Sunday 7 December 2014

Family Law & Governance

Recently when sharing ‘freely’ with a friend from my days as a student of Chartered Accountancy in Sri Lanka – my friend highlighted that I was admired by many in our group of females - for achieving the completion of my professional studies in addition to getting married and having  children and developing an independent family – with much less resources than any of the others in the group had.  My friend asked me a few questions and together we worked out the state of my mind  had functioned at that time.  Of particular interest to me was my marriage. I realize now – that I was in love with the Marriage system – human and beyond. Later, after my friend left – I thought about it and realized that even at workplaces I was more into ‘systems’ than into current benefits. To use Accounting language – I was more interested in the structure shown by the Balance Sheet than in the profit shown by the Profit & Loss Account. Where the real Balance Sheet developed by me reflected a stronger Net Assets / Ownership position than the apparent one – and I chose to remain harmoniously within the system by accepting the write offs and loss of status vis a vis others parallel to me getting the right ticks from seniors / custodians of power,  I became a facility in  the old system and a stronger senior in my own unit – or where the new system (for example Australian multiculturalism) is lateral – a pioneer ahead of other juniors.

Family, workplace and national structures are also made up of  Assets and Liabilities & Shares of Ownership and are reflected in the Balance Sheet / the photograph as my Accounting guru Mr. A.T. Benedict taught us. Every relationship produces a Balance Sheet when one side or the other  or both / all in common – produce visible outcomes of their activities for public consumption. These are referred to as milestones in common language. When we get married we draw up a Balance Sheet. When we have a child – we draw up a Balance Sheet. When we elect new leaders we draw up a Balance Sheet.

In every relationship – the higher position is the goal towards which the person in the lower position moves. Positions have walls that protect us from external disturbances. These walls also confirm our own boundaries of operation while we are producing independent outcomes. Without these walls relationships are only in name.  We become individuals without common life unless we live through our Truth. The goal of a  relationship is common faith that would lead to natural Oneness. This is achieved through a combined/consolidated  position and is therefore a longer or higher  position than the individual positions. The path between the two positions should not be blocked by internal walls for most efficient movement. When both sides perform as per their structural positions – the journey is equally enjoyable. When one side contributes more than the other – but stays within the boundaries of the relationship – the structure gets carried with least effort - through to support others in the future. Where the higher contribution is from the person occupying the higher/senior  position – the visible structure fits the real structure developed through the real contributions and the whole becomes eligible to be carried through as is to the next generation and wider world. Where the contribution by the junior  is greater than that by the senior the relationship needs to be restructured – with the senior becoming a junior – as in parents depending on children – or where we seek to continue with our traditional structures – the apparent seniors become the media through whom apparent juniors facilitate their own activities in the wider world.  Where majority in the environment fit this – a restructure is needed to show the new position. This usually is the lateral system of Democracy.

Rebellion by juniors – towards juniors taking over the position of seniors – ( as happened in Sri Lanka – through JVP Sinhalese and LTTE Tamils ) has the effect of downgrading the whole.  The ordinary man / voter often gets fooled by such rebellion that shows quick outcomes at the lower level, by using the resources of the existing system. To be  called rebels – juniors need to have first renounced benefits from the old relationship (as I did at many stages of my life) before producing their own ‘independent’ outcomes. 

Once we produce outcomes using the old system to ‘show’ that we are better than our seniors we confirm we are not yet independent of our seniors and therefore – we become criminals – developing into terrorists. The maximum point at which we completed the relationship by staying within the common boundaries – is the maximum level at which we are entitled to our Public/Audience/Customers. This is demonstrated in the time based vertical system – through parenting our children.  We carry the parenting gene value at its highest when we complete the relationship with our parents,  by staying within the structure as the structure was in its traditional time-based form when we were born. To the extent we broke away from our parents and therefore the structure before we could produce our own independent outcomes through marriage and children – we would not have the natural power to parent our children from a higher position. Then we need the lateral system of Democracy with Equal positioning – so that we do not suffer from reverse discrimination.

To produce premature outcomes without first paying our dues to the old system – earns us the natural karma of reverse discrimination. This could have been prevented if  we had renounced our rights and earned benefits from the old system.  The wisdom from the old relationships at the point of completion by us – travels with us beyond time and space boundaries. The rest need to be consciously and expressly renounced if we seek to produce and show our own independent outcomes to ‘our’ public. To show the results at the higher level without demonstrating renunciation of the right to that audience – is to steal someone else’s system – which is worse than stealing someone else’s wealth. I believe I am free of such theft karma because I  did so sacrifice which I believe was due to my strong faith in Lord Muruga who renounced parental wealth to become Equal Royalty. I cannot think of a better leader than Lord Muruga for Global Tamils.

In terms of  Sri Lanka - neither JVP nor LTTE renounced.  Both sides inherited the genes from their own political leaders – who failed to develop Democratic Structures of Equality in their respective areas but were trying to step into the shoes of the British when the British left. Using majority power to overrule intellectual power has the effect of downgrading the standard of  Management by writing off the higher values as if they were rubbish. The criminal label pinned on me for practicing through Peaceful Assembly -  non-violent non-cooperation after completing my position duties at their highest – is confirmation of  such downgrading by Australian Authorities.  This confirmed that they said ‘sorry’ to Aborigines more to show and less to genuinely redeem their own past karma. Equal Opportunity structures need to happen with natural separations that facilitate ‘privacy’ for minorities so they would produce their own outcomes independently. Minorities in turn need to produce outcomes at their highest level of natural authority – i.e. – the point at which they completed the relationship with their seniors, under the traditional system.

To the credit of the respective Sinhalese Political leaderships – both JVP and LTTE were blocked from practicing reverse discrimination. Sinhala Sri Lanka and / or Tamil Eelam under such leadership would have been incapable of producing outcomes at standards possible through our traditional structures or through Democratic structures. Under Democratic structures  where they are Equal to the citizen until known otherwise  they would have needed to not show the power of weapons against the very citizen on whose behalf they claimed to be fighting for. Sri Lankans on both sides of the ethnic borders that have now been firmly drawn – need to seek and find juniors under the old system who, like Lord Muruga became independent of their traditional system before producing their own independent outcomes. They would elevate Sri Lanka’s status to the highest levels in the International Community. We need this for our own self-dignity and for that of our children. THIS is the Balance Sheet we need to produce in our own local groups during this period leading to elections.  We must vote for our own outcome at its highest. The leader who best fits that vote would wear it in Sri Lanka and/or beyond.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 05 December 2014

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