Wednesday 18 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
18 January 2017

Preserving Tamil Sovereignty

 A special thank you to my Canadian Cousin Vathanee Premakumar who had the intuition to send me Sri Shridi Baba’s photos without any knowledge of what I was going to write about today.

An alleged fundraiser for Tamil rebels who has been fighting deportation from Canada for more than two decades has lost a key court battle after a federal judge dismissed his appeal.
The Federal Court upheld the deportation of Manickavasagam Suresh on the grounds he was a member of a terrorist organization and that he was complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity”  - National Post (Canada)

[ “Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who never fails to seize any opportunity “to celebrate the many cultures, languages and beliefs that make our country such a wonderful place to live”, wished Tamilians in Canada and around the world a happy Thai Pongal on Sunday.
In the video, posted on his social media, he begins with a Tamil greeting “Vanakkam!” and says, “Over the next few days, Tamils in Canada and around the world will gather with loved ones to celebrate Thai Pongal.  Each day of this festival has its own special meaning and traditions which are tied to abundance, peace and happinessIn 2016, the House of Commons voted unanimously to recognise every January as Tamil Heritage Month. I encourage everybody to reflect on the strong heritage of Canada’s Tamil community. Our nation is stronger and richer because of Tamil-Canadians,” he adds.
Sharing his views on how to make Canada a “wonderful place to live”, he says, “This year also marks Canada’s 150th anniversary, and we should seize every opportunity to celebrate the many cultures, languages and beliefs that make our country such a wonderful place to live.”
“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish everyone marking Thai Pongal a joyful harvest festival,” he concluded.]  - Hindustan Times

Two different pathways within the same country. The Judicial determination confirms a definite outcome. The Prime Minister’s message is part of a program. I am,  from time to time invited by the Australian Federal Government to contribute to Policy – the latest being towards Australia’s Foreign Policy. I take such as the Government’s determination that I was a global minded person. But the Judiciary ‘failed’ me – when I complained to them on the basis of verifiable outcomes, using Racial Discrimination Act 1975. But the Truth eventually manifested Itself and hence the invitation to contribute – not because of any political influence that I have demonstrated but my own personal ongoing contribution to the Sovereignty of the individual. The Judiciary in turn has confirmed that it exists largely for a living and that it is lacking in Sovereignty. This usually happens when we are driven more by the seen and the heard and less by the known discovered through our own True efforts and sacrifices.

If the above Tamil rebel – had not raised money for an organization that has been listed as a Terrorist organization by the Canadian Government, the two pathways would be known  to have common source i.e. -  the Law made by the Government. We had a parallel case in Australia and I got involved in campaigning against strong punishment for those involved. I had a dream/vision in which I was going to a place where there were Hindus known to me. I share this as follows through my book Naan Australian (Chapter 27):
[As highlighted above,  I had the vision of  Sri Shridi Baba when I felt thoroughly dejected by the verdict delivered by Justice Sully of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  In the dream, I was going to a place where my friend Rani Sritharan was with many women.  While I was talking to them – I noticed a Tamil child with a huge black Pottu – being chastised by a White person.  I quietly asked the child whether she had erred? The child looked blankly back at me.  Then I looked out the widow and there I saw ‘farmers’ talking in Tamil.  With them stood Sri Shridi Baba.  Sri Shridi Baba did not open His mouth to speak. He just kept looking at me – and in my mind I heard the message ‘Help Muslims and Tamils’.

I had similar experience in Jaffna with Yoga Swami.  My mother reminded me of this years later.  We were standing at entrance to the residence of Doctor Pasupati – the father of Shiva Pasupati – former Attorney General of  Sri Lanka and also of my former boss Mr. Samy Pasupati.  Yoga Swami arrived and he was in a car. Swami did not get off the car – as he had hurt his hip while feeding his cow Valli.  My mother was carrying my brother – 13 years my junior. My mother lifted my baby brother Shiva up for Swami to bless my brother – the son that my father wanted very much.  As my mother recalled later – Swami kept looking past her to me – standing in a corner – as was my way before I started taking on responsibilities.  I still remember Swami’s eyes looking to me – and communicating silently with me. To me it was a Blessing from Swami – communicated in the stillness of Silence.

When I had the vision of Sri Shridi Baba in November 2006 – I had similar experience. The message was powerful.  But I still could not work out what I was supposed to do to help Muslims and Tamils.  A few days later I was invited by Mrs. Vijaya Amirthalingam - a devotee of Sai Baba to speak to their group at the Carlingford Sai Center on Ladies’ day. Below is what I wrote about this experience under the topic ‘Dissent & Opposition’ in Sri Lanka Guardian and is also published through our website]

I have learnt through my own experiences that to the extent we genuinely follow the law and go beyond to uphold the Truth – the Truth manifests Itself when we are in need. This meant that we are able to influence the minds of others in the system through such Truth. I wrote to the Hon Philip Ruddock on the basis of my own investment in the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 through which Mr. Ruddock had previously engaged with me. The Judicial outcomes for rebel supporters were more positive for the Community from then on and eventually they were disciplined and not punished.

One of the persons sued by me was Mr. John Howard who was then Prime Minister. Given Mr. Howard’s record in ignoring the principles and values underpinning Racial Discrimination Act 1975, anyone who had sacrificed towards racial harmony in Australia would have had the support of Truth to defeat Mr. Howard in the Court of Natural Justice. The urge to sue Mr. Howard came from within me when Mr. Howard failed to respond to my complaints against the Central Administrators of the University of NSW.  If the mind is influenced by the external – except to give outer form to our feelings – the system of Truth does not support us. It’s our own commitment that urges us from within. It’s a soul power that is supported by all similar powers – including those we have never met nor known of.

