so-called ashes will be interred in Oxford, England, and that a monument will be built in his memory at that designated location.
My husband’s cremated ashes were given to me two days after his funeral, and in accordance with his deepest wishes I dispersed his ashes amongst the flower beds, under huge yew trees, in the gentle waters of a rippling brook, and amongst the undergrowth of trees where squirrels played and frolicked.
The possession and dispersal of his cremated remains rests and rested entirely with me as his sole survivor, and not with anybody else.’ Former LTTE theoretician, the late Anton Balasingham’s wife Adele of Australian grooming.

‘What has happened is, since we rejected the Sri Lankan accord there were a lot of events that took place creating a gulf between the LTTE and the Govt of India and the Indians later sent an IPKF - Indian Peace Keeping Force to disarm the LTTE and eventually broke out into an open confrontation. We fought a guerrilla war against the Indian army for 2 years and finally the Sri Lankans. We had a negotiation with Sri Lanka and secured the withdrawal of the Indian troops in the 90's and of course finally it was followed by the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. As far as that event is concerned, I would say it is a great tragedy, a monumental historical tragedy for which we deeply regret and we call upon the Govt of India and people of India to be magnanimous to put the past behind and to approach the ethnic question in a different perspective.’ Mr. Anton Balasingham response to a question by NDTV correspondent Noopur Tiwari on whether the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord led to Rajiv Gandhi’s death 

I see connections between all of the above  as per their own karma. To the extent we do not know the other side – the Truth we know is our guide to identify with these folks. The Truth includes our current feelings for the  victims of war on both sides. The suppressed mind is far more damaging than the lost body due to  the damage to the higher common value.

The LTTE claimed to be fighting for Independence. To the extent they fought only to protect the Sovereignty of the  areas that were home to Sri Lankan Tamils – we had/have  the responsibility  to accept them as Rebels. To the extent they attacked outside that ‘home territory’ they were Terrorists. Likewise members of the Tamil Diaspora living in Britain, including Mr. Balasingham’s mind.

Given that Mr. Balasingham was the Political advisor to the LTTE, he was also responsible for the deaths of Tamils who were led to believe that India was the  mentor, guide and protector of Lankan Tamils. By killing Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, the LTTE confirmed that the net value of Indian support in LTTE mind was one of ingratitude. I learnt through my own experience as a donor in Vaddukoddai – Northern Sri Lanka –that a donor could rescind a donation if the donee was ungrateful. This connection between donation and gratitude – gets completed where the next value is positive.  Given that this is Customary Law – one could conclude that the Law is underpinned by Experience based value. The connection must have been discovered by someone/some group and hence when it is continued with – the relationship gets pushed into the area of Truth and operates on its own – to become the root cause of Acts of God – to manifest which we may or may not become the messengers. If we let it flow naturally from then on – we would identify with the connections – between causes and effects. The connection is not made by those looking for them in Public domain through private investment.

With this in mind – if one merged Mr. Sivashankar Mennon’s statement with that of Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran – the Common thought that evolves is that Tamil Nadu would have been taken-over by the LTTE through its military power. There is no logic to these majority trends. If the Hon MG Ramachandran without any Public Administrative experience could become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – then this kind of brainwashing is possible and often happens when spirituality deteriorates.

I heard today through a Vaddukoddai citizen that yesterday – there was exceptionally good crowd at Nallur Murugan temple but not so at the nearby Kailaya Pillayar (Ganesh) temple. As per the Hindu Mango legend – Lord Muruga represents global spread and Lord Ganesh confirms traditional mind-power. To the extent we are genuine and independent in our investment in either system – the investment naturally adapts itself to the alternate environment.  Those who invested genuinely in Tradition and Heritage – would have little difficulty becoming Democratic and Global and v.v. The exceptional gathering at Nallur confirms that Jaffna is now more democratic than it was before. Same God – different form.

Given that LTTE was driven by cleverness and moved away from its stated goal of self-determination – it would have disconnected with the genuine investment Tamils made through higher education and spiritual expansion by practicing religious doctrines. Any Government that withheld support for such would have been defeated by that traditional Tamil force – to manifest which the LTTE would have had to first become the messenger and then the dictating force – by failing to say ‘thank you’ to that Traditional force. It would have then looked for opportunities within the region to fight against Governments to ‘show’ its might. The local leaders at Thunaivi – the toddy tapper village in Vaddukoddai district – did just that – in terms of our donation for post war recovery development work. The Government officers were in collusion with the village leaders and the Vaddukoddai Police dominated by Sinhalese were largely indifferent to our complaints. It’s my spiritual investment in that area that protects me from harm from  such evil forces that ingratitude leads to. Their commonsense is based on likes and dislikes rather than intellectual discrimination using the common law.

