Thursday 5 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
05 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
05 January 2017
Tamils the King-makers

The Problem: ‘A Sri Lankan woman made a domestic violence complaint to the police, and the police called her husband, who told the police she had danced at her sister’s engagement party. The police had then told the woman that dancing and her henna on her hands were “against the culture” and that she shouldn’t be doing such things’ Colombo Telegraph article - North-East Police Solicit Bribes From Perpetrators And Act With Prejudice Against Abused Women – Report.

Required: Work out the diverse influences that went towards this decision by the Sri Lankan Police – starting with their side.

Self Assessment:   Categorize the above reasoning into those based on :

1.     Objectively measurable inputs and outcomes – for example the henna on the hands of the lady. This would include also subjective statements at the level that both parties have agreed to
2.     Subjective inputs and outcomes – where one side has the higher authority to ‘tell’ / produce and the other the duty to listen /accept /use
3.     Assessor’s own Belief based reasoning.

A)   If the value of 1 is more than the value of 2 – the Assessor is democratic.
B)   If the value of 2 is greater than the value of 1 – the Assessor is autocratic
C)   If the value of 3 is more than 50% of the total of 1 & 2 – the Assessor is an owner. Within this category if the value of 1 is greater than the value of 2 – the Assessor is   positive Activist needed by Democratic society. Within this category, if the value of  1 is less than the value of 2 – the Assessor fits the role of a quiet policy contributor/spiritual leader.
D)   If the value of 3  is less than 50% - the Assessor is not yet an owner and needs to take low position in policy areas and needs to submit to those under category C) and not demand. If such an Assessor has higher position than one in category C) – then that Assessor needs to  become a Facility to be used by those in category C).

Based on the above structure let’s look at the following report in relation to the ethnic problem:

[Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said here on Wednesday, that the Palaly airport in the northern district of Jaffna, will be developed as a “regional airport,” to serve not only Sri Lanka, but also South India.
India has been pressing for the development of Palaly as an international airport to improve communication links between Tamil-speaking North Sri Lanka with India, especially Tamil Nadu.
There had been an air service between Palaly and Madras and Tiruchi, before the ethnic conflict turned the airport into a military base – Sri Lankan Prime Minister says Jaffna will be developed as a 'regional airport' ] -  The New Indian Express article – ‘Sri Lankan Prime Minister says Jaffna will be developed as a 'regional airport’

The above is a great move towards repairing the serious damage to our Ethnic Relationship. It is indeed the parallel of  ‘Buddhism foremost’  clause in the Constitution. Whether it is within family or wider community – where I am denied my earned status – I move towards separation to confirm the alienation. Then I gradually produce independent outcomes – except for the last link in the chain of command as per my earned higher authority which  belongs in 2  above. The rest is ‘outcome’ based as in 1  above – so that majority vote power is matched by majority business/outcome power.

Unlike the SLFP, UNP is more global in its approach – and certainly so under the leadership if the Hon Ranil Wicremesinghe.  I myself have  been active under category 3 (C )  above and hence feel great and add my Energies to this project. Some members of the Tamil Diaspora – living in this part of the world and of Vaddukoddai origin said that they would go to Jaffna (where I was already going frequently) only when international flights operated directly to Tamil Elam. I did not produce any outcome / assessment at that stage.  But just this week I made inquiries on behalf of a group – to include Chennai in the Sydney-Colombo itinerary. Then when I read the above report – I felt that my plans had connected to the right mind – to satisfy all concerned. Those who sought to go directly to Jaffna could use Colombo as a transit point only or come via South India and other regional destinations.

They say in Tamil that the bell around the Elephant’s neck is heard first and the physical arrival of the Elephant comes after the sound of the bell.  The Elephant is respected by Hindus through the Elephant faced deity – Ganesh. Ganesh won the race of going around the world, by circumnavigating His parents – Shiva the Lord of the Mind and Uma – Mother Energy. Muruga the second son driven by physical outcomes went around the world physically and expected to win the prize mango – only to be told that the prize mango had already been awarded to Ganesh. Muruga renounces His parental wealth and sets up His own empire as an Equal – through direct global observation.

As per Lord Muruga’s system, the pathway used needs to be as per category 1 (A). In terms of Sri Lanka, the above proposal is a huge way forward to the ethnic problem. When outcomes are produced without delay – the problem starts turning into opportunity. When outcomes are delayed – the problem slips back into its original position and confirms lack of commitment.

This is an opportunity for every Sri Lankan owner to vote through the Lord’s system and the return will happen with certainty. The sound of the intuitive bell in their mind, before the body carrying the faith is seen – is that vote of approval in their respective environments. Those who sacrificed – be they Sri Lankans or otherwise as per the official system – have that intuitive voting power of mother. It’s the feelings based intuitive bell that leads the body of faith. What a New Year Present!

