Wednesday 10 December 2014

Ownership Claim by Occupying Security Forces
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The Test - Known Devil or the Unknown Angel?

Today’s mail brought message which probed the current situation in Sri Lanka - through the question  whether Mr. Maitripala Sirisena – the Common Candidate fielded against  Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lankan Presidential elections 2015 would deliver as promised?  To  many Mr. Sirisena is the unknown angel and Mr. Rajapksa the known devil.  The promises we make are our unknown angels. The unpleasant Truth we know about ourselves is the known devil.

We the citizens need to work out on the basis of the Truth we know about ourselves, whether the angel is real when we get to know the angel through the chosen position – in this instance that of President  with power to appoint Prime Minister. We have to use the promises as the  base – as it is difficult to work out on the basis of his conduct which until recently was seen as being in common with that of President Rajapaksa.

The main promise seems to be to abolish the Executive Presidency. To my mind, the Executive Presidency was the replacement of  the ‘Sinhala-Only’ claim.  It is therefore highly likely that unless there are firm commitments in place to prevent the resurgence of Sinhala-Only attitude by Sinhala politicians – the abolishment of the Executive Presidency would pave the way for form change of  majority’s claim to use the path they are comfortable with. When we have a disease and we keep it confidential for the purpose of curing it without disturbance – that is confirmation that we are traveling in the path of sovereignty. But when we cover up due to fear of losing benefits/pleasures – then the disease evolves into another form with greater strength due to suppression and manifests itself. To my mind that is how Sinhala Only evolved as the Executive Presidency – with  additional strength and where there is no Tamil Opposition – it would be directed at the very race that elects government. This is why they say that we get the government we deserve.  

Those who are not able to feel Oneness with the people they govern need to consciously practice Equal Opportunity principles – through which today’s leader needs to become tomorrow’s follower. Given the losses and pain of the ethnic war – it is difficult to envisage pursuit of Oneness by Sri Lankan leaders on either side of the ethnic divide. Since we have not cured ourselves of racism we have to endure it – live with it. 

It is highly likely that India would continue to show its cultural clout through Tamils to subdue Sinhalese leaders – which resulted in the 13th Amendment. At policy level the 13th Amendment did compensate for the damages caused through Sinhala Only legislation. Later – inclusion of LTTE Karuna on the Government’s side did compensate for excesses by the Sri Lankan armed forces whom the ordinary Tamils have had to endure during the past three decades.   This credit collected by the Sri Lankan Government, has somewhat been diluted by the continued accusation of Terrorism foisted on the Tamil community by Sinhala leaders using LTTE. Each one of us contributes to the natural forces when there are genuine feelings invoked either way by such accusations.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Sirisena has not highlighted commitment to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.  Without positive commitment to the active implementation of the 13th Amendment in regular administration, it is highly likely that the abolishment of the Executive Presidency  would effectively shift the greed for physical leadership to influence the leadership desires of  majority race to evolve in a form that would damage the investment made by all Sri Lankans in Multiculturalism and Democracy.

The Land belongs to all those to whom it is ‘home’.  The Law and its lower alternative – Politics through majority vote – can lead us to this goal. When they distract us from that path – the law must be abolished and the politician dismissed – so go it alone on the basis of our own Truth.

An American  friend wrote recently:

I’d rather have all the Christian Mexican and Latin illegals in the country than Hindus and Muslims.

I responded as follows:

As an American in America with Christian majority you have the right to expect and express your preferences. Minorities do not have that right – because majority would have greater difficulty thinking in the mind order of minority. One can express preferences in areas where they are in the majority – for business purposes – so to speak - but they do not have the authority  to claim that as their right nor make it their law. The reason why ‘White Australia’ and Sinhala Only policies failed.

If we run away from our home without settling our debt to that home – we are running away all the time. Those who left Sri Lanka without settling our debt on Sri Lankan soil  - and conveniently ‘forget’ about such debts – become sinners in their new environments.  Running away evolves as chasing away when one thinks one is in power.

Tamils of Sri Lanka are without the support of laws to regulate their path towards realizing land/home ownership in their traditional areas. One can blame the LTTE – but to the extent homes were occupied by armed forces – above the level exercised down South during JVP rebellions – these are further confirmations of ongoing discrimination on the basis of race. If not addressed by the one claiming victory over LTTE – it would become a suppressed debt – the essence of which is carried through to the next life of that leadership position. Next  life happens  when the People give a different form to that leadership position. The debt then becomes irredeemable and becomes a sin that blocks the path of the person/group that suppressed the course of Nature. Like individuals sovereign nations also carry karma. Sins are shown as debilitations in the horoscope.   To the extent Tamils seek outcomes in this generation – they must do the work to preserve the International form given to the ethnic conflict. If  Tamils seek for Mr. Rajapaksa to win – then they are voting to preserve their work to be maintained at the global level. If  Tamils seek change in leadership – they must accept death of the problem in its current form and wait for the reborn leadership to manifest the new form of the same disease.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 09 December 2014


  1. Question: What do you mean by occupying security forces?

  2. Response: Where one has belief that the land is hers/his – it is natural ownership. Laws lead us to realise this ownership. The higher souls feel that ownership without legal titles. Hence Prescriptive rights are recognized in Sri Lanka. Where one occupies the land for a particular purpose – the consent of the legal owners needs to be sought. If it is an emergency occupation – the occupying person must vacate as soon as such emergency is over. One must believe that it is an emergency to so occupy. When wins and defeats are calculated - that is confirmation that to the person so calculating – there is no longer emergency need. If rules are introduced in bad faith in support of such occupation – it is double trouble for the person/group doing so.

    The Board says ‘security forces Jaffna’. (Please click if the picture does not show the wording). Jaffna People must welcome outsiders to Jaffna. The security forces could have done it on behalf of the People of Jaffna but not in their name. To state as above is the parallel of ‘Terra Nullius’