Saturday 27 December 2014

Politics & Old Age Diversity

The recent division within the ruling party in Sri Lanka in some ways is a Restructure at national level. Irrespective of which individual wins, this restructure would have certain impacts on all Sri Lankans and all investors in Sri Lanka.

We may consciously develop systems and/or accept the systems that develop naturally. As per my own experience, there is a Divine / Natural component in every manifestation that we see and relate to. All of us have the opportunity to invest in that system consciously and/or naturally. When we do, that investment gets activated naturally and without our intervention  at the time of manifestations of outcomes. Systems based on Truth / Love / Common Values  -  work for us in similar manner, to the extent of our investments in them. This share of Natural powers has increased tremendously in Sri Lanka – due to deaths of civilians influenced by government related problems and due to unethical conduct by either side ignored by the respective leadership.  The split within the ruling party of majority race was already experienced by Tamils when Karuna – the Eastern LTTE leader -  broke away from Northern LTTE to join the Government.      The reasoning by Karuna back then seems to be the parallel of the reasoning of Mr. Maithreepala Sirisena now.

I am a strong believer in systems. I believe that when costs and investments are processed through high positions  they acquire the blessings of the position through our investments in that position and the structure that the position is a part of. In addition to this there may be support through conscious efforts by either side individual.

The outcome of current elections could be influenced by those individuals who invested at service level (i.e. without any expectations and/or receipt of  material benefits) – especially to strengthen the STRUCTURES that Sri Lankans over many generations have invested in. Such investment needs to be belief based by the person/s independent of any external factor. Once our work reaches service level – it become global / universal and could be given any shape / form by the believer. Often such believers would be able to work with either side.

Voters who invest directly in individuals on the other hand, would have difficulty when there are system restructures. If Mr. Rajapaksa wins – Sri Lanka would continue to maintain its diversity at the global level.  If Mr. Sirisena wins – it is more likely that Sri Lanka would be left to Natural forces to become just another country – as Batticaloa has become just another part of  Sri Lanka – without particular conscious identity of its own. 

Politics is emotional and one sided.  Administration is intellectual and two sided. When we consolidate our emotions to include  experiences with all concerned – they become common and therefore the common form would be divisible into two equal parts for the whole group. Rights and wrongs could be allocated at that common level. They cannot be at the emotional level nor at the ownership level which is above/beyond  the Administrative level.

Minorities need to invest more in Administration than at emotional level – to confirm their equal rights to claim ownership. If this is difficult  - they need to stay within their local borders and develop feelings of ownership for that place  as in specialization. This would contribute to diversity – so long as the group/person stays within the borders of that local group. Those who come beyond those borders need to invest more deeply in common administration to feel equal. Group power when exercised outside local borders would lead to lowering the Administrative standards of the whole. Once we feel, we influence Natural systems that would deliver outcomes at our earned levels to facilitate ongoing opportunities for us. An opportunity is a combination of ownership and outcome. Developing that ownership is the ultimate purpose of political and cultural grouping.

Jaffna Tamils of  Sri Lanka are strong in Administration. Batticaloa Tamils and Muslims – as per my observations are more suited for specialization / diversity. Basically  - the Jaffna Tamil needs to vote for the leader who is more likely to facilitate investments in Administrative structures. Batticaloa Tamils and Muslims need to vote for ‘privacy’ to develop as per their own cultures – so that they do not assimilate and become victims of majority powers.

As per today’s mail:
A special meeting was held between common opposition and the Tamil National Alliance at the former President Chandrika Bandaranaike’s residence a few days ago, a report said. TNA spokesman Suresh Premachandran said the Tamil National Alliance was represented by Senathirajah, Suresh Premachandran, Selvam Cole Siddharth and MA Sumandiran while common opposition was represented by Chandrika Kumaratunga, Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sirisena, Mangala Samaraweera and the lawyers Jayamapathi Wickramarathne at the meeting held on the 22nd December at 11.00 am. The negotiations were successfully concluded, Suresh Premachandran said.
 This means that the TNA vote is for Mr. Sirisena who is the spokesperson for the above Common Opposition group. This as per my assessment of Mr. Sirisena would  lead to such Tamils who work under the leadership of TNA - being more assimilators than administrators if they come outside their local borders. Unless therefore there were particular commitments to facilitate privacy through political devolution – TNA would have diluted the power of Tamils to influence national level outcomes in regular life after elections. That is Karuna style.

This approach is similar to age based diversity – the workings of which  could be observed at the family level. Parents who are strong administrators, tend to be active in old age – even after their children start operating independently. They would continue to strengthen Systems and Structures rather than enjoy benefits as general part of the family. Those who have been weak investors in Systems and Structures  would tend to enjoy life as if they are beneficiaries of the system and end up forming their own special groups – including at nursing homes. I consider myself to be a strong investor in Administration and I continue to pass my thoughts through structures and values of my ancestors – despite the knowledge that majority Australian Tamils, like TNA are in the latter category – needing privacy.

TNA needs a strong Jaffna Tamil group to lead the community in Administration  at National level and beyond if we are to be strong enough to be heard – to facilitate privacy for the assimilators.

Politics and Administration are two pathways to Ownership. For an individual they are Emotions and Reasoning respectively. At the individual level – it takes longer to realize ownership through the emotional path than through the intellectual path.   Hence group powers work where majority in a community are more emotionally driven than are driven by ‘systems’ and reasoning as per those systems. Thus the length of time taken for ownership is reduced through collective emotions – as has happened in Sri Lankan Politics – through the Common Opposition to balance the strong family based emotional influence of the Rajapaksas. This is still emotional at community level –  particular to the Sinhalese community. It would not promote higher Administration for the whole of Sri Lanka.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27 December 2014

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