Saturday 14 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
14 January 2017

The President’s Mind

‘One-and-a-half-years after being appointed the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, R. Sampanthan will receive his official residence.’ – Colombo Telegraph on Thai Pongal eve 2017

‘Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been given a plush bungalow in Colombo 7 by the government.
The bungalow which was occupied by incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena when he was Minister of Health, has been renovated at a cost of Rs. 30 million to suit the former President’s taste.’ Colombo Telegraph on 02 August 2016

The ‘gap’ of 5 months confirms the irreconcilable differences between ethnic Law Makers in Parliament despite the Equal position of the Leader of the Opposition having been ‘won’ by Tamils. Recently, a young Australian said that an American manager was pulled up by their Human Resources Department, for paying a female less than her male counterpart. The American had said that she got what she asked for. I also did not ‘see’ and ‘ask’ for equal salary as my White Australian counterparts. Instead I followed the ‘waiting until given’ policy that I was groomed in. I did not however ‘wait’ to perform. I kept working as per my natural standards. It was much later that I realized that the benefits were accumulating as per my true contribution – as if I was the owner of the organization. Eventually I felt the urge to go to Courts and now I believe that the accumulated value of my ‘reserves’ had reached Policy level and hence I sued up to Prime Ministerial level.  It’s the parallel of Velupillai Prabhakaran waging war against the  thugs who attacked unarmed Tamil civilians during civil riots. The pathway through which we take action confirms our self confidence and the level at which we would be natural leaders. As shared through my book Naan Australian – Chapter 20 as follows:

[In addition, there were Natural events that confirmed the blessings of Divinity.  On 14 April 1999 – the day I complained to Mr. Bateman there was a severe Hailstorm in Sydney. As per Wikipedia: ‘The 1999 Sydney Hailstorm was the costliest disaster in Australian insurance history, causing extensive damage along the east coast of New South Wales.  The storm developed south of Sydney on the afternoon of 14 April 1999 and struck the city’s eastern suburbs including the central business district, later that evening’

On 21 September 1999 – the day Ms Carol Kirby sent me her first letter threatening legal action also there was hailstorm – a mild and unexpected one in our area.  I was praying seated on a couch with the Cross in my lap.  That was when the hailstorm happened.  A little later, my husband handed over the letter from Ms Kirby – which he had picked up from the mailbox on his return from work.  Later I connected to its significance as follows:

During this period I had already started reading books about Sai Baba and one was by Dr. John Hislop – a devotee of Sai Baba. In that book Dr. Hislop reports  that Sai Baba gave him a Crucifix  (pictured above) made from natural twigs.  Dr. Hislop continues :

Within a few weeks we were back in our home in Mexico and were soon to witness an amazing series of events in relation to the crucifix. ….. [One day] the time was about 5 P.M. On this afternoon, the sky along the Mexican coast was clear and peaceful. But suddenly without warning, there was a loud crash of thunder and as our eyes turned towards the windows, lightning flashed from a dark cloud where a moment before there had been only clear sky. A violent wind rushed through the house, causing windows and doors to open and shut with such force that the glass was in danger of shattering. The curtains were flying in all directions. We were much startled by this turn of events, but my wife at once said, "It is 5 P.M., the time Christ died on the cross, and what is now happening is described in the Bible." She later brought a Bible and we looked though until we found the pertinent paragraph, which said that at the moment Christ gave up His life, a violent storm arose with lightning and thunder, and winds rent the curtains of the temple. We concluded that we had witnessed a wonder totally beyond our power of imagination. Before our eyes had occurred nothing less than a recapitulation of events related to crucifixion. The following day, newspapers in San Diego carried a brief story commenting on the sudden and mysterious storm that had arisen without warning on the Mexican coast, near Ensenada. ….A year or so later, I sent a description of the event to Dr. Eruch B. Fanibanda for his book, Vision of the Divine. He showed the memo to Baba. After reading the memo, Baba said that the event had occurred as described and that the significance attributed to it was correct.’

I felt comforted that the hailstorms on these two days were of significant in terms of my own experiences due to my sharing of Truth. It was not a conscious thought  - but more an intuitive one. 

During the April 1999 storm – the (UNSW) Medical Administration building was damaged and hence the accounts staff had to move to Central Office – within Chancellery building.  That was where I went on 19 April 1999 to ask for the Financial Reports of Liverpool Clinical School. (Appendix 3) I was insulted further and hence when the Liverpool Clinical School connection I saw when I learnt about the Hall matter.

