Monday 23 August 2021

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 August   2021




As per Ms Sulochana Ramiah Mohan’s  report ‘TNA hails Taliban as ‘freedom fighters’ :

[The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) hailed the Afghan Taliban, coming down from the mountains, to be ‘moderate politicians’, as a welcome sign. TNA MP S. Sritharan told Ceylon Today on Friday (20) that although he would not welcome the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, it is vividly seen that they are giving fresh hope to the people of Afghanistan. “For the last 20 years, they were ousted and they had their tests and trials. Now they want a different image of them and are working towards it. ]

That indicates that Mr Sritharan considers them to be the parallels of the LTTE and other Tamil armed groups. Given that I have no knowledge of TNA as a political party or Mr Sritharan as an individual has a relationship with the Taliban – the above is taken as a declaration about the LTTE and other armed groups within the Tamil community.

As per my experience when we change the position hierarchy in any field and it has seriously affected the people in our home environment, it confirms that we have seriously damaged our ancestral Energies. Structures that have withstood the test of time confirm Energy. Actions based on those Energies are beyond the jurisdiction of current laws. Belief in those Energies is the basis of law making power endowed to Parliamentarians in a Democracy. To make just laws Mr Sritharan needs to invoke Ellalan energies. When Ellalan is invoked it would serve the whole Tamil community in Sri Lanka. The older the Energy, the wider the current coverage.

According to the report :

[In the 21st century, if they could recapture the country’s administration for a purpose, the challenge is to sustain the power they wanted. We will be continuing to watch how they perform to bring about stability and good governance,” he claimed. Sritharan also said he did not wish to debate whether the Taliban were right or wrong but claimed that Taliban were the latest example for ‘those who fight for the freedom of their community’. 

“They said that they will have an interim Government and work with the Afghans serving the country. For that, they cannot remain as militants with arms and will have to lay down their weapons. We will see a real change in Afghanistan in the future,” he said. He opined that anyone fighting for their rights and self-determination cannot be condemned.]

Did the LTTE lay down weapons? On what basis would we then conclude that the Taliban would?

It is true that anyone ‘fighting for their rights and self-determination cannot be condemned’. That is due to Energy of belief which is beyond rights and wrongs. If Taliban is fighting for Afghan self-determination – then no member of that society can be killed by Taliban – as if they were the kings of that country. They may discipline but not punish. Likewise the armed groups in Sri Lanka – including the official forces.

In Hinduism – we have legends of Asuras and Devas / gods. So long as Asuras rule their community and Devas rule theirs – there is harmony. Likewise Judiciary and the Executive. When the two groups are mixed indiscriminately, both structures are damaged. If Taliban came to power that damage would become exponential due to their attachment to weapons of destruction. In Asura group – they would fight against each other and settle scores as happened between LTTE and the government. But Devas being gods – have to raise the matter beyond the physical and merge the Energies – as those of us who sought UN intervention did. Now if we assess like Asuras – we have the duty to withdraw from the UN process – as President Rajapaksa did. Can’t have it both ways.

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