Sunday 29 August 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 August   2021



Nanri / Thank you

In his sharing of appreciation of Tamil, Professor Jonathan Ripley stated that when he said Nanri in Tamil to someone in Madurai – for passing him a plate – that person had said not to say thank you – for in a true friendship there is no room for such expressions.  But most of our relationships are yet to merge at that destination. As per my discovery, we need gratitude to be expressed to confirm completion of service in any structured family, community or nation.

Today when I read the email from Rupa Siva which referred me to the indigenous song dedicated to the Hon Mangala Samaraweera, (mangala samaraweera niwansuwa viridu - YouTube) my heart melted.  I responded to our Australian High Commissioner as follows:

Like me, you may not understand the words . But the feeling is awesome.’

I was saying Thank you to Mr Samaraweera for his immense contribution to commonness. By showing that publicly I believe that fellow Sri Lankans would relate more strongly to their oppositions of various forms.

As if in response, Mr Trevor paid tribute to LTTE leader as follows, with copies to UN missions:

[I don't think that any one knows the former President MR  better than his college friends. He is a maverick like Prabhakaran and the two sides of the same coin.

They were a fine match in the battle but MR is a Escapalogist (Hudini) unlike Prabha who was by birth only Good 'Malli'  and a 'Family Messenger' and took up the  whole Tamil cause on ( with hard core numbers and theatre diminishing fast ), carrying heavy armour and military hardware (Tanks and Cavalry charge), and large number of 'Human Shields' to take across made his WILL to warp like what happened to Napoleon who escaped to Paris under night cover and the Brits let him go., not MR.

Thats the way of the 'End Game' it just happened in Kabul. Terrorism is not the solution its a 'DEAD END' and sudden death. War is a mind game and compromise and at the end all are Winners. Mountains will move if the Power of the Mind is strong. Hard Hearts must melt as D day is not far away due to Pandemic to be followed by a Geological Correction of Man vs Nature, by mid Century (circa 2050).

Love and regards to all,


Thank you Trevor. There is no more need for reconciliation.

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