The Sri Lankan Government has been rejecting Foreign Judges in relation to war-crimes inquiry and this is the right decision if those judges are not global but ‘foreign’. But this new proposal that challenges Tamils to ‘show and tell’ – as Muruga did -  is the beginning of global opportunity by facilitating Global Business through the last link in the ethnic chain. The outcome will be at the standard of that last link and one is not entitled to claim greater share than that. A genuine claimant would not expect any more than that space / authority
 to balance the wrongs by both – the Government and the LTTE – through excessive top-down authority. The ball is now in our Court to play the Democratic game on Equal footing instead of continuing to work out the theory of laws and rules of the game for personal fame.

As I often said in the case of my University experience here in Australia, Equal Opportunity (to own) is confirmed when the last link of the relationship – say between Vice Chancellor and Pariah (Toilet Cleaner) – is completed at the standard that the higher relation is entitled to expect. In terms of the lower position – the outcome produced must fit the monarch. In terms of the higher relation – the monarch  must feel that s/he did that work.

Be it in Australia as an Indian looking Asian migrant or in Sri Lanka carrying my share of the Terrorism label allocated to the Tamil Tigers – without the power to directly influence election of National Government – I take the lower position in official relationships and complete the experience through the last link but at the standard fit for the monarch. That is when we generate Exponential Power of king-makers. That was how I identified with my contribution to this current government first through the Hon Ranil Wickeremesinghe the politician who came closest to deserve that real and true vote and that TNA was the leading opposition in Parliament. It’s the Natural parallel of National list members of Parliament and happens as per Natural Energy, as per our investment in Dharma/Righteousness.

Let’s say my vote as a physical member is 1 out of 100. My official position is therefore one hundredth position – say that of a fresh graduate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. If through that pathway I perform as a bookkeeper - by accepting my apparent position but passing each stroke through my Accounting wisdom as a Chartered Accountant – taking no quarter ; giving no quarter – and raising the work to the level of the highest standard that the Institute represents – I complete the experience as the Common Chief. Then I become a full Natural owner. Then I naturally influence other member votes in the silence of wisdom – represented by Maha Siva Raathri (Great night of Siva which falls on no-moon night) in Hinduism.  If I had performed the work merely for a living or less – my vote is 1. If say those other members influenced by my Energy were 20 – then my vote has the value of 20 at that primary distribution. In turn those 20 would influence others as per their own true contribution to the core-purpose of the Institution. That is how the total is of higher value than the sum of the individuals.

I had experience of this happening – at the University of NSW as well as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. In the case of the University – I received voting papers for Council elections even though I was neither staff nor student. Later in 2009 when I was given the round around by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health when I sought to go to the war camps to continue with the work initiated by (Late) Professor Henry Sathananthan, I received a letter from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka – according to which I was eligible to be Fellow – even though I had ceased being an ordinary member many years ago. Neither status was taken further – than the purpose of that moment – to enable me to take my natural position. Both confirmed that the Lord never forgets the true owner.
That is how a Pariah who completes her/his job becomes an owner and acquires the skills of the institution as per its core purpose. A Vice Chancellor/Parliamentarian who remains mere paid employee – then has to bow her/his head to the owner - Pariah / Voter . That is the value of Democracy using the Equal Opportunity pathway. It’s Equal Opportunity to become Owner / Governor.

The third message happened when I was looking for accommodation in Colombo when our Vaddukoddai relative living in Colombo was away in London. Then I found Raja House in Colombo 6 – the one within my budget. When I arrived there I found the above picture with the King and Queen of Lanka and wearing ‘Pottu’ and the Queen with a Tamil name Rajammal. The Monarch’s father’s name is Sri Venkata Perumal. As per Wikipedia:

[The current Flag of Sri Lanka incorporates Sri Vikrama Rajasinha's Royal Standard. In September 1945 it was proposed in an address to the State Council that the flag be adopted as Sri Lanka's national flag:
"This House is of opinion that the Royal Standard of King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha depicting a yellow lion passant holding a sword in its right paw on a red background, which was removed to England after the Convention of 1815, should once again be adopted as the official flag of Free Lanka."
Kandy Lake, an artificial lake overlooking the palace in Kandy was commissioned by Sri Vikrama Rajasinha.
During Sri Vikrama Rajasinha's time as a royal prisoner in Vellore Fort he received a privy purse, which his descendants continued to receive from the Government of Ceylon until 1965. Muthu Mandapam is a memorial built around the tombstone of Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, the last south Indian origin ruler of Kandy.[7][8] Situated on the bank Palar River, it is just one km north of Vellore town.
During Sri Vikrama Rajasinha's reign, Tamil was used as one of the court languages in Kandy - a historical fact with implications for the present-day politics of Sri Lanka. ]

Our real heirs are those who carry on with our work and sacrifices.  Hence one could say that the Prime Minister of Lanka – the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe whose name also sounds very similar – to that of the last king of Lanka who spoke Tamil and practiced Hinduism and who died in South India. Déjà vu?

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