Tuesday 17 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
17 January 2017

Bhagavad Gita & Lankan Constitution

The United National Party (UNP) has not changed its stance on changing the current Constitution, UNP MP Nalin Bandara Jayamaha told a news conference today.
The party believes that this Constitution is outdated and it should be changed in keeping with today’s needs. It is interesting to see those who opposed the 1978 constitution now attempting to cling to the Constitution” Daily Mirror report – under Subject heading Constitution outdated; needs to be changed: UNP

Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera said today that security forces personnel should not be imprisoned in connection with war crimes for the sake of regaining the GSP+ facility from the EU.
After remaining politically silent for some time he told a media briefing that the government had mentioned about a hybrid court as one of the conditions to regain this trade concession.
Do we have to imprison military personnel who defeated terrorism to regain the GSP. Don’t we have any self-confidence? However, today we have re-gained this facility sans a hybrid court,” the Thera said. Daily Mirror report – under Subject heading Don't imprison soldiers for GSP: Rathana Thera

As per Wikipedia:

Athuraliye Rathana Thero is a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, politician and a member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. A leading member of the Jatika Hela Urumaya a Buddhist nationalism party in Sri Lanka, thero played a major role in defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa and making Maithripala Sirisena President.  In the 2015 general election thero was a national list nominee of the United National Party List. Thero was appointed to the parliament after United National Party won the election’

With Tamil National Alliance (TNA) as the Leading Opposition, the National Parliament of Sri Lanka has become a place where manifestation of Truth is facilitated. As I say about our own home in Coogee, NSW, Australia – a place where Truth is spoken / manifested is a sacred place. Where such manifestation shows objectively measurable outcomes – it is of Common value rather than being of private value.  We may speak the Truth to ourselves in our own minds. That usually is the role of Priests.

As per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution, a Buddhist Priest wearing the robe in Parliament – has the special  duty to represent Buddhist principles and values. His foremost DUTY is to evaluate as per Buddhist philosophy – so the ordinary Buddhist citizen lacking in  knowledge of secular laws – would be able to derive value as per her/his own local needs.

After having spent time alone with the  Tamil Tigers in 2003 – through a UNDP project, I now think often of the personal sacrifices made by individuals within the Movement,  in everyday living. One leader said that when they lived in the jungle they had to dig deep into the pot to find few grains of dhal / lentils. I recall that when I eat Dhal.  Most forewent family life to be in the Movement. Those sacrifices give them the authority to give form to their work, until challenged otherwise. All those who died in combat – including Velupillai Prabhakaran need to be taken as war heroes as per the laws of Natural Justice. Likewise, members of Sri Lankan armed forces who acted outside the official rules and laws they did not know about. If the Constitution is considered to be lacking in reliability – then the decisions made by the Governments using that Constitution were unreliable. This includes the serious ‘Terrorism’ charges against the Tamil Tigers used also by the Buddhist Clergy. If an Armed Soldier within the Government payroll is excused on the basis of belief by their elders – then the LTTE combatants also ought to have been excused on the basis of belief by their own elders – elected politicians and Religious elders. That is when the Sovereignty of a Nation is uphed.

The Sovereignty of a Nation is recognized as per the Sovereignty of all investors in that block of Land. To the extent the Lankan Government and its supporters access ‘Traditional Powers’ – its Opposition and Opposition supporters  are entitled to go back in time when there were no legally defined borders between India and Sri Lanka. In fact even if one member of the Opposition goes back into that era as if it were virtual reality – the forces are invoked for better or for worse for that person. This requires deep focus through meditation. I believe that we keep honoring our ancestors for this reason – even though we may not be conscious of this return. Lankans who invoke Buddha for example invoke common powers between India and Lanka. Likewise Lankan investors who invoke Rama.

