Saturday 20 December 2014

Tamil Muslim Vote in Sri Lanka

 As per recent Tamil Diaspora reports,  the Muslim vote for the incumbent government in Sri Lanka, would tend to be low due to the recent  Sinhala-Muslim riots.  The voter has the power to express her/himself through her/his vote.  Where the damage is  strong – the voter would remember even when elections happen long after the damage happened. At  the physical level  - such a vote may be just one. But when we feel governance pain – i.e. – pain and damage to the practice of our inherent and natural sovereignty we would not forget and would vote to exercise our right – without caring about whether the side that hurt us loses or not. I believe that where there are enough voters available – the manifestation at the physical level would actually be equal to the number of units of pain as per the number of voters covered by that person’s standards. If for example the pain was due to damage to the strong  investment in policy and systems structure – it covers all victims who have been so damaged even though they may not be conscious of the damage. For example – where we invest in Equal Opportunity principles and values and the other side does not and the other side is responsible for policy making and maintenance – the pain I felt due to government failing to recognize my belief in racial equality – would manifest exponentially at the voters’ level.

 Tamils as well as Muslims in Sri Lanka, now have the opportunity to vote to express their grievances. Through the downfall of former Australian Prime Minister – John Howard, I knew that  I had been heard through the Judge in the Court of Natural Justice and the voters delivered the verdict. My pain became investment and accumulated interest whilst it was ‘waiting’ for the surface to be ready.

 Last week’s hostage taker – a Muslim voter – had the opportunity to do likewise but by failing to ‘wait’ for God’s outcomes to be delivered through the official system, that Muslim confirmed that he did not believe in God’s system.  Given that he used the ISIL flag he reduced their value also in the Court of Natural Justice.

As I explain to my students – our work produces outcomes at three levels:

1.      Objectively measurable outcomes such as money
2.      Subjectively measurable outcomes such as status and majority opinion
3.      Ownership values from which real rights flow.

Where money benefits and rights as allocated by law are combined largely on ‘seen’ basis – it is in breach of the principles of Democracy. Every migrant who uses Equal rights to receive same level of benefits as one who has through the subjective system - paid her/his respects to the seniors/leaders  who are ultimately responsible to present the Balance Sheet of the whole, has the responsibility to place the leaders of that secular system before her/his cultural system when making decisions that are common with other Australians. Only a migrant who is able to interpret the law independently and who did not receive benefits as per the interpretation of that law/principle by a member of another culture, is entitled  to  independently produce her/his own outcomes. When such a person is punished by the ‘system’ of majority – the negative returns happen immediately and manifest themselves when the surface is ready to manifest the other side of that Truth. All judgments delivered in the meantime – are part of the middle process. Often the effects when they happen after long wait -  are as strong as those manifestations we refer to as Acts of God. This is why they say that children suffer due to the sins of parents.

A migrant who seeks not to accept the leadership of majority culture as common governance becomes independent when the benefits are adjusted downwards to match the subjective component. This is also the ‘rights’ component. Despite working as an Australian, I was listed as Sri Lankan by Australian employers and authorities.  When at the same time there is show of Equal status through a transparent process – such listing confirms diversity and admiration for Sri Lanka. When so listed at the time of punishment by one who officially carries higher authority – by effect it is racial discrimination – which is unlawful in Australia. It is also unlawful in the Court of Natural Justice if race is not  part of the reason for allocating status and money benefits.

In essence, a migrant of different culture needs to perform at a higher level than her/his counterpart who uses subjective power due to being majority at that place at that time, in order to be independent of that subjective system through which common benefits are enjoyed.  Most migrants who fail to so perform are part of the assimilation with majority – be it in Christian Australia or Buddhist Sri Lanka. The money and status we take ‘home’ with us into our Communities and Families – are from that system and the custodians of power are our Masters when we fail to so sacrifice in a new area we have migrated to. I sacrificed here in Australia and went naturally into the Hindu system of belief as practiced by those connected to the oldest known Hindu minds.

