Tuesday 9 December 2014

Fresco of the Judgment of Solomon

King Solomon’s Wisdom needed by Sri Lanka

Recently a group of us were discussing gender based Equal Opportunity  in relation to husband and wife. As per my observation, the way we practice this is likely to take diverse forms as per our respective environments.  In Australia as a migrant – I feel I now have the responsibility to consciously practice Equal Opportunity principles with other cultures. But when we are of the same culture – it seems more productive and harmonious to practice time based balancing of leadership so the structure would be wholesome/sovereign  for the next generation. If  the relationship under the leadership of one person fails to lead to the goal of Oneness / Truth / Love – then it is important that there is a restructure so that the junior takes over the senior position or becomes independent and traveling parallel with the senior - with Equal status as the senior. That is the progressive structure – including in the case of majority-minority relationships. Administrative structures must be such as to facilitate this change over to uphold the sovereignty as a whole. In a sovereign unit – every part must be sovereign.

Often, minorities also go along with majority;  and juniors with seniors – as it seems more beneficial and/or convenient to do so. Such minorities/juniors would be worse off if they separated, because they are not independent of the old form of thought order.  A structure that promotes minorities/juniors to be in the front-line with majority /seniors providing support services would facilitate the structure to be carried through to the next generation. When this does not happen naturally – it needs to be structured consciously to maintain harmony. Just minded seniors often do this. They thus become governors in retirement.

Truth when manifested to the physical level would confirm this Equality between diverse cultures in one form or the other. Hence one is minority or majority only for half the time in one wholesome system. If it is not – that system is not a sovereign system. In the subjective system this changeover is time based and in the lateral system of democracy this changeover is place based. Often minorities  who genuinely experienced lower status and did not retaliate  but kept going under that system – become  leaders in migrant societies, when they leave the old system,  for this reason.

In the case of a nation – this balance of powers is achieved through Administration in Democracy and People Power  in Autocracy. In Sri Lanka, the JVP and LTTE  tried to demonstrate the latter but failed to have the blessings of  Truth - due to their own practice of rigid Administration. Both were take-over powers due to dependence on such strict administration. Revolutions in other countries, including in India,  were successful due to independence from such autocratic Administrations. When juniors / minorities truly become independent – the changeover happens automatically – as per the path of Nature / Truth.  We need to recognize and uphold that form produced by natural restructure – so we would live in harmony with Nature.

As per my observations within our family circles – the most progressive structures have upheld the time based balancing – so each person in a relationship gets his/her  opportunity to lead.  Thus when a wife - with the skills to lead - foregoes and submits so her husband could lead – she would be a natural leader of the whole in later years. A husband who is true to himself will submit to this natural authority of his wife in later years. In the olden days – the wife being much younger than the husband would have facilitated this. Now – with same age partnerships this is more difficult and unless the partners are of diverse cultures – due to race, gender, disability etc. – the same type of activities are halved and shared. This leads to lower level of achievement by those in such systems taking advantage of democracy and its paths to freedom. The internal divisions within the leading coalition in Sri Lanka in view of  Presidential Elections 2015 – have that kind of effect.  If on the other hand, a candidate who had demonstrated strong Administration had been fielded – that would have upheld the higher structures that happened due to the war and that would have been continuous Memorial Service to those who lost their lives in the war.

Irrespective of what happens at the Presidential elections – Tamils who claim to have suffered due to racial discrimination – have the duty to develop their Administrative skills to balance the majority power of the Sinhalese. This is more important than devolution which is likely to divide and reduce opportunities if there is not enough diversity within the Tamil community to support Democratic partnerships.  This is also the best way to pay homage to the heroes who died in the name of ‘freedom’.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 08 December 2014

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