To the extent the Lankan Government and its supporters access wider powers including the UN – its Opposition and Opposition supporters  are entitled to access lateral support. That was how the UN Resolution against the Lankan Government happened. It happened largely through war related migrants and their unresolved pain. The crowning happened through Ms Navi Pillai – of Tamil origin  about which the following is included in Wikipedia:

‘Her criticism of the Sri Lankan government, in alleging human rights violations and atrocities committed by them against Tamil civilians at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, has led the government and its supporters to apportion her own Tamil descent as the only reason for her criticism, a claim she strongly denies.’

At that time, the Sri Lankan Constitution carried Buddhism Foremost provision through Article 9. Natural Justice therefore entitles every Non-Buddhist to Act as per their religious belief foremost – before applying the secular law. At their level – most combatants within the LTTE – would have had mind structures as per their respective religions. So long as their religious leaders have judged them – the Government has no authority over them. In addition to this Natural Power – Articles 10 & 14 (1) (e ) of the Sri Lankan Constitution provide for religious ‘freedom’ and confirm the above Natural Entitlement.

The Opportunity to manifest Equal and Opposite effect is a Sovereign Power that each one of us is entitled to as per the laws of Nature. Even if the UN had not intervened, the punishment would have happened as per the strongest pathway in which such Opposition invests. That is the promise we have from Natural Forces.  To the extent we invest in the official pathway we would be able to make and show the connections. Beyond that the outcomes are common to all and each type of believer is entitled to draw her/his/their conclusions.

Hindustan Times for example reports:

India should rethink its opposition to Chinese investments in Sri Lanka and join the port development in the island nation instead of feeling “jealous”, China’s state media said on Monday’

Relative to China, India has invested in Common Culture – with Sri Lankans – especially Hindu Sri Lankans. Their minds are continuously and naturally connected to each other and this is of far higher value than China which brings in money without that common mind at the level of average Sri Lankan. Even Buddhism is not the first religion of China whereas India gave birth to Buddha and facilitated Buddha’s realization of Divinity. When we are naturally connected – the forces within flow freely between the two – as between friends.

It is no coincidence therefore that the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the Hon N Chandrababu Naidu, was accorded extraordinary reception by the President of Sri Lanka during Thai Pongal  period. https://www.telugu360.com/chandrababu-accorded-state-heads-reception-sri-lanka/ .
In contrast, there were violent protests from ordinary Sri Lankans led by Buddhist clergy,  against China being allocated Land in Hambantota.

President Sirisena was disciplined twice during his visit to Thirupathi Vishnu Temple in Andhra Pradesh. In February 2015 :

The authorities at the richest temple in the country nearly experienced a major embarrassment when the lock of the golden door leading to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala got stuck minutes before Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and his wife reached for darshan early on Wednesday.

In August 2016:
Senior officials of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) on Sunday faced embarrassment as the visiting Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena was forced to wait in his car as the driver did not turn up in time.

They were both part of Security issue – the former Security of the People and the latter Security of the President. When our former Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard had a fall at Gandhi Memorial I attributed to her being too big for the Prime Minister’s shoes. Sydney morning Herald reported:

‘Ms Gillard has a history of embarrassment with apparently loose shoes and difficult heels……………….…. Early this year she was separated from her shoe when she was being dragged to safety by security officers during a demonstration near the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra. That shoe was seized by protesters, who finally returned it after considering auctioning it on eBay.’

Each one sees as per their insight, combined with external influence.  I attributed to Ms Gillard lacking in investment in Sovereignty of non-White Australians and hence the fall at Gandhi Memorial.

We as ordinary people without particular portfolios always have the opportunity to ask through our Belief, seek and find or knock on the doors of Natural Justice to know the karmic connection. Then we naturally contribute to the Sovereignty of any group / nation that includes us as part of itself.  The Bhagavad Gita was the essence of the lesson learnt through the war between children of two brothers. That is the Constitution of  that land born out of the Truth realized on that Land. Any Sri Lankan Constitution that likewise upholds the Truth of Sri Lanka – will lead to natural Harmony and Peace. Alternate laws based on our dreams of custodians of power and copied from other nations would lead us to more wars. 

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