Tuesday 2 December 2014

Appapillai Amirthalingam

Horoscopes & Politicians

I read with interest the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Chinese Numerology Supersede Sri Lankan Astrology?’ by fellow Australian of Sri Lankan origin, Mr. Upasiri de Silva. Astrology plays an important role in Indian and Sri Lankan life styles and it is therefore understandable that it would influence political leaders also. Like with the Constitution – some use it as guidance once in a way whilst to others it is the bible used in everyday living. Some others use the mind of the Astrologer to harness the powers at a particular time for special events.  Accordingly, Hindus usually tie the marriage knots at auspicious time to invoke the blessings of their Divine Guides.

In the case of Sri Lankan neither the JVP Sinhalese rebel group nor the LTTE Tamil separatists group  is likely to consult with Astrologers before they engage in their leadership activities. Not so publicly anyway.  This is because they make their claim on current merit basis to override senior leaders.  But this would also be the reason for their defeat  if they are not independent of their seniors by renouncing the benefits from the seniors’ structures and systems. If they owed the old system – then they are not independent.  By claiming to be independent and therefore leading their movement – such leaders push their debts beyond the point of redemption.  In Hindu Astrology – this then becomes part of our accumulated deficit/sin.  The Horoscope being the  Balance Sheet of our cumulative past – it pushes the unsettled liability to ownership shares for the creditor – the seniors who were owed the debt of respect. 

Mr.  Upasiri de Silva states ‘Number 8 (Eight) is the most important number for Chinese in their Calendar and their influence helped Mahinda Rajapakse to throw away the Astrological dates given to him and choose 8th in December and 8th in January as the nomination and election dates, as he was told by the Chinese that he will be able to defeat anyone contesting him if he used those dates.

As per my common knowledge of numerology – one usually brings the dates to single digit numbers. Quick check would confirm that the two elections through which Mr. Rajapaksa became President were held on dates that were 8 when brought to single digit – 17 November in 2005 and 26  January in 2010.  But more interestingly Mr. Rajapaksa declared the latter on 23 November 2009 just months after the encampment through which the Battle of Vanni came to an end. Whether it is Numerology, Astrology or Medicine, common belief is the motivating force and consolidates to manifest a certain outcome.

On 04 May 2009 – I  received communication from our nephew here in Brisbane -  that his father who was in Yoga Swami Home  in Kilinochchi and got displaced along with other inmates of  the Home – and ended up in the camp – had passed away.  I had already booked to travel to India and onwards to Sri Lanka about a week later.  I wanted to see Swami Sai Baba whom I was yet to see physically – even though according to my belief He helped me during my trauma at the University of NSW.   There was miraculous manifestation of holy powder on my picture of Swami in confirmation of His blessings. Hence my booking to go to India first. But with  the report of my brother in law’s passing away came the request from our nephew to go first to Sri Lanka to perform the last rites for his father.  I rearranged and participated in the ceremonies to my satisfaction.  Before leaving Sydney I received requests for me to go contact the Health Ministry in Sri Lanka towards assessing the needs at the victims. My previous experience in this field was considered to be valuable. While I was waiting for the clearance of the Government I went to the Sai Baba Center at Barnes Place – Colombo.   I did not know the leaders on either side to form an opinion on which side needed my services.   I was confused and kept dwelling on the subject while participating in group singing at the Center. Then the question ‘who started this?’ came to my mind and with that the report of the 13 soldiers killed in 1983.  Just then the flower from Swami’s picture fell – which to me was confirmation of the answer I received.  Hence instead of feeling sorry for the LTTE combatants or blame the government – I was able to work the system to serve the victims of war in common.

Until today, I did not know that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa also believed in Swami Sathya Sai Baba.  Now that I know – it makes sense that he would choose Swami’s birthday – 23 November as the day on which to announce the 2010 elections. LTTE leadership on the other hand categorically stated to me that Sai Baba was a fraud.   Hence on  belief basis – between Mr. Rajapaksa and Velupillai Prabhakaran my support certainly would go to Mr. Rajapaksa until I consciously override.  I would where there is merit based credit earned by one side or the other as per our common structure – for example Public Administration – my skills in which were shared through the LTTE during ceasefire time. 

Mr. Upasiri de Silva states ‘Unfortunately late PM SWRD Bandaranayke was born on 8th January, and now this day he selected is creating problems for him and his advisers.’

Numerology works for those who believe in it.  But there are also other forms of belief through which we are naturally and/or structurally bound to each other. Then the credits of one would work for the other – more so if the other was of similar numerological / Astrological / Genetic structure.  Mrs. Bandaranaike – the world’s first lady Prime Minister – became the medium through whom her husband’s powers continued to work through her  for those with common belief.  According to my knowledge  - 8 can make one a king or a pauper. It is significant that Mrs. Bandaranaike was born on 17 April.

Mr. SWRD Bandaranaike died on 26 September. Mrs. Bandaranaike was defeated by J R Jayawardene who also was born on 17 September. The opposition leadership at that time was taken over by Mr. Appapillai Amirthalingam – born on 26 August. To me these are confirmations that number 8 persons could be elevated or dropped by the influence of other number 8 persons. It is significant also – that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is not an 8 man. Nor is his opposition of the moment – Mr. Maitripala Sirisena. Hence the number 8  link would be difficult to trace . It is interesting that the Hon Narendra Modi, like Mr. J.R. Jayawardene was born on 17 September.

That 8 leader could influence through the elections on 8 January combined with common Hindu belief for the active practice of    the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution which was given birth through the other 8 leader President J R Jayawardene. This Amendment  I believe had the effect of offsetting JR Jayawardene’s  anti-democratic karma accumulated through the creation of the Executive Presidency which had the effect of  weakening the opportunities for Tamils to become equal opposition at national level.  This then would mean that Mr. Maithripala Sirisena would not be able to fulfil his commitment to abolish the Executive Presidency.

Most of us do influence naturally through our belief in common with the leaders – even though often we do not identify with that being part of the cause. The root cause is our belief / Our Truth which empowers the manifestation from within.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 01 December 2014


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