Wednesday 17 December 2014

Australian Muslim & Sri Lankan Tamil

Yesterday we Australians successfully upheld our Multicultural values.  I fully identified with the way the ‘terrorism threat’ in Sydney was managed by our government with the support of the Police. The calm and successful leadership of Premier Mike  Baird went a long way to influence the much needed unity of mind to bring about a closure with least damage. Our hearts and minds were with the victims and how they must have felt.  I believe that every time we invest in Truth – we invest in the protection of the environment we feel a part of.

There were fears of attacks against Australian Muslims and to their  credit the Australian authorities prepared us and themselves against such attacks. More than that I felt that our minds could connect and repair other minds through common faith.

The following communication with a American Christian of Sri Lankan origin might help appreciate how such experiences affect us civilians and our order of thoughts:

American Christian :  ‘Muslims and Hindus do NOT belong in Western Christendom!  How many times have I to say it!  How can any country be “happy” with them? Australia simply has to follow the advice of Bhikku Aswin Wirathu: “Kill them”! If not, round all these bastards and deport them to Saudi Arabia! You got to do something!  Talk alone will solve nothing here.

Australian Tamil (myself) : “You are being very insensitive to the situation here in Sydney.  The negative energy generated by the likes of you who are intolerant of multiculturalism contributes strongly to this kind of behaviour. You are a separatist yourself.   I do not want any more conversations with this group that lacks sensitivity to be with victims of tragedy”

American Christian : We have “sensitivities”, too.  But since you seem to talk so much about “Truth”, one would be excused to infer that you  have a monopoly of it. When you cannot face the “Truth”, regarding your continued stay in Western Christendom while propagating your Hindu philosophy and thinking, you talk about “sensitivities”.  You conveniently dodge the question put to you about your “Tamil Management Service” festooned with Hindu cows and dancing Shivas when it is in reality an euphemism for “Hindu Management Service”!
You can take the decision best suited for you.  There are quite a number knocking at the door of this Forum to enter it.You can go and practice your “multiculturalism” in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Saudi Arabia, but not in Western Christendom.Australians (Sydney hostage crisis) must be now cursing the word, “multiculturalism”!

Australian Tamil (myself): As per my mind, you are a separatist and you confirmed it yet again during our hour of need.  You did not feel for the Australians in this forum and hence your insensitive remarks last night. The place where the siege was happening – is close to where I worked and where my daughter and son in law and many other relatives and friends work.  Even though I knew that they were safely home – my heart was with others who were being held captive. Our relatives / family are part of our primary structures and through whom we make connections to wider society.  You were upset when your friend’s wife passed away. I was upset that fellow Australians were experiencing death fears. I felt it as if I was there not as myself but as them.  It’s a natural feeling about which you seem to know very little. One of the first things I did was to pray to Our Lady at St Mary’s Cathedral nearby.  The place at which the siege was happening is near the Court building where I registered my belief. Often I sought the blessings of Queen Victoria (opposite the Court Building) when I went in. I went to church when I came out of the Courts – after being dismissed by judges – most of whom must have been Christians.  I shared my true pain with Mother Mary and Jesus Christ who also suffered due to weak governance in His environment. I could invoke those investments I made at that place by absorbing the pain and not by retaliating and joining the LTTE which I could easily have done.  By the way – VP converted to Christianity and if you have to blame religions – blame Christianity first in the case of Tamils of Sri Lanka. In the case of yesterday’s gunman  I am not used to praying to Allah but instead I invoked my investment in Muslims in Sri Lanka.   When we invest without having received return – it becomes positive Energy which could be invoked any time anywhere. If like you with Christianity - I hated  believers in all religions other than Hinduism – I would not be able to influence those others. When someone expressed anxiety for himself over yesterday’s violence – my husband said spontaneously ‘Gaja was with the victims of war in the camps. She has been through more risky situations and yet has always been looked after’.  Even though my husband is not like me – he appreciates the value of my strength.

In terms of my Hindu logo – I did not calculate but expressed myself after I was repeatedly dismissed by the Australian Government and the Courts. But this morning during meditation I thought about it as per your question as to why there are no Christian representations in my logo. The response from within me was that it carries the ‘lesson’ needed by Australians and wider world. It is educational to those who are naturally connected to me – that there is room in Australia for minorities to express their belief through their diverse cultural forms. To my mind – you assimilated and hence you are pushing for expression of belief in one form only – whilst taking credit as American. As indicated  yesterday you are just like those Muslims  who abuse their religion for lower purposes. Every person who reacts at that level is a separatist him/herself.  Amongst the lot influenced by you are Tamils of Sri Lanka with little investment in multiculturalism. This is  so – not only because of your Tamil origin but also because of your assimilation with an environment as per your comfort. Such inheritance is carried forward by the family you were born into – and to the extent you have not settled your debt to that family – you would continue to carry that debt which becomes a sin when your mind is not able to control it.  The parallel of that in medicine is hereditary genes.

Integration often takes sacrifice of lower level benefits that come our way.  Your high level of intelligence has not been used to improve social cohesion. You still want to ‘win’ as an individual and you abandon the Truth known to you in this process.  The last time you and XXXX offended me using my belief in Hinduism and I said I would not pray for you – you asked me to pray. That is the Truth. But habitually you have to win with least current effort.  This overrides the Truth you know – and what comes out is that person greedy for wins. That’s when you confirm that you are a separatist. One who truly succeeds would sacrifice lower wins for the higher enjoyment of Oneness. The Australian flag in my logo confirms that oneness with Australia.  On the other side is Nanthi – the bull representing Intellectual power – representing the University path through which I realised this Oneness in  Australia.  Dancing Nadaraj in the middle is Kinetic Energy. This form depicts all five forms of Energy – working together as if they are One.  To my mind  - that confirms the value of Multiculturalism. At Energy level – the form differences are not visible.  Hence we migrants have to continue to be active to consolidate our energies. The lamp at the top is from our Vairavar-Kali  temple in Vaddukoddai  Sri Lanka – depicting the  Blessings of Ancestors who invested to realize their sovereignty and shared that energy with us through common customs and laws. The flame in the middle is the wisdom of our ancestors and the flames around it are us – who have inherited their wisdom and are showing that wisdom as our own. I did not plan any of this but wrote every one of it in my own deeper mind – as per my Truth.

Unless you have changed since last night – I do not expect you to study this in detail towards a better understanding of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is failing those who benefit from it but fail to invest in it. Through my own experiences I believe that Multiculturalism would bring us together as Australians and take us as One group beyond local borders. Each one of can invest in such Energies including through social forums where participants are more free in sharing emotions and feelings. Most of us would look beyond our local borders and whether we recognize it or not – the grouping that we feel supported by becomes our Mother group. Hence if one could carry the label  Sri Lankan Tamil another is entitled to name himself Australian Muslim. When we carry that with dignity of our inherent sovereignty – we add positive energies at all places at all times we feel part of. All negative discrimination karma is cured by such energies.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 16 December 2014

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