Saturday 31 December 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
31 December   2016

LTTE Infiltrating the Government?

‘Our expectation is that we should find a permanent and lasting solution to the national question.
The new Constitution in the New Year, should bring about this achievement.’ Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan, in a message issued for the New Year

I am officially an Australian of Sri Lankan origin living in Australia – as per the highest status allocated to me in 1994/95 when I was promoted from being Financial Controller to Consultant by the New South Wales Government. That is the point at which we – Australian employers and myself – have declared our common valuation of a Sri Lankan trained Chartered Accountant, to the world. From that point onwards – I am self-governing citizen of that standard. My question to Mr. Sampanthan is whether he has realized self-governance and if yes, was it through the Political pathway, Administrative pathway or his own True experience as a citizen?

If it were Political – then Mr. Sampanthan has to keep asking for devolution – which would naturally develop sense of majority power within Hindus and Tamils, due to India & Tamil Nadu respectively. As per the political pathway, we have to ask as per our faith and it shall be given by the person we believe in. The people of Trincomalee have repeatedly confirmed that Mr. Sampanthan is such a leader to them. In terms of Administrative pathway, Mr. Sampanthan or any of his supporters are yet to confirm their ability to ‘show’ the other side in terms of Administrative proposals. At this stage they have to seek and fulfill their position as self-governing equal other side to the Government.

Beyond this – we are all citizens and to the extent we act within our Truth – we are self governing. In the case of Mr. Sampanthan  as a citizen – we have to accept any independent declaration by Mr. Sampanthan - that he realized self-governance as a citizen, in which case – he would be more valuable to Sri Lanka by being a citizens’ facility – as I am here in Australia. As a politician he has the right to expect a solution and if he knocks on those facilities -  the doors of opportunity would open. The last of these happens through Natural system of balance. Every believer in Mr. Sampanthan would naturally share in his sense of independence and hence Mr. Sampanthan becomes a facility/Governor.

The permanent  solution however would not come through the new Constitution. If it does exist – it would have already happened – and be the consolidated value of all those to whom Sri Lanka is home – whether they are currently alive or not and/or living in Sri Lanka or not. Truth consolidates naturally through the process of discovery during which we discard attachment to the physical and elevate our mind to lose consciousness of relativity and therefore judgments.

As per recent Asian Mirror  report ‘LTTE Leader Would Have Been Prime Minister By Now’:

‘State Minister of Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran said that Velupillai Prabhakaran, the slain leader of the LTTE, would have been Prime Minister or at least a member of the government if he was alive now.
Speaking at a meeting in Kilinochchi yesterday, she said Prabhakaran was an exemplary leader and such a leader cannot be found among world leaders now.’

Asian Mirror highlighted also the following in relation to this issue:
It should be recalled that the caste system plays a much bigger role in Tamil politics in both Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, than in the Sinhalese community. Maheswaran herself is from Karainagar, where most people are fisher folk.
I identified with the above through my own experience as follows: ‘Yesterday, while arranging our shoes on the shoe-rack – I was about to use the ‘habit’ of placing my husband’s shoes topmost. Then I recalled a Sinhalese friend saying to me that someone known to her and of Karawa/Fisher caste placing  fish on top of the rice when food is served. Recalling that I placed my shoes on top of my husband’s so I would confirm to myself that I was not a minority member now that I am not doing paid work.  I showed it to my husband and he also smiled.’

To my mind, Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran, is the parallel of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayake – in that both came into prominence due to the murders of their husbands. Taken as an individual – Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran, would represent women of her age group living in their respective ‘home areas’. The culture of that area would be their natural base of thought processes, to mark rights and wrongs. Karainagar as it is known to me is well known for its business development. They are likely to prefer business before higher mind order and this is likely to be extended to politics. The LTTE leader was quite popular in that age group – and this can come out during unguarded moments.

The comments were made in Kilinochchi – the political capital of the LTTE. A place has its own powers and the deaths of those who died for their homeland would make them heroes in that land – especially if the official fighting forces acted in breach of the law which killed civilians. Every LTTE member who fought in defense of civilians becomes a hero in that natural environment. The law applicable to that area is not the written law but the unwritten law of the highest standards of the official army. Irrespective of whether the Government conducts an inquiry into this or not – the true ruling in that area would prevail as heritage influence. One who is unguarded in her/his expressions would bring out their True thoughts – as Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran also has done. In other words, the LTTE spirit lives on and has infiltrated the Government which is already infected by Karuna Amman’s true spirit as well as JVP spirit.

The deeper we go into an issue – close to  Root Truth, the more at peace we would be. At that level – there is no judgment but mere identity with the net value. As per my experience – Tamils as a Community are now even with Sinhalese as a Community. In a Unitary structure – we need Equal Opportunity laws to uphold this Truth. If this is not acceptable to the Government – then the provisions of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution which provides for some degree of autonomy to Tamils must be upheld by Tamil leaders – without fear or desire. Separation often helps us to see each other through independently produced outcomes. 

The option of Equal Opportunity Law, would help us travel together as one nation.  Under those circumstances Article 9 which provides for Buddhism to be foremost needs to be brought under Chapter III to be covered by Article 16 (1) – the same way other Customary Laws are upheld until majority practice the system of Democracy in everyday living. Such is the Affirmative Action needed during the transitional period. 

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