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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 August  2021




One of the more serious charges against the government soldiers in the Sri Lankan war was that they raped. The Black July riots began due to the LTTE killing soldiers on the claim that they had raped women in Northern Sri Lanka. But recently I have been discovering that such is not a wrong in a good proportion of Tamil community. Some of the language is very offensive to me in my home environment but is necessary to know what happened in ‘isolation’ which separatism has brought about.



Tamil Medical Professor to a non-medical person (Nnnnn )in the group who was condemning Brahmins and Hindu rituals (referred to in my yesterday’s article):

Nnnnn,  that is the way brahmin trains the bride to sex so that it is easy for the groom. I tell this true story. I had a married, female, Indian postgraduate doctor trainee under me. In one of our post-mortem sessions before I left, I  asked her to examine the genitalia of the female corpse and document it. Shortly after she came to me and said prof her hymen is still intact though she was married and even having children. I was amused and went in to cross check. She identified the female urethra as vagina and thus said intact hymen. I was very angry, she too was married with kids and I asked her to get a good mirror and light and have a look at her at home.



Gaja: I am ashamed that a Tamil would use such lowly language to educate. What happened to your science based pathway? – got blocked by your cheap desire to be an animal?


A journalist in the group: Professor, that doesn’t augur well, it sounds a bit vulgar, when there is a solitary lady participant in the forum, it may be construed as breach of decorum especially when it is taking a gender dimensional turn!!!


An American Tamil Chartered Accountant:


                       I am not defending Professor but for my education and for me to be careful in the future, please help me out here, What is it that Professor  wrote is vulgar? 


Dear Mrs Paramasivam, 


                         For the same reason stated above, can you help to get an understanding of the "lowly language" that Professor used to educate his trainee?  I can't find any profanity in what he said to his trainee!


A general question to all the doctors in this group. How many of you have attended Prof Sinnaththamby's lectures at Med School in Colombo & Peradeniya? 


I heard an interesting story about his lectures. Going by Mr. Journalist and Mrs. Paramasivam's standards, his whole lectures would be considered as vulgar and lowly language, hence my question!


Tamil Medical Professor:

University education is not memorising text books and passing exams but lot lot more than that. You missed the bus already. Now coming to our frigid Journalist  and Gaja ( now  Dr G too) a real life experience and fun during 2nd MBBS. We just started the dissection of genito urinary system and one day Prof Jayatilleka walked in. He was a terror yet a very interesting and a witty person. He asked 75 of us as to who have not seen a living human external genitalia. Of course all the boys lifted their hands. Being a Friday he screamed I dont care but during the weekend get hold of a prostitute and have a good look. 🤭. On monday we were all taken to Kandy Hospital Gynae unit to see the real genitalia. We were taken in small groups into the cubicle and we went in as if we were entering the kovil sanctun sanctorum. When finally the entire group waited outside for the bus, many guys were very disappointed and some were even frightened by the exposition. In the afternoon one guy developed high fever and was admitted to uni. health centre. The doctor there said that his fever was due to fear and a reactionary fever. So guys this is real medical education and this is how one becomes a good doctor. Hope our lay (non medical) friends understand this and there is nothing called vulgar






Here is how a woman who is taken without status is demoted by this self appointed leader who wants to have his own say:

{Oh Gaja the enlightened, this definition of rape is not referring to SL penal code. In SL for rape to occur there ought to be  penile  penetration of the vagina only against her consent. Consent becomes imatrial if the girl is under the age of 16, and with consent it becomes statuary rape. Consent in legal term has a very wider meaning.

                   The word RAPE is probably derived from the Latin, RAPERE to snatch, it literally means a forcible seizure. Earlier SL penal code section 363 had several ingradients to define rape, one is about "against her will". To prove "against her will", law expects her to show evidence of physical violence or resistence that turned out to be unfair because in several instances women do not or cannot resist owing to numerous reasons. I was a member of the sub committee that was involved in reforming laws on rape in   Sri Lanka. (Refer to “Penal Code (amendment) act, No.22 of 1995 of Sri Lanka”, Section 363 of Rape and Incest). Only in 1995 the section against her will was removed and consenting age for intercourse was raised form 14 to 16 years.

                   Reference to your article how can they say there was repeated sexual assault? If at all there was only evidence of repeated vaginal penetration and not sexual penetration according to our law. Mind you Gaja, evidence of repeated vaginal penetration does not mean there was repeated sexual(penile) penetration. In this case medically they just cant prove this allegation unless they go by some other reliable evidence. I know that I cant convince you owing to your big, swollen head and grandiose ideation. But this is the fact.

                   [As per my discovery – the value of mantras is their Energy. Hence we do not need to understand them.]

I can only feel very sorry for you and if there anyone out there listening to you then I can only pray for their mental and emotional safety too. So you are a person who do things or say things without knowing what you say or what you do. I hope you dont do some dangerous things and claim that you did without understanding it. I was thinking for a long time that I will apply Mcnaughton's rule on you to justify your erratic claims. Basically, this test focuses on whether a criminal defendant (gaja) knew the nature of the crime or understood right from wrong at the time it was committed.


