Tuesday 24 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
24 January 2017

Celebrating Australia Day in Sri Lanka

When a particular  medium is ‘free and Sovereign’ those of us who read the Independent output are free to receive it through our respective Independent pathways and are free to share our interpretations. If as in the case of Gandhi, our sharing is considered unlawful – we need to be ready to accept the stated  punishment. Yesterday, I received a further valuation report from a media personnel, in response  to my article  with the picture of Airlanka Logo and the question ‘Hindu Peacock or  Buddhist ‘Dandu Monera Yanthraya’ ? as per following response from a fellow Airlanka staff:

[Air Lanka’s logo as found above, was not a Peacock as stated by you. According to the artist who designed it, the logo represented the ‘Dandu Monera Yanthraya’. The three fins on the head represented the Triple Gem and the five tail fins, the five percepts of Buddhism. I came across this information during my 4 year stint in the Marketing Communications Dept. of Air Lanka, two of which was in the capacity as Marketing Communications Manager for Advertising & Promotions, in the early 1990sUniforms of Flight Stewardesses and Ground Hostesses contained a peacock feather as a part of a design and not as a reflection of the logo.
Emirates Management replaced the logo of straight lines with curved lines (and colors) in the process of rebranding from Air Lanka to SriLankan Airlines commencing 1998 as did many companies who rebranded during the run up to the new millennia i.e. Cathey Pacific to Cathey.        
According to regional mythology, the Dandu Monera Yantraya was the flying machine used by King Ravana to abduct Princess Sita, spouse of Prince Rama. Peacock feathers are kept only in Temples and Kovils and not in homes as the Peacock is considered an unlucky bird. I cannot vouch for that theory but it the reason we took great pains to distance ourselves from the logo being identified with the Peacock despite public perception of the logo being a Peacock.]

Like the free media – a Public logo is ‘free’ to be interpreted by each one as per their own understanding. As a Hindu, I interpreted the Airlanka logo as that of Peacock and to the extent I believe in Airlanka – my interpretation is valid for Public purposes in my pathway. Likewise that of the Buddhist who interpreted the the same symbol in Buddhist language. The essential criterion is Belief. By responding to that article the reader yesterday,  showed valuation for my work. In addition – the reader / fellow author, quoted from one of my previous works -  the following:

[When it comes to more than one – and a mix of those who knew us previously and others who did not – majority vote is the decision at primary level.]

The above valuation from a ‘free mind’ made me very happy. I thanked the Lord for such return. Then I read today the  Ceylon Today news report ‘Distorted Nat Flag at Jaffna boat launch’ and interpreted it as per my belief in Nainatheevu Amman. As per the report:

[A distorted version of the national flag was hoisted on Nechunkarakei, a new boat service that
transports passengers from the Delft to Kurikattuwan in Jaffna and vice versa. The national flag contains
four yellow Bo leaves in each corner of the background representing the four main concepts of Buddhism,
 MetthańĀ, Karuna, Mudita and Upekkha. However the flag hoisted on this boat did not have the four
Bo leaves.
'Neduntharakai' was ceremonially launched by the Minister of Provincial Councils and
Local Government Faizer Musthapa at the Kurikattuwan Pier on Friday last week. State Minister
Wijayakala Maheshwaran, MP M.A. Sumanthiran, NPC Chief Minister C.
Wigenswaran, Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson, Naval officers and
a number of regional officials attended the opening ceremony. A number of participants from
Colombo were shocked at the distorted National Flag]

To me – a native of  Northern Sri Lanka, Kurikattuvan means Nainatheevu – where, as per my mother’s sharing – the wife of uncle Sri Khanta (brother in law of former Attorney General of Sri Lanka – Mr. Shiva Pasupati)  had the confirmation that her husband would become Government Agent of Jaffna. Whenever I go to Nainatheevu I recall that sharing and thank Mother for Her Divine Blessings which strengthens our family and community heritage. The Sri Khanta family – most of whom are fellow  Australians, continues to donate to maintain the activities of the temple. In that Airlanka article  I analyzed, concluded and expressed my expectations that World Bank had the duty to fund Sri Lankan Airlines. Today I read through the news relating to the above matter published by Times online:

[The new boat service launched under the Northern Provincial Council has been funded by the World Bank and Australian Government.]

To my mind, these are Natural Networks that work when at least one believer seeks Divine intervention by contributing beyond the line of duty. The National Flag without any religious representation – represents True Sri Lanka – a picture needed by today’s Democratic Sri Lanka. It is apt that this was given birth in Nainatheevu area. Present on behalf of the Governments of all levels,  were members of all religions that Sri Lanka represents.

As per Wikipedia, the Bo leaves in the four corners represented:

The four Buddhist virtues of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

Many Navy Personnel and other Buddhist officers in that area – failed to demonstrate the above virtues. All four are  common to all religions and not just Buddhist virtues.  Hence in practice, the Buddhism foremost clause in the Constitution has been overridden.  It would be difficult for any genuine practicing Buddhist to take the risk of overriding  the message from Above.

Truth is a Universal connector and hence the presence of the Australian High Commissioner is taken as Global Representation during the period we – including Australian Tamils celebrate ‘Australia Day’. In 2012, on this Australia Day - the first hearing of our Objection to the Petition by Vaddukoddai representatives of junior Australians  were heard by Mallakam  District Court in Northern Sri Lanka. On that day, based on our Affidavit drawn up on the basis of our Australian experience –  his honor Justice K.Ariyanayagam disciplined the Opposition lawyer for acting in breach of Due Processes of the Court and sending us papers directly – without the approval of the Court.  I felt good – knowing that we had made a positive contribution to Sri Lankan lawyers becoming more orderly and respectful of Legal Administration. Towards this I had to believe in both systems and their ability to become Common. Truth is a Universal power and anyone who works within the borders of genuine manifestations of Truth – is assisted by Truth Itself. This new move in relation to the flag, is further confirmation of Sri Lanka going global led by the areas where Truth has been upheld – with or without the endorsement of the Law. All we need now is to codify this Truth about Sri Lanka or at least Northern Sri Lanka. That flag without Buddhist attachment is a ‘freedom’ flag.

Now that the World Bank and the Australian Government are funding our activities of global significance, we look forward to the parallel of boat funding to aircraft funding – be it from Colombo with Peacock flag or Jaffna to wider world.  

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