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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 August   2021



China’s Army’s De Facto Relationship

The Easter bombing happened during the previous regime headed by SLFP President and its permanent Opposition – UNP’s Prime Minister. The root reason is in that equation of relationship between cause and effect. To balance it – we need to forget the known pathway of law, and take the de facto pathway. When  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa – declared about his relationship with the LTTE  leader – he confirmed that they were both jungle leaders for that project. When someone is law-abiding and they sacrifice that higher status due to irreconcilable differences in logic, one has the choice of separation or confrontation of the enemy as per the enemy’s standards. In the former – the sacrifice travels as Energy,  with the person/group that made the sacrifice. In the latter it generates the energy to fight on equal footing.

According to Economy Next – ‘Sri Lanka Army gets 300,000 vaccines from Chinese military’

The question is whether Chinese Military has jurisdiction to bypass the government that has the duty to make the vaccine available to all in need – on Equal footing. The above is on de facto  basis rendering advantage to Chinese to access Sri Lankan army above their Sri Lankan parallels.

The other example is the IGP’s declaration in relation to the Easter Bombing.  Adaderana reports:

[Previously, these incidents were probed as isolated incidents, the IGP pointed out, adding that the lack of coordination between the investigating units led to a missed opportunity to reveal the connection between the events. The investigating officers failed to realize that these were the doings of a terrorist organization that was a threat to the national security, he noted.

Speaking further, IGP Wickramaratne said, at the initial stage of the inspections, then-CID officers failed to conduct an in-depth investigation into the incident as they were aiming to identify the suspects soon to wrap it up within a short period of time.

“They tried to conclude the probes assuming that most of the attackers are dead, all who had direct links to the incident were arrested and that all their assets were confiscated.”

According to the IGP, the previous investigating bodies had also assumed that a self-motivated pro-ISIS group in the country had acted independently, without foreign involvement.

Thereby, the investigating bodies of the Criminal Investigation Department, Terrorism Investigation Division, Sri Lanka Police and police intelligence units have been restructured, as new appointments came into effect.]

The manifestation happened during SLFP-UNP coalition at the leadership level. The 2018 Constitutional Crisis confirmed that that leadership was a failure. Taken as a whole – the SLFP carried the Sinhala only separatism karma and the UNP carried its mutation - the separatism article of Buddhism foremost in the 1978 constitution also.

If therefore Muslims who were entitled to separation of powers as stipulated in article 10 of the constitution but were denied that – the consequences are primarily that of the Parliament. The police did not have jurisdiction beyond the common law area. They also need evidence based proof to successfully prosecute in a Sri Lankan court of law.

The restructure as reported above carries the risk of destroying subjective evidence, as relationships have changed. The manifestation known as the Easter Bombing happened through a pathway the causal energies of which cannot be easily unravelled by the current structure. To know the truth, one could take the de facto approach that the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa took and eliminate the opponents confidentially. The alternate pathway taken by the old structure has been described as follows, by the current IGP:

[“They tried to conclude the probes assuming that most of the attackers are dead, all who had direct links to the incident were arrested and that all their assets were confiscated.”]

Any more would have been beyond the scope of common law and hence the judiciary. The police needs to limit its probe to the level within the jurisdiction of the current judiciary . The rest is the responsibility of belief based politics which cures confidentially. That is the core reason for Executive powers of a Military President.  

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