Tuesday 10 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
10 January 2017

Government Sponsored Invasions

Out went the British and In come the Chinese

By accepting the unlawful punishment by the Australian authorities, including the Judiciary, after doing my best to manifest results as per the Law, I have  learnt to become independent of them. From that point onwards I am driven by my own conscience.

In many ways one could conclude that  journalist,  the Hon Lasantha Wickrematunga, died for expressing his discoveries as per his conscience. On Sunday 08 January 2017 we here in Sydney – celebrated Lasantha’s life by gathering at Lady Macquarie’s Chair. Tamil Diaspora leader, Vasee Rajadurai who organized the arrangements said that he himself left Sri Lanka whereas Lasantha stayed put and fought to uphold his Truth.  Lasantha’s brother Lal Wickrematunga who was with us shared the deepest of feelings – and said that his brother had said that researching and writing becomes an addiction. I identify with it through my own experience of sharing my Truth. Lal writes also through the Colombo Telegraph article ‘Lasantha Lives…In Our Hearts’ :

‘Our father passed away four years after his murder. He was heart broken. Our mother yet speaks as if he lives. The rest of the family grieves. His friends grieve. Yet, we are proud of him. He is bigger in death than when he was alive. Someone saw to it.’

Often my family also feel anxious about my ways of sharing the Truth. But one has to bury personal attachments to benefits including to good name from family to become independent of  maya / delusions and have the real experience of Nature / Truth / God / Love. Even as the others highlighted Lasantha’s good qualities – I identified with some of them in me – and felt that I was one of Lasantha’s heirs/partners in releasing Sri Lankans from their addiction to welfare dependence, through public reporting and sharing. More importantly I identified with Lasantha being lonely in his pursuit of Justice. Not many of us who praise Lasantha today were with him physically back then – to show that Lasantha was not alone. That ‘attitude’ continues and we could expect more such losses of genuine contributors.

When we are lonely, we tend to give up on taking care of ourselves. That is also a lesson we need to learn and ensure that the leaders through whom we identify with ourselves are never lonely. If we have public status – we need to share that status with such leaders. If we do not have much status we need to confidentially demonstrate that the person is our leader – by attributing total credit to that person for whatever we have. Such surrender becomes absolute power.

As a person ‘free of any vested interest’ I feel that Lasantha lives through not only human  bodies but the ‘freedom’ that Sri Lankans facilitated themselves to by dismissing the Rajapaksa regime. To my mind, it was no coincidence that the old regime was dismissed on 08 January 2015 – on the 6th Anniversary of Lasantha’s death. As per Wikipedia report:

‘ Minister of Mass Media and Information Keheliya Rambukwella confirmed that the election would be held in January 2015…….
21 November: Sri Lanka Freedom Party general secretary Maithripala Sirisena defects to the opposition and announces he would run against Mahinda Rajapaksa in the coming election. Election commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya announces that nominations would be taken on 8 December 2014 and that the election would be held on 8 January 2015’

All of the above participants contributed to the punishment/dismissal of the Rajapaksa regime – through their Truth. To me in addition, the current protest against Chinese occupation happening during this Anniversary period, confirms the validity of Lasantha’s warnings.
In the Forbes article ‘Violent Protests Against Chinese 'Colony' In Sri Lanka Rage On’, Wade Shepherd contributes as follows:

‘During a recent visit to China, Sri Lanka's former president Mahinda Rajapaksa warned that there could be mass public unrest in Sri Lanka if China was to carry out its plan to take over the Hambantota deep sea port and create a nearby 15,000-acre special economic zone. While the former president has not been hesitant to publicly heckle his country’s current administration, who unexpectedly ousted him in early 2015, he seems to have been on point here:
Earlier today, as the ceremonial first brick of what has now been dubbed the Southern Industrial Zone was laid in Hambantota, the place erupted in violet protests which left more than ten people hospitalized and many others incarcerated.’

The Truth has manifested with the armed forces fighting against the Buddhist monks – making a mockery of Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution, according to which Buddhism is the foremost religion in Sri Lanka. Buddhist monks protesting as a group therefore needs to be taken as a priority right. The failure to find a non-violent solution confirms that Article 9 is not practiced by the current Government also.

Lasantha lives through all protestors who are genuine in seeking to protect Sri Lanka for Sri Lankans. It is therefore rather disappointing to read the following:

[ As per The New Indian Express article ‘TNA to support Sri Lanka’s constitution-making despite internal dissent :

The TNA, which met twice last week, decided to accept leader R.Sampanthan’s advice that despite doubts about a getting a favorable outcome from the constitution-making process, the process should be supported because there is no alternative to it.]

It matters not whether we get what we specifically ask for or not. Tamils are also fighting for Land Rights and against enforced occupation. One way of keeping this at Equal level of focus is to Oppose any move that would dilute our investment in Land ownership and privacy leading to self-governance. That way Southerners and Northerners who are genuinely seeking Independence and self-governance, would travel together as One-mid.

As per Bhagawath Geetha, we need to lose consciousness of benefits but do our duty. Now I better appreciate that by foregoing my earned benefits – I became an owner – with the ability to work the system through the Lord’s pathway. Ever one of us can contribute to self-governance directly through this system and have the Experience – so the support service happens at the right moment – even if we do not consciously seek it. If wrongs are not corrected within their current period they become sins and are outside the control area of the direct players. Higher beings of course can balance the system. It’s the duty of TNA as the leading Opposition to protest and taken the issue to the Lord’s system through the combined religious pathway. Then we would invoke natural forces to protect our Sovereignty from outsiders – or are the Chinese already ‘insiders’ due to Buddhism? As per majority rule – Buddhists in Sri Lanka are very much the juniors of Buddhists in China who amount to over 240 million – more than 10 times the total population of Sri Lanka.

The Government of Sri Lanka has weakened the Sovereign borders of the Nation and allowed their own religious group to become juniors in the region. That is the power of Truth. It takes away the powers that we fail to value and protect. 

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