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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 August   2021


Sinhala Nation was Hindu

A Tamil Diaspora leader referred me to a clip on LTTE group’s ‘great escape from Vellore prison on 15 August 1995. That was where the last Kandy Sri Vikrama Rajasinha was also sent by the British. Wikipedia presents the following picture about this King:

[Sri Vikrama Rajasinha (1780 – January 30, 1832, born Kannasamy Nayaka) was the last of four Kings, to rule the last Sinhalese monarchy of the Kingdom of Kandy in Sri Lanka. The Nayak Kings were of Telugu origin who practiced Shaivite Hinduism and were patrons of Theravada Buddhism.]

This confirms the religious hierarchy that prevailed back then. In portraits of this king both he and his queen wear the ‘pottu’ – depicting the third eye of Lord Shiva. Hence one is entitled to conclude that the last national king of Sri Lanka was a Hindu. ‘Buddhism foremost’ – article 9 of the constitution appears to have been an expression of fear that we would go back to the above hierarchy when Hindus ruled Lanka. Buddhism was a later attachment that suited Sinhala leaders.

But as Gandhi stated – the Truth is the Truth – even if you are a minority of one. Truth is independent Universal power. It maintains the balance of karma / cause and effect.

As per DTNext news headed ‘TN’s history of Prison breaks’:

[In the past, there have been many attempts – with different degrees of success – to escape, but none that shook the state police as much as the two by the cadre of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 1995.


The most infamous was the escape from Vellore Fort by a team of suspected LTTE members just days ahead of Independence Day. Forty three such men were being detained at Tipu Mahal inside the Fort – a detention centre rather than a proper prison – mostly for travelling without proper and sufficient documents.


This was a classic prison break attempt, with tunnels, rains and even a power cut to complete the story.


By the time all of them escaped (on August 14, 1995), they had been there for five years, enough to follow the routines and procedures to track a pattern. Using ‘tools’ that they fabricated using bathroom pipes and the steel plates used to serve food, the men dug a 153-feet tunnel that ran about 10 feet under the surface, recalled a police officer. They managed to burrow at a speed of one foot a day, police investigation had found.]


According the video The Great Escape |புலிப் போராளிகள் தப்பியது எப்படி|நடந்தது என்ன|1995 Vellore Fort jailbreak history - YouTube that I was directed to – the escape happened after the prisoners tried to make sense of why they had been imprisoned? They tried Gandhi’s way of fasting. The fact that they escaped despite the mighty Tamil Nadu Armed Forces – meant that they