Majority LTTE forces and supporters including those who went overseas carry that kind of commonsense. They would subconsciously join forces with others who carry similar genes. The subconscious collusion would become active when governance in that area becomes more Political and less Administrative. If Tamils who were ‘donated’ welfare monies and status in Britain had been ‘grateful’ and/or been respectful of the British in their resident areas as their new parents – they would not use such land for lesser purposes. Those who died in battle did not die for Britain. They died for Tamil Eelam.

Even claiming the right to mourn the dead cadre  – needs to happen after  ensuring that they do enough to give credence to Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 – which empowered the LTTE to use the Tamil community’s own weakness of carrying on with the dysfunctional caste system,  to exercise reverse discrimination against the more educated members of the Tamil Community. If Tamils are ungrateful – they would reverse the ‘donation’ and disconnect from those who genuinely fought for Independence – physically without leaving home permanently even when threatened by  armed forces on both sides. My farmer-cousin Kathiravel Visvanathan of Kilinochchi stands out as such an example of this category. Then there are others who carry ownership at mind-level. I believe I am one of them. We merge comfortably with other nationalities to become global. A global citizen would not be strongly attached to any particular block of land – beyond functional purposes.

The Political failure of Mr. Anton Balasingham was confirmed by the fact that he did not die in Vanni but in Britain. In contrast – the Hon Thiyagarajah Maheswaran died at the temple founded by a higher minded Tamil – Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan about which it is reported:

This temple was the brainchild of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan.
Ramanathan is a figure familiar to many Sri Lankans. He was a celebrated legislator, served as an Attorney General, and was instrumental in Sri Lanka’s struggle toward independence. In 1915, during the Sinhala-Muslim riots, he argued passionately against the British Government, who had arrested several prominent Sinhala leaders, among them future Prime Minister D. S Senanayake. While he was known for his oratory and his legal work, he was also involved in religion, reviving Buddhist activities such as the celebration of Wesak. In addition, he turned the Shivan kovil into what it is today
.’  - Shivan Kovil A Legacy In Stone Shivan Kovil A Legacy In Stone – by Raisa Wickrematunge of Sunday Leader

To my mind, the Hon Thiyagarajah Maheswaran merged with the mind of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan – a Common Sri Lankan who had transcended racial differences. Today a British Sinhalese  asked me:

 ‘And how can there be a solution to the Ethnic problems when you go on referring  to me as "Sinhalese" instead of " Sri Lankan" or any other adjectives without referring to race, religion and caste without harping on the  difference between us.’

My response was :

‘…..He said that this guy’s weakness (let’s say desire for authority) kept following him like a dog. Wherever he went the dog followed him. At one stage – he stood still, turned around and bit the dog. From then on the dog did not follow him. The parallel of that is our Vibhoothi – the Holy Ash which traditionally was made by burning cow dung.  So, when you see me wearing the Vibhoothi  or the Pottu – you know that I have bitten the dog that followed me. I think mine was the laziness of taking my place as per the family I was born into – not as I was treated by the dominant parent but as per my ‘consolidated position’ in the whole family and thereafter as per my family’s position in society.  You have the ‘right’ to expect and demand as per our professional positions. Then you are Sri Lankan to me.  Beyond that – to be known as Sri Lankan – you ought to have truly transcended race and religious attachments. (caste is common to you and I) . You may not like being called Sinhalese. But have you ever criticized your Government of abusing Buddha’s name to call themselves Sinhalese? Buddha renounced political wealth including status. If you support the government that is using ‘Buddhism foremost’ in the constitution – you are NOT entitled to be called a Buddhist. Sinhalese without Buddhism were tribal. Stay still, turn around, and bite that Sinhalese back. Then as your professional elder – I will christen you Sri Lankan.’

The physical influence needs to be burnt (as in cremation) or buried to day – for us to relate through our minds. The physical combined with the absolute is our mind power. The stronger the attachment to the physical the more animalistic our character would tend to be. Tamil Nadu leader the Hon Karunanidhi’s motto as per my understanding through the cinema industry was – ‘Udal mannukku; Uyir Thamilukku’ –Body for Earth and Life for Tamil’. Mr. Anton Balasingham died in Britain and the LTTE cadre died in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka. Like birth, death also confirms our physical belonging. Tamil Spiritual leader Kripananda Variyar through whom I believe Lord Murugan often spoke to us passed away on the plane. :

‘Variyar received many honours and awards. Among the many awards he received, Kalai Mamani Award, Tiruppugazh Jyothi ('The Light of Tiruppugazh'), Pravachana Samrat ('King among Orators'), Isai Perarasar, ('Prince Among Musicians') are a few.
Once, while staying at London Variyar’s health condition became a cause for concern. In November 1993, he returned by a flight bound for Bombay and from there to Madras. Unfortunately, by the time his flight reached Madras, Variyar Swamigal had attained the lotus feet of Lord Muruga.’

Now, that is an example of Udal Inthiyavukku; Uyir Muruganin Vinnukku / Body for India and Life for Muruga’s global skies. 

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