Sunday 14 December 2014

Australian Facilities not for  Sri Lankan Politics

Recent news reports on Sri Lanka included an item about statements by the  Hon Don Randall, MP in the Australian Parliament. The opening statement was:

It is shocking and outrageous that Senator Lee Rhiannon of the Greens made a statement in this parliament on 26 November 2014 which demonstrates that one of the senators of this parliament commemorated the brutal terrorist leader Prabhakaran, who not only killed innocent civilians but killed democratically elected politicians in Sri Lanka.”

As Mr. Randall ought to know, a big chunk of the Sri Lankan Government has switched over to become the opposition in the upcoming Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka. That government was in power when the LTTE leader Prabhakaran was killed in May 2009. If LTTE were believed  to be Terrorists and thousands killed in the alleged process of annihilating  their power – then that indeed ought to have been the most pressing problem facing Sri Lankans. All elected members who so believed – had the duty to continue to stay under the leadership of President Rajapaksa to confirm this belief.  If it is believed that the risk of Terrorism is  no longer a threat – and therefore they are crossing over for civil work – then the Australian Government also needs to respect that and facilitate the healing process. From then on LTTE would be history and not part of current work in progress.

As individuals we have the natural ability to maintain the Balance of Sovereignty. The mind in which we store positive values about ourselves would support us when our physical environment unjustly upsets our balance. Realized values of Sovereignty not only empower the individual but the group that the individual is a part of .  Social devolution is needed towards facilitating this at the citizens’ level. The law and government have the responsibility to not interfere with this social mobilization, based on the Truth experienced by a community.

I am a Tamil and I identify with the need for Tamils of Sri Lanka to develop self-governing systems – not only at the political level but also at administrative and business levels. The stronger the Governance Power of a citizen, the more reliable the Administration. Self-Devolution is required to accommodate confidential management of issues on subjective basis where there is not enough investment in democracy and its essential quality of Transparency. As per my own experience as a migrant of Sri Lankan origin – Australian systems do not facilitate this privacy through Equal Opportunity Principles and Values.  It is therefore important for Australian civilians to develop their self-governance through common belief – including through common experiences of the war. As a representative of minority group of politicians, Senator Lee Rhiannon is more likely to identify with minority issues than Mr. Randall who is part of the Liberal Party. The accusations against Senator Lee Rhiannon confirm this pattern at community level by Sinhalese against Tamils. That is in essence Sri Lankan politics on Australian soil.

Some of us feel the need to diffuse negative energies developed by Australian politicians so that the risk of Terrorism earned naturally by using hearsay is diluted and Australia is protected from further damage due to majority power being used to ‘judge’. Majority power, to be of value, needs to be limited to giving shape to an issue. There needs to be least interference from majority power in the substance of the issue if the issue is to be the common source of unification. In this instance the issue is Equal Opportunity for all to realize and maintain our inherent Sovereignty. Those used to majority power would need to consciously override this natural path if we as a society are to rise to the higher level of intellectual discrimination empowered by Truth.

One needs to be driven by one’s own Truth in politics for the work done by one to benefit the whole. In Administration, one needs to consciously apply common measures to allocate rights and wrongs. As we discover Truth through our own experiences – we develop a structure within our mind in which,  positions are allocated to others as per the Truth discovered. These internal positions  often do not match the position seen externally. To be reliable – these positions need to be - various forms of our own Truth. That is when we are self-governing.

At Governance level – one looks at the issue as part of oneself and does not allocate higher status to one over the other outside the respective positions in one’s own mind as per the Truth one has discovered. In other words, governance is beyond politics and beyond administration and yet inclusive of the discoveries of Truth made through both pathways. Political power in autocracy is exercised through time based seniority and in democracy  through space based majority. In countries like Australia with large migrant population majority power has priority status over seniority power.

In the mind of the Hon Don Randall therefore, the governance base needs to be as per his own experience of Truth – through Australians of  Sinhalese origin and  Australians of Tamil origin respectively. As per my experience the irreconcilable differences between the two groups far outweigh the commonness. Hence the two groups need to be of Equal status to facilitate their independence in working towards realizing their inherent Sovereignty. Towards this there is no room in Australian parliament for matters outside those experienced by Australians. Irrespective of whether it is Velupillai Prabhakaran or Mahinda Rajapaksa – neither is a criminal or hero in Australian parliament nor to Australian society except through the global positions as recognized through the lawful process. The Australian Parliament is for Australians. A migrant from Sri Lanka  may carry in her/his mind one as a hero and the other as a villain. But when expressing in Australia as an Australian one has the responsibility to mention neither except through the law. One needs to speak through oneself and that may very well be that s/he is seen as Mahinda Rajapaksa or Velupillai Prabhakaran by others. But for Australian purposes – both are parts of the processes through which we made discoveries about the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka. No Australian has the right to use common Australian facility to glorify or condemn individuals not covered by Australian official structure or higher.

  It must be appreciated that to majority Tamils who migrated to Australia due to the war – the Sri Lankan Government is the root cause of the problem whilst to majority Sinhalese – the LTTE was the root cause of the war.  A Governor would facilitate each side  to express its belief -  without fear or violation of rights  – in environments similar to parliamentary environment. To the extent the diversity is greater than the commonness – the two sides need to be facilitated to  travel parallel to each other – each preserving its own diversity. In other words – they are Australians of  Tamil origin and Australians of Sinhalese origin. Sri Lanka is bypassed due to the high level of irreconcilable differences.

Adherence to these natural orders of Truth is important if  we Australians are to add value to our common values  through migration from war-torn countries such as Sri Lanka. Many of us are working relentlessly to develop self-governance facilities in the nations we have migrated to. Often the strongest blocks are from seniors who are more comfortable with the subjective system of autocracy than with the practice of majority vote in politics. If politics is exercised in place of common principles and law – the result is separation due to freedom in democracy to express oneself independent of seniors. That was the root cause of the Tamil problem which resulted in young Tamils taking over leadership but without the necessary democratic structures towards self-governance.  In contrast, the Sinhalese kept going back to time based seniority in claiming  ownership – in addition to using majority rule to elect government. This pattern is confirmed by the affiliations respectively in Australian Parliament also – with minority supporting minority and majority supporting majority.  Young ones on both sides would inherit the Truth discovered by their respective sides.  Australia is also such a beneficiary inheriting values from both sides to the war of global proportions. To the extent they are true values they would enrich Australians who believe in the migrant from Sri Lanka. It is essential that distractions based on hearsay and others’ non-Australian local measures are eliminated from the process of discovery.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 13 December 2014

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