After being attacked by the Central Office staff, I was sharing the experience with Loraine Brooks – who was then the Administrative Officer of the School of Anatomy which also had hired me on contract – when a lady walked in and said that she was looking for space and could not find any (due to the storm).  The lady said she would take the matter to the very top! This lady kept saying it again and again and I felt that she was talking to me – urging me to take matter  to the very top. Back then, I thought it was the CEO of the country. But now I feel that the lady was asking me to take it beyond that to the real Higher Powers who recognize Truth above all else. The legal processes helped me submit to Divine Powers as per my belief – after following Due Process through the Human Justice system.

Gradually I realized that my actions were endorsed by Natural Justice. To the extent I recognized  Natural Justice as the Highest Power – I was able to identify with the outcomes that included the value of my work.  The reward for me came from various other quarters. The highest reward was the realization that I was my own judge and towards this I had to complete my other relationships where due to my position – I had to accept others’ judgments. The beauty of this realization is that it’s continuous return from all angles.  I believe fully that each one of us is capable of attaining this ‘free’ state – by living within our Truth.]

If the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan is also accumulating such credits – then that is good for Sri Lanka. But his primary job is to Oppose the Government where there are process errors and to  complete the political picture by drawing the other side picture to the one drawn by the Government, so the matter deserves to be promoted to Administrative level – and be open to participation and learning by all.
In Hindu philosophy – we recognize manifestations as Physical, Mental and Spiritual – represented by the Holy Trinity – Brammah, Vishnu, Shiva. At the physical level we have to have clear demarcations of privacy / the particular. At the Spiritual level there is no such demarcation at all.  At that level – the Energy spreads of its own volition. Pranic healing which is practiced in Australia also – is based on this belief that the Spirit is eternal. Most indigenous groups rely on this Natural pathway. The mind is a combination of matter and spirit/soul/consciousness. The translation of the three stages in Governance are: Politics, Administration and Governance. Those relying on Politics and majority vote – therefore are likely to abuse position power in Administration and their contribution is not likely to reach Governance level – where we are the Government and we are the People.

Mr. Sampanthan has won the position of Opposition leader through the Administrative principles of Democratic Government. It is his DUTY to Oppose the allocation of benefits to a self-appointed Opposition – Mr. Rajapaksa in this instance. I cannot visualize the Hon G.G.Ponnambalam accepting such a situation. It is in fact unlawful and yet no action has been initiated by anyone.

I am not aware of a Shadow Cabinet by TNA. Separation at this stage would lead to internal war between Tamil rebels seeking quick outcomes and Politicians who seem have gone to sleep.

Take the Hambantota Land issue with the Chinese for example. As per the New Indian Express:
[A Sri Lankan Supreme Court case filed by Joint Opposition MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara, challenging the way in which the government decided to give 80 percent stake in the Hambantata port to a Chinese company for 99 years, will decide the fate of the controversial and politically explosive deal with geopolitical implications.
The case is coming for hearing on Friday, Nanayakkara told Express.  ]

Why did TNA not take that action? Lack of confidence due to the war? In the meantime, the Hon C.V.Wigneswaran who is Mr. Nanayakkara’s relative in law – is busy moving laterally in countries where Tamils have political power.

Where the heirs of Tamil Administrators who achieved wisdom in Administration with the little resources we had?   That self-governance power is there for us to tap into any time anywhere.

The current Sri Lankan Government is strongly driven by the mind of former President and this would continue so long as the current Government continues to dwell on LTTE’s Terrorism label to evade wholesome civilian Administration. So long as Sinhalese separate themselves as a Community – they would remain in war-mode led by the Rajapaksa mind. Tamils would continue to react at that level. Civilians need to seek and find self-governance by realizing Truth in all their activities – using the civilian pathway. A member of minority community who realizes national ownership before a parallel member of majority – confirms strong wisdom in Administration. Self Governance in any part of Sri Lanka would naturally spread Itself to the whole and beyond. Until then we do not have the moral authority to propagate ourselves to increase man-power – including Canadian man-power. Many Westerners are learning from Easterners – especially the Spiritual Easterners. They would have  come to Northern Sri Lanka if the leaders there had escalated their contribution to self-governance level. 

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