Monday 22 December 2014

Why Tamils have the Duty to Vote for a Presidential Position

The following message from a Tamil Politician, in relation to Sri Lankan Presidential Elections, was forwarded to me this week:

["Voting against MR just turns out to be voting for MS:"
It is wrong. We must remember that to win  you have to poll 50% plus  vote.
So every vote to  third candidate  is a vote against both MR and MS.  So you are actually voting against all other candidates because for every valid vote cast they must get a vote to makeup the 50%..So do not be fooled. IF you want to vote against MR and MS, then vote for a third candidate of your choice. That is the advantage in a Presidential Election.]

 I could not identify with that. Belief in a person/issue  is necessary for us to influence person/s mind/s  as if the mind is ours. This is especially important when we are not able to influence the person through our physical presence and/or our position power.  There are times when, due to strong thoughts in the opposite direction by the person manifesting outcomes – in this instance the Presidential candidates – we are not able to influence the mind of the person in our favor.  

However, when we invest in an issue – we are able to use the mind of the opposition to produce outcomes at the level of OUR investment – albeit as the opposite side to the side we like to ‘see’. Once so manifested – the other side would happen when the surface is ready to become our medium. I learnt this about the path of Truth – through my own experiences here in Australia – which eventually helped me identify with my contribution to governance through ISSUES – rather than personalities. That to me was self-governance at the highest level of my own investments at global standards.

One who believes is never let down, because the gap is filled by Truth/God’s system.

When LTTE forced Tamils to abstain from voting in the 2005 Presidential Elections I was upset and felt that we as a community owed Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe – the leader of UNP -  the main opposition to the ruling  party SLFP. But now I realize that if  Tamils had voted and Mr. Wickremasinghe had been elected President,  the ethnic issue as well as our own Tamil side’s failure to Defend our  elders’ investment in non-violence, would  have been limited to the local level.  Escalation of the conflict to the higher level was needed due to the investment made by minorities who suffered genuine pain due to the ethnic conflict but did not have a national level leader  whom they could turn to. When LTTE hijacked the investments made by Tamils in self-governance and started killing the custodians of that power – the force of the investment made by Tamil leaders was included in the urge that influenced the Government of Sri Lanka - to seek International intervention which resulted in the demise of the LTTE. Mr. Wickremesinghe did not have the cleverness and the cunning needed to defeat LTTE. Mr. Rajapaksa had. In turn some of the excesses have returned to hurt Mr. Rajapaksa himself. Like with the Tamil force that influenced the Sri Lankan Government to seek International intervention, the Sinhalese who invested in non-violent path including through their belief in Lord Buddha also have facilitated this return – especially when they got upset with the Rajapaksa Government.

If therefore, Tamils voted for a third candidate who is yet to  demonstrate  investment in global governance – they would be letting down all of us who are continuously investing in global governance for Tamils of Sri Lanka. Our investments would  then remain as Energy and  manifest Itself  as wins in other parts of the world – for example the Hon Rathika Sitsabesan in Canada and/or for a Tamil candidate to emerge as Presidential candidate in Sri Lanka,  identified with by majority Sinhalese as a Common Sri Lankan. Since I feel common Sri Lankan, I am able to believe that this is possible in the next generation – as it was possible in America during my generation. One who invests globally feels identity with such experiences.

Ultimately when we invest at the deeper level – we invest in ourselves. When we are not able to find an individual through whom we could see ourselves – we tend to spread it over many individuals – as collective investment. Positions and Institutions help us consolidate this collective investment through family, workplace and Public structures. Common Laws and Principles help us to focus on the collection of individuals as if they were parts of One big individual. Through that Common path  - we become that One big individual.  Whether it is family or workplace or the nation – our investments as per our allocated and accepted positions – would lead us to this realization that we are the family/workplace/nation – irrespective of whether we are the Vice Chancellor/Prime Minister/President or Pariah (Toilet Cleaner) / Citizen without any other portfolio /  Minority criminal. Hence Tat Tvam Asi – Thou Art That.  That is the promise from God.

Given that majority Tamils claim to be believers in God – we need to demonstrate the power of Belief  - that Tamils are capable of Governance of Global standards – by voting for the person who would best return our investment in global governance – albeit as the other side -  given that both leading candidates are Sinhalese. The cleverer one out of the two main candidates would continue to maintain our opportunities at global level. Let’s not waste it for lesser purposes.   The ultimate winner is the self-governor – and this may very well be a Nalavan (Toddy Tapper) from Vaddukoddai who was part of the LTTE form manifested due to the abuses of the caste system in that part of  Sri Lanka at the time of declaring independent Tamil State. When a system is practiced largely for purposes of authority without common faith – it becomes obsolete and the wrongs consolidate themselves as  irredeemable wrongs – known as sins.  It then becomes difficult to trace the reasons causing the effects. But when we are true to ourselves with the little we have – we would know the karmic connection.  Until Tamils implement systems that would   ‘compensate’ for the abuses of power through the caste system – we as a community would not have earned the right to political declaration of independence . Once we compensate and make amends – we would be the natural  Equal opposition of majority who elect government. This applies globally in any nation where there is a self-governing Tamil community.

Tamils of Sri Lanka have invested in the Sri Lankan Parliamentary structure. Let us vote to uphold and strengthen that investment of our ancestors. Then we carry the motivating Energy beyond Time and Place borders.

It is disrespectful to vote to negate someone else’s expression of  belief.  When we vote for the  defeat of an individual – we confirm that our standards are low  - at business level or at the level of blind and frivolous following. Belief is always a positive Energy – even when It manifests negative-looking outcomes. If the outcomes were proof – Gandhi ought to be considered a criminal and not an Independence Hero. By going to prison as per the leadership – Gandhi escalated the conflict to Head of State level. Every Tamil who votes to defeat an individual is exposing her/his low standards of governance. Such – even if they had the desired effects - would not go further than our local borders.   Every Tamil who out of indifference is failing to vote is throwing away the opportunity to invest in the position of  Head of State and therefore the opportunity to be or influence the  head position (i.e. King-makers) in their own local structures. It is our investment of our own free will - that brings us the opportunities to participate in the Head of State experiences – anywhere anytime.

 Once, a group of LTTE leaders said to  me after I disciplined an LTTE combatant -  ‘Akka (big sister)  we are wondering whether you are Krishna or Gandhi?’  I said – ‘both’ as per the needs of my environment. Krishna influenced war as the ultimate solution AFTER all other avenues  available in that environment failed. Gandhi who also believed in Krishna, by using non-violent non-cooperation prevented premature use of armed war / rebellion.  My experiences in Australia – were along Gandhi path – and by disciplining the LTTE combatant, I was demonstrating that I was comfortable with Krishna path also.  They are both different sections of One path. When minority/juniors  absorb pain and damage with forbearance due to their lower positions, their investment in the whole is strengthened. When such strength reaches a  point where it  becomes greater than the strength of the majority/senior in their environment – they would invoke natural powers to destroy the perpetrators – known as Surar (those with greater animal / automatic negative tendencies).  Minorities / Juniors who contributed to that strength would become the messengers of Natural Forces of destruction.   

Traditional structures are carried forward not through investment in individuals of average goodness but through individuals of outstanding goodness based on whose life common paths evolve. We thus love / believe in systems that flow from such higher individuals.In this instance we are voting for a global position and not any particular Sri Lankan candidate of our generation, of outstanding goodness. Mahinda Rajapaksa like Velupillai Prabhakaran may be Thuriyothana to some Sri Lankans but Maithreepala Sirisena is no Arjuna with the strength of focus to win justice for victims of  abuse of authority.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 22 December 2014

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