                   [“You have been the wife of Soman (according to brahmins soman is their leader in Thevalokam/home of gods) then you were the wife of Indran, then so many Thevas, then to me (wife) and finally from today onwards to this man (then he point out the so called Groom".]


                   Oh cruel manthra and cruel brahmana what a filthy guy you are and you are handing over a woman who had repeated sexual penile penetration to a poor guy who things he is marrying a virgin. How gullible this Gaja is and she is encouraging group sex or multiple partners as what was in existence during Mahabarada time. No wonder the brahmins are hell bent on uttering these stuff in sanskrit so that foolish tamils wont understand. No wonder brahmin can rape a sutra woman but it is only a divine act and not rape. Gaja you are still in Brahmas mindset. The Manusmriti lays down the law that a woman who makes love to a man of a higher caste incurs no punishment; a woman who makes love to a man of a “lower” caste than hers must be isolated and kept in confinement. If a man from a subordinate caste makes love to a woman of the highest caste, he must be put to death.For many anti-caste reformers, Manusmriti is the symbol of the caste system and the subjugation of lower castes and women.

                   கழுதைக்கு உபதேசம் காதில் உரைத்தாலும் அபய குரல் அபய குரல்தான். 😭😭. Please dont howl that I am vulgar. 😩}



Gaja: This is about social order. If you are genuine I seek to publish your response under your name through email and my blog. You also can do so yourself – especially to the experts in the following list:

I await your confirmation.


[' <> '; 'Gunatilleke, Gehan D' <> ; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; 'Dr  Keethaponcalan' <> ; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; 'Dr.Darshanan' <> ; 'M A Sumanthiran' <> ; 'Janaka Seneviratne' <> ; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '; ' <> '



Medical Professor:

No problem Gaja. I have no objection. But if my post meant for a wider and perhaps lay audience i could have made it more elaborate and avoided our friendly encounter. Based on available information (mostly hearsay)it will be extremly difficult to find the household guilty of rape or murder. Employing the underage yes. What we see here is politics, racism, exploitation of the poor, and government trying to please


      the masses at a time like this. So let them investigate without bias and let the court decide the outcome. There were so many cruel crimes we have seen in SL but the perpetrators went scot free for various sinister reasons. Even cold blooded murderes who were found guilty by Supreme court were released from death sentence and rewarded with high podition. So where comes this poor desperate estate tamil worker. Yet I am happy that people across the fence are opening their eyes and that is positive. Unless we become real humans this curse will continue.


Gaja: As stated before – I find some of your expressions crude and vulgar. That was NOT a friendly encounter. You have the right to express opinions about yourself but not about me. You keep disregarding those democratic boundaries. I feel that Journalist  who writes publicly sensed what can go wrong. I won’t publish it this time – unless you seek to edit your response and resubmit for publishing. In the meantime I have already blocked the group and I myself would not be sending this group any more of my work. I sent this one because of Nnnn’s contributions. I have separated also from others who disrespected me. My self respect is my protection in ‘free’ environments.


Medical Professor:

Gaja as ever you are confused. You wanted my permission to publish my post and I said yes. Now  you have put 360 degree turn and say you won’t publish. What is happening. What is crude and what is vulgar there? You have spoilt poor Journalist and our Bro Doctor too. You have frightened the journalist and now he sleeps in a separate bed. 😭😭You justified worshiping yoni and I suggested an alternative. Anyway you wont let us go. I am the only one who responds you, so you cant lose me. Are you going to ignore Journalist and Dr too who strongly follow your principle of following the unfollowable🤭?



The above is a collection of Affidavits in a ‘free’ environment. Our status in a community needs to protect us from abuse by those who enjoy official status. Hence Equal Opportunity laws. If the above Tamil leader is right then to my mind I do not belong in that group that empowers him. If majority Tamils don’t see anything wrong with the conclusions/judgments by the above professional  - then to my mind – the sexual acts by Sri Lankan soldiers would not qualify as rape. Nor would similar in  the home of former Minister Rishad Bathiudeen. They would be a form of unjust subjective discrimination and not a criminal offence.

What happened is only half the matter. Formulating why it happened is the other half. Towards this we need to use a Common measure. To the extent we believe in that measure – the form would be a true form. That is the Energy that would lead us to the solution we need. Hence indicators are used in Management – to prevent negative manifestations. If the measure used is vastly different to our belief based measure – we need independent proof of what happened and why it happened (motive).

In Sri Lanka where Prescriptive Rights are lawful – belief based actions of any culture are lawful.

If the soldier killed without belief there is tendency to derive unregulated lower level benefits to prevent feeling guilty followed by depression. When people are isolated by those above them in power – and they act against their nature – the tendency to draw unregulated benefits is high. When they have an audience/cheer squad, this tendency is stronger. If the actions are ‘normal’ to them in their own home environments – then that becomes animal behavior. To the extent we are also animals in professional clothing we would not consider such conduct to be wrong. Then the real professionals become aliens.

We need to consider this during this lockdown period when perpetrators tend to go into free mode.


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