Recently I happened to view the BBC Canada report on Sri Sathya Baba – claiming that he was a fraud and a sexual abuser.  In 1998 I was not a devotee but accepted the majority opinion in my family while I continue to give form to my belief through Hindu Deities – especially Lord Muruga. But during my experience in 1998 – starting with discrimination pain at the University of New South Wales – where I WAS performing at a far higher level than my counterpart of majority race – there was manifestation of Holy Powder in the picture of Sai Baba gifted to me by a cousin. The only time I saw Sai Baba physically was in 2009 – when he was above 80 in terms of physical age. That was to thank Sai Baba for being my Spiritual Guru so I would discover how Truth worked to balance the life of one committed to Truth – i.e. my life.  The couple in that story by BBC Canada were whites as was the reporter.  Given that Sai Baba was always Indian – and Indian leaders by their very presence at Sai Baba Ashram  confirmed their endorsement of Sai Baba as a Hindu Spiritual Guru – Canadian media was acting in breach of the doctrine of separation of powers needed between diverse cultures. That BBC Canada report is the parallel of ISIS claims and generates its equal and opposite forces manifested often through minority groups waiting to take revenge.   When there are such charges against a true Spiritual Guru who has been promoting World Harmony through His work – the consequences are global for the group that the authorities who assumed power belong to – in this instance -  Canada and the Christian countries associated with Canada.  

Where the reporter does not feel with the group the person being reported on belongs to through common faith – majority opinion of the folks of the culture of  the subject being reported on  must determine whether or not a report is to be published and that too only after it passes the relevance test. If it is selfish for the reporter – BBC in this instance – then such cultural reports should be limited within the boundaries of  their mainstream groups and not minority groups – including Natives who are often labeled by mainstream as practitioners of paganism. I was listed as a mad person by the Australian system for stating my belief in Sai Baba as my Spiritual Guru. Money Business in family and workplace  is the parallel of Paganism in religion. Paganism with belief – is positive. Paganism without belief leads to madness.  Likewise Objective outcomes including stand-alone information – without ownership of the whole to whom or on whose behalf the outcomes are published,  leads to madness – including in migrants who take up subjective authority  over traditional owners of the Land.

One who is driven by money level outcomes tends to ‘handover’ as if the benefits are solids. One who produces ownership outcomes produces Energy that is shared – and this like gas is not visible to the eye. Real rights flow from contributions at this level.  Often the subjective system connects the two through Due Processes – as liquids do. Transparency and Accountability are required in Democratic Management so one could determine the level of the producer of outcomes relative to oneself.

One who claims benefits through legally allocated rights – but without having earned it fully, develops unstable mind.  In terms of the Sri Lankan elections therefore Tamils and Muslims must vote not only to exercise their franchise – but also to empower the winning side – whoever may win the leadership seat. If the side we vote for does not win – they as part of the opposition would be stronger than they otherwise would be.

To the extent minorities felt pain and experienced damage close to their ownership rights – as per their Truth – their vote would carry that force which would keep accumulating power until the outcomes happen. I felt deeply  hurt at the University of New South Wales as well as by  the Federal Government headed by Mr. Howard – whose form I gave to my own belief in the law. The pain I felt  had the effect of me deciding to return to Sri Lanka after Ms Pauline Hanson asked migrants who could not assimilate to go back to the countries they came from – the same way some Sinhalese ask Tamils to go back to India. 

As one Sri Lankan highlighted last week – Australia’s Constitution is likely to be based on Christian values. The minds that interpret are likely to be of Christian culture. The same law interpreted by a Muslim or a Hindu is likely to be different due to the positions taken as per our own experiences. Those who are yet to become truly Australian – are likely to use their thought order as they did in their country of origin. Often in a new environment,  it is easier to take our allocated positions than to fight for our earned positions – as per our assessments.  If our assessments - after we have tried our best through the official processes  - are close   to assessments as per God’s system of Truth – then the other side return would happen without fail – and we would identify with them provided we stay within the boundaries of the system where the damage happened.  If for example – I had gone back to Sri Lanka after Pauline Hanson’s statement in August 1998 – I would have not shared the Energies with fellow Australians. 

Likewise unless we of the Sri Lankan Diaspora feel connected to the voter in Sri Lanka – we would not be able make a difference in the Sri Lankan elections. The surface is the voter. The power is common.  All members of Diaspora who have been providing service as if they have been damaged are continuously influencing the voter at grassroots level. Many such service providers are non-political. Out of those – the ones who develop internal systems that confirm the connection between the local voter and the global shareholder are developing Administrative systems needed by the post-war generation. All others are in it for their own status and/or money benefits.

The internal split within the ruling party in Sri Lanka, confirms separatism karma that is beyond the control of  majority race in Sri Lanka. Tamils & Muslims close to self-governance would identify with this Natural outcome as an Act of God.  Their votes would be thanks-giving votes.

Those who have already taken revenge one way or the other would keep carrying on regardless and continue to produce more and more war-related business.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 19 December 2014

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