Most of our actions – if not all include this Truth component – for better or for worse. It’s pathway shows perfect connection between cause and effect. That is what the system of Karma is all about. It is not an external system. When we eliminate external influences – we identify with this pathway. It’s perfect Science.

In confirmation of how this power works, below is an excerpt from an email  I received from a Diaspora leader confirming the core connection between India’s Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan’s Tamil Eelam, as explained by Professor Dulan De Silva:

….Tamil Nadu [has 6 medical colleges (all but one private) whose graduates easily find jobs in India or abroad , where unlike ours,  their medical degrees are recognized. Foreign aid per capita has been negligible and it has always been treated as a stepchild by the central government in Delhi. So how did they achieve this? Certainly not because their leaders have been visionary or corruption free as in Singapore – it is difficult to imagine a more venal and self serving pair of leaders than  Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi , who between them have ruled the state for the last 40 years. Political power in India has always been with the Hindi speaking heartlands in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and the centre has lavished state investments there. Tamilnadu has always been a stepchild. Tamilnadu has achieved this because the people are intelligent, humble and hardworking, they do not believe the world owes them a living or depend on handouts.  They do not go on strike, there has never been a communal riot, they have embraced science, technology  and English. All qualities that make them an ideal workforce and Indian industrialists and foreigners have beaten a path to their door. Per capita income is among the highest of Indian states, unemployment is negligible (in fact there is a labour shortage now filled by immigrants from other states). Their tertiary institutions turn out graduates who can compete anywhere in the world – people like Sundar Pichay the CEO of Google soon tipped to be the largest high-tech company in the world. Or Indra Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi/KFC, and featured regularly in the list of the 50 most influential business leaders in America. It has world class teaching hospitals and a thriving medical tourism business, with patients flying in from all parts of the world for kidney transplants and bypass surgery. The universities continue to churn out superb mathematicians, in the footsteps of Ramanujan one of the all time great mathematicians, and are to be found in the faculties of all the major Universities. Most of the Indian Nobel prize winners are from Tamil Nadu, and a recent Nobel prize winner in Biochemistry, Venkataramn Ramakrishnan, now a fellow of Trinity in Cambridge and a fellow of the Royal Society, stated that the reason he had to go abroad for his education was that he could not get through the competitive exam for IIT Chennai!]

The Tamil Tigers demonstrated technical cleverness similar to some of the above. But they failed to get the blessings of those before themselves who fought for and sacrificed towards self-governance. They fought to win against the other side – a side that was given form to – by Tamil leaders who complained against violence and fought though official political and intellectual pathways. By limiting themselves to the armed pathway – the Tamil Tigers lost connection with the very past they were relying on – to ‘show cause’. They damaged seriously the investment made in the higher pathways by Tamils themselves. By ‘showing’ skills – they were able to get the support of Indian leaders to oppose Sri Lankan Government. They thus no longer had the legitimacy to claim ‘Sovereignty’ as a group and therefore to represent  individuals and groups who were committed to upholding their Sovereignty.

Anyone who genuinely fights to preserve her/his Sovereignty will be supported and assisted by Natural Forces. That is the Divine power that all of us have. The mind that is raised to the higher level is naturally able to access other higher minds and also becomes a facility that could be accessed by others in genuine need. I relate to this through solid, liquid and gas states as per science I learnt. They are the body, mind and soul. At gas/soul stage – there are no limits to prevent access.

Often we work out the balance of this Sovereignty by what we are promised and what we received – for example at the workplace. But the easier way to develop Sovereignty is to spend and/or save as per our own goals. In traditional Hindu families – the homemaker is considered Shakthi/Energy – due to her ability to develop structures that would support ‘service’ to each other. A homemaker who has sacrificed earned benefits - to ‘share’ develops ‘intuition’ and hence does not need to ‘show’ (in Politics) and/or to  ‘prove’(in Administration).  The difference between Tamil Nadu and Singapore is this quiet intuitive power that the former has. Often major powers fail to participate mentally in the work done by the other. Likewise, in Equal partnership. The former leads to

Sri Lanka is known as Maatha (Mother). Yet, the Government went outside to show and receive. All those who seek to ‘show’ would need ‘external’ help - at least in the form of customers for their produce. The female Tamil Tigers who did not receive equal ranking as males – contributed through that higher power to the Sovereignty of the land that was home to them. Likewise every person of minority status – who quietly keeps going due to her/his own Sovereign Powers.

Sovereign Power is not  limited by any particular time, person or group. Sovereign Power would travel to right the wrongs by those driven more by outcomes than by Common Principles, Values and Structures. In the recent Daily Mirror interview, Mr. Sumanthiran has failed to highlight his proposal to balance the Buddhism Foremost power in the existing Constitution. There is only mention as follows:
Only special place, not foremost place for Buddhism’.

Special confirms  discrimination  and the effective claim  is that Buddhism is more capable of leading us to realize our  Sovereignty than any other religion. On that basis a member of any other religion who realizes – by her/himself and/or collectively as a group – Sovereignty before Buddhists known to her/him/them is defeating the Government that made such law and the people who take advantage of this provision. Natural forces would continue to assist such Non-Buddhists  defeat Buddhists acting outside their own Government’s laws – for example war related laws that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces acted in breach of. 

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