Thursday 19 August 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 August   2021


Communism & Insurgencies

Many communications from fellow Australians including the Consortium of Tamil Associations (CTA) – NSW drew attention to the Afghan situation. I was particularly drawn to the leadChina had a three-step war strategy. The Taliban has followed it to the letter which led to Stan Grant’s article published by the ABC. Stan Grant is presented as follows: ‘the Vice Chancellor's Chair of Australian/Indigenous Belonging at Charles Sturt University. He was formerly ABC's Global Affairs and Indigenous Affairs Analyst


I found the China connection interesting due to my own conclusions that in Sri Lanka both insurgencies were due to influence of Communism. In North it was fuelled by ethnic divisions. The fact that the CTA has listed Afghan Community leaders in NSW as speakers at the next meeting – confirms the Association’s identity with the Afghan issue.

According to Stan:

[Mao set out a three-stage strategy that the Taliban has followed to the letter. The first stage is the initial invasion and enemy offensive. Stage two is the enemy's consolidation. Stage three is the counter offensive and the enemy's retreat.

As Mao said, facing the invading Japanese: "The war between China and Japan is not just any war, it is specifically a war of life and death between semi-colonial and semi-feudal China and imperialist Japan..."

The Taliban would have said the same of the invading Americans.]

Would the LTTE have said that about the Sri Lankan Government or the Indian Government which involved the IPKF in the issue? If yes about the Sri Lankan government – then they would have opposed also all Tamil members of Parliament including Mr Wigneswaran who claims to be their heir. If yes about Indian government – then their heirs in South India – would support them and Mr Seeman is likely to lead the show.

There is a third dimension that is genuinely committed to independence as Sri Lankan. That person would draw on the indigenous powers that existed at the time of independence from the British. That indigenous power respected multiculturalism – as confirmed by various customary laws that were/are  officially recognised. I do not have knowledge of Afghanistan’s parallel of this. My own fights to eliminate gender based discrimination in the Tamil community is highlighted by the following conversation with a Tamil Diaspora Medical Professional (TDMP):

1.     TDMP:  Gaja i am not writing you a scientifc or academic article to quote references.

Gaja: The claim you made was :

[They in SL later became high caste Sinhala Buddhist nayakas.]

To be valid – you need to believe and when you believe you become part of that group of Sinhala Buddhists or at least common Sri Lankan.

You have not made either declaration of belief. As a Tamil only – you lack the jurisdiction to make such claims.

As for the scientific logic – you need to first renounce the status you have accepted as a science based medical person, instead of being Naattu Maruthuvar (Native doctor) who is driven by natural belief.


2.     TDMP: Imagine if I ask you for references and you will come out with Baba, Muruga, Ganesha and they are reference without references


Gaja:  In all of the above instances – I declared my belief before referring to them. Hence I am part of that ‘family’ with the right of representation.  True belief empowers us to speak on behalf and v.v. Since you have openly claimed no belief in any religious form – you lack membership to speak on behalf of the group and use them without reference. This ethics applies in academic work to prevent plagiarism of various kinds. The reason is to preserve the mind structures through which previous discoveries were made. When you are driven by benefits / outcomes you tend to steal others’ work by downgrading them. Hence Equal Opportunity laws in multicultural societies.


3.     TDMP: I am talking of verified or verifiable facts and not hallucinatory experiences.

Gaja: When you use my platform without paying due respect – it effectively means to me that you are imagining that you are above me in position. Hence to me as per my mind structure it is hallucinatory. In my mind my intelligence shared publicly is the highest return for my sacrifices to be part of a group – in this instance the lower cadre of LTTE. I have no knowledge of you having made such sacrifices to be part of their experience and therefore belief.  Hence to me yours is imaginary. In fact as per my derivation you are part of the Tamils opposed by the LTTE. By disciplining them I became their senior.


4.     TDMP: You are like the guys who promoted paniya and throwing pots into rivers to cure covid.

Gaja: That was because their scientific doctors did not demonstrate they had the answers. They were turning to the gods like most of us do in various ways. Last week during Aadi Pooram pongal at our family temple the lady in charge failed to discipline a family that was passing the pongal material over the high boundary wall. That wall was built last year due to that family’s visitors damaging the fence. Our staff member did not alert me until much later. When she did – I said to her she ought to have taken a stand as if she was me. Instead she got carried away by the claim of the nurse in the family whose job was confirmed after I led a group of nurses to meet with the then Health Minister – Mr Rajitha Senaratne. About 250 nurses gained due to that engagement with Central Ministry. To me that was successful reconciliation. But this particular nurse failed to support me when her family members acted in breach of my orders to protect our investment. Then also it was Sinhalese police who came over to warn young ones who were reported to have cut our fence. Tamils did not. Mr Wigneswaran was approached by the nurses group but he did zilch.


5.     TDMP: The Basil magician who was received with posters, drums and kiri bath did not know how to pronounce Covid and instead called it COVIN. This is why science education is useful that will make one to think and not just believe.


Gaja:  Have you asked your Tamil leader Mr Wigneswaran on what basis he recommended home treatment against the virus? Clean up your own backyard first. If local Sinhalese said it was Covin – Covin it is to locals. If Basil has said it from American leadership position – that would have been wrong. But he is not likely to ever get such position any more than you here in Australia. I declared the Opposition position by lawfully challenging Mr Howard through Racial Discrimination Act. Hence I have the courage to oppose any Prime Minister through my belief.

In the case of the above staff member – she was struck down by severe throat pain after the above incident. She did not want to go to hospital. I spoke her language and said to isolate herself in her room and promised to include her in my nightly prayers. I gave her the reason as her failure to uphold due process through which she was required to ring me immediately when the nurse’s family took shortcuts as if they were above her in status. Hence she was not protected by my measures of good order in that area. These are indicators which are also used in modern management for internal purposes. The young mother is better now and that is all that matters.

Be it in Afghanistan or Sri Lanka  if majority in a group believe – natural governance will prevail in one form or the other.


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