Thursday 4 December 2014

Jupiter governs long distance and foreign travel, higher education, religion, and the law. It is also associated with the urge for freedom and exploration, humanitarian and protecting roles....traditionally, Jupiter was assigned to the second and ninth houses: the house of values and the house of beliefs, respectively

Tamil Belief Influencing Sinhalese Voter

What do we Tamils need through the 2015 Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka?  Those who have voting rights are the media through whom we would influence outcomes.  These need not necessarily be Tamil voters. To the extent we feel in common with other communities – we would naturally influence voters’ minds to manifest the outcomes as if we had voted.

Majority vote is part of the lateral system of   democracy.  At the primary level – where all voters are taken to be equally genuine and believing in their leader – the power of the total for one person relative to another  is taken as the determining factor. But the same person does not vote for the same leader at every election in which the two participate.  There are some external influences that shift either party or both parties to act differently. These are usually visible where one cares to observe.  Then there are other internal influences – which happen naturally – through our Truth.  Everyone who identifies with God/Divinity – experiences Oneness with others.  Without this we would not be praying to invisible powers.

If we therefore believe deeply and we invoke our belief  during elections – the candidate through whom such belief could be worked would become the winner.  This need not be the one we like or agree with. In fact this could be the one we disagree with. But that candidate would be the medium/messenger through whom our outcomes are manifested. During election time – the blocks to receive our belief based messages are removed and the path is open. The leader becomes our facility – consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes we may need the weaker candidate to win now – so our belief could be manifested at that higher level at a later time. The deeper believer would identify with such a higher outcome in its due course.  Hence the need for focus on issues rather than on subjects – especially subjects over whom we do not have direct influence.  We have the path open for us to surrender and think in common with a leader within our own communities.

The work of Ms Shanthi Sachidanandam has been brought to our attention recently by leaders of the Tamil Diaspora. Ms Sachidanandam does highlight  that the happenings in the recent past did not happen solely due to the Rajapaksa Regime. They are the effect of cumulative  forces empowered to produce outcomes at a particular time at a particular place. WE also contributed to those effects. Past outcomes  do not empower or affect  us directly. Hence Yoga Swami’s great saying ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kariyam’ / ‘Matter has been closed long ago’.  Like with Balance Sheets, they help us understand the present.  The past should not be assessed through current rules and measures.  Once there is ‘closure’ , including through emigration – we need to use current measures and not old measures or the measures used by the current voters who are making government. Restructures bring about such closures. For us – Tamils that restructure already happened through Provincial Council Elections that highlighted the preference of Northern Tamils to be led by knowledge power rather than gun power.  We need to respect and value the past but not go back to produce those outcomes in the present once a restructure has taken place.

What we do now – has the power to directly influence current outcomes. The deeper powers of motivation  need to be accessed through belief – for example belief in Democracy and Multiculturalism at all times and in all aspects of our life has the power to influence naturally. Such believers would naturally influence voters who are actively ‘thinking’ and ‘showing’ those thoughts in support of  Democracy & Multiculturalism.  To be able to so influence – we need to believe that we are of the One group or we must be driven by our Truth and Truth only.  Gandhi had that kind of belief and hence was able to influence naturally to produce outcomes that confirmed that belief. One does not need express legal or cultural membership to influence through belief. 

I believe my belief in Democracy and Multiculturalism influenced Epping migrants – to dismiss the then Prime Minister John Howard. (Elections – what they mean to me – 21 November 2014).

The belief of One develops  exponential value as it gets deeper and close to absolute value. Commonness supports such development. Each person who thinks strongly about the issue becomes our medium. When it gets close to absolute value – it becomes global influence.  This is the kind of force that Ms Shanthi Sachidanandam seems to be working on – so that we interpret the law as per our belief and not as we are told by those who do not share common belief with us. The more we focus on immediate outcomes – the less we develop this belief and therefore weaken our opportunities to influence outcomes through the unseen and the unknown media/voters.  

Such common belief based influence amongst  the Sinhalese has been strongly weakened by the nomination of the Common Candidate who until recently was seen to be part of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.  Those who believe in political power through that grouping would now be confused.   Its parallel is Mr. Douglas Devananda leading the LTTE supporters. Most primary level voters would get confused with this. If majority Sinhalese voters think that the Rajapaksa government has failed them at the International level – then they may vote to defeat the Rajapaksa group. But then – we would really not have an ethnic problem in Sri Lanka – and therefore the Diaspora would be robbed of their opposition. Such changes on the surface are misleading and work against consistency that contributes to commonness.  If confirms also that within the Sinhalese community there isn’t strong commitment to democracy through belief.  Belief is identity with Truth. Truth when manifested divides equally through the center.

Tamils are also not yet ready with Democratic systems of management.  The Tamil Diaspora is the litmus paper to test this and we need to demonstrate stronger achievements in this regard – in our current areas of operation – especially by developing Equal Opposition at the intellectual level. We won the position of Equal Opposition in 1977 due to such Belief.  This was due to our then leaders going into  Sathya Graham – Home of Truth.  Once we take revenge – through tit for tat action – we would lose the opportunity to  invest that energy in developing our belief in non-violent non-cooperation. Retaliation at the same level – is cooperation. Controlling the urge to retaliate renders the independence needed to  observe the other side.   In effect we bring the other side over to our side as juniors. That is what happened through the UN Resolution earlier this year. We need to not let go of that opportunity to win at global level - by working actively for a win by an unknown devil (who is being made out to be an angel) over a known devil.  

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 04 December 2014

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