Thursday 12 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
12 January 2017

Kathirgamam to Save Hambantota

India won, China nil as Sri Lanka turfs out RajapaksaSydney Morning Herald 22 January 2015:


Despite Delhi's protestations, diplomats and politicians in the region say India played a role in organising the opposition against pro-China Rajapaksa.
His successor, President Maithripala Sirisena, has said India is the "first, main concern" of his foreign policy and that he will review all projects awarded to Chinese firms, including a sea reclamation development in Colombo that would give Beijing a strategic toehold on India's doorstep.’
Two years later – one could conclude that China has found its way in through Mr. Sirisena’s Government. As per our Australian media – Sri Lanka has become the regional turf for the play between  Hindu India and Buddhist China. Given that Buddhism is part of lawful discrimination  in Sri Lanka, as per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution, one must expect hidden forces to surface themselves when even one side surfaces its expectations to use Sri Lanka towards regional power.  When a country fails to uphold its Sovereignty it is at risk of being taken over by the stronger players of the region. The player with most investment in Sovereignty is supported by Natural forces. Religion is an official pathway to invest in that country where religion is part of the law.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today took to his official twitter account to host a question and answer session.
During the session, twitter users questioned MP Rajapaksa about the possibilities of contesting the 2020 Presidential Election.
MP Rajapaksa in response said he will support the decision taken by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.
Commenting on his Presidential Election defeat in 2015, the former President said there were many reasons behind his downfall however said he is prepared for the future.
MP Rajapaksa meanwhile said the present opposition is focused on working with the government to influence the decision making process, thereby supporting the masses on critical issues. MP Rajapaksa noted he is prepared to face a future election with a powerful joint force that represents the people’s will.
Commenting on the establishment of the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division, Former President Rajapaksa said FCID is an illegal entity adding under a future administration it will be investigated and will prosecute perpetrators of the Yahapalayana government.
In conclusion, the former President hailed US President-Elect Donald Trump stating he will lead US through a new foreign policy that will respect sovereignty of nations.’ MR ON TWITTER Q&A: ALLOW FUTURE LEADERS TO EMERGE – by News Radio

If  America did respect the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka, it is highly likely that those within the region would invade through the leader that they could ‘influence’. It’s when Sri Lanka values its Sovereignty that it would have its own mind to prevent external influences and interferences. Given that majority Sri Lankans do follow a religion – their investments in their respective religions would naturally bring the external forces into the country when Sri Lankans as a whole fail to identify with their own Sovereignty.
Rule by majority is based on laws of Nature. Truth of majority, when given form, would help maintain that Sovereignty. Had the former President been true to himself, he would not need America’s support to confirm Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. As per the above report:

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today called on the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to allow future leaders to emerge to take the country forward.

One of the leaders groomed by the former President is his own son who represents the People of Hambantota. Given that Mr. Namal Rajapaksa is reported to be not respectful of the law – one has to conclude that the folks of Hambantota are also not respectful of  the law. Hence it is highly likely that their Truth would not surface through laws based on their own experiences. Hence their land becomes the playing ground of external forces.

Ultimately – we are all bound by laws of Nature. Where we have not applied the laws of the Nation  to rule / judge, we would go into the system of Natural Justice at an early stage. Those who are true to themselves would identify with the karmic connection as to why their land is being taken over. Our former Australian Prime Minister the Hon Gough Whitlam said when he was dismissed by the Governor General ‘Well may we say "God save the Queen", because nothing will save the Governor-General!’.

The parallel for Sri Lanka would be ‘Hindu Rama came to Sri Lanka to eliminate Ravana – the Tamil Yakka king ; Buddha also came to free the beautiful land from the evil doing Sinhala Yakkas; but Yakkas of Lanka remain undefeated. Only believers of Skanda Murugan of Kathirgramam have the power to internally manage the two Yakka groups

Note:   (1)  Kathirgamam is close to  Hambantota.
 (2)  Government News Portal report: [Today is Duruthu full moon Poya Day. The important significance of Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day, marks Gautama Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka.

During the sixth century B.C. in the ninth month after his enlightenment, nine months after his Enlightenment, the blessed one visited Mahiyangana. His mission was to restore peace, to create a state of freedom from war or violence. The old chronicle Mahavamsa records and states "To free the beautiful land from the evil doing Yakkas"]

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