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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 August   2021


Army  & The Vaccine

The closest to Political governor that I identify with in Sri Lanka at current times is Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. Adaderena informs us that Ranil opposes ‘Army handling vaccination process’:


[The former Prime Minister says that it is not acceptable for the Army to administer the vaccine unless it was done under the Ministry of Health.

Wickremesinghe further said that the vaccination should be given to all citizens over 12 years of age.

He says that despite lives were spared due to the medical and health sector the government currently refuses to listen to their advice.

The government should explain the reasons behind the rejection of doctors’ requests to lockdown the country, the former Premier said.

He said, “There should be a separate committee of experts under the WHO. There is no such committee only in Sri Lanka today. There is such a committee in every other country. The government should immediately bring together medical experts and set up this committee.”]


The indicators as to why are revealed as follows:


[However, just a few years after the SAITM debacle, the government is once again looking to expand private medical education, this time through the KDU.] The Island article headed ‘KNDU: MBBS for the rich, crumbs for the poor’ by Dr Ramya Kumar of Community and Family Medicine, University of Jaffna


KNDU - Kotelawala National Defence University

A committee as recommended by the UNP is likely to not go deep enough to identify with the current needs of Sri Lanka.  Intellectual Research and analysis would help minimise such costs.

As per Dr Ramya Kumar of the University of Jaffna – which is an Opposition to the Kotelawala National Defence University:

[Although seemingly catering to the military, a closer look at the statistics presented on the website of KDU’s Faculty of Medicine, indicate that the number of medical students recruited doubled, and then tripled, once the faculty began to enroll “non-military foreign students.” As recruitment was limited to foreign students, albeit loosely defined, KDU did not encounter too much controversy.

The KNDU Bill proposes to build a parallel militarised university system, and alternatively, a change to the Universities Act of 1978 aims to bring KDU under the purview of the UGC, as a university for a “specific purpose.” Clearly, the appeal of KDU and other “specific purpose” universities is not their potential to strengthen Free Education]


The University of Jaffna started off as a civilian University. But today, it is more like a Defence University immersed in LTTE politics. Inquiries into allegations of misconduct are summarily done with least reference to the written law. KNDU seems to be the JVP parallel to University of Jaffna.


JVP founder – Rohana Wijeweera’s karma is a strong contributor to this development. Wikipedia shares the following with us, about Mr Wijeweera:


[Having become active in the communist party, he applied and gained a scholarship to attend the Lumumba University to study medicine and in September 1960 he went to the Soviet Union. He completed the Russian language examination within seven and a half months, obtaining a distinction, and spent his holidays travelling through the USSR. He also worked during this time as an agricultural worker in the Moldavian Republic. He worked through his medical studies well up to third year and also obtained a distinction in political economics in 1963. In late 1963 he became ill and received medical treatment from a hospital in Moscow, but finally requested a full academic term of medical leave and returned to Ceylon. At that time the Communist Party of Ceylon was divided into two groups which were pro-Chinese and pro-Soviet. A vocal supporter of the pro-Chinese wing Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist), he did not get a visa to return to the USSR as he joined the pro-Chinese group.)]


It is also significant that like the LTTE leader, the JVP leader was also of Karava caste:


[Wijeweera was born on 14 July 1943 (Bastille Day) to Patabendi Don Andris Wijeweera and Nasi Nona Wickramakalutota who lived in Kottegoda, a coastal village situated close to Matara in southern Sri Lanka and mostly belonged to the Karava caste hierarchy. ]


Even though they may not have physically lived close to each other – they are likely to have had commonness through the caste system that came from India. Caste being a reason for JVP insurrection, was confirmed by a senior member of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney, where another overrode such presentation. This kind of suppression is highly likely in a Defence University  - where the final outcome of Research needs to uphold the hierarchy with Defence on top.


Such a University would not oppose Vaccination plans by Armed Forces. Medical specialists and academics groomed by such a University would be of military mind-order.


When pleasures are regulated through appropriate codes, the enjoyment is raised to the higher level – until they are permanent at Energy level. In Tamil we call it Pehrinpam. They become sources of Opportunities. When pleasures are ‘freely enjoyed’ – as happened in the war zone – where rape is reported to have happened, that level of order would stop short of developing into Universal Opportunities. The role of civilian Universities is to continuously develop such Universal Opportunities through Research.


The burial issue at the beginning of the Pandemic – which effectively opposed Muslim culture - confirmed a military hierarchy. The vaccination rollout controlled by the Army would likewise fall well short of reaching the needy through their local medical experts who are professionally connected to Medicine-foremost principle.


Such is also opposed to Buddhism which is part of the Sri Lankan constitution. Buddhism promotes Ultimate Freedom of the individual as per her/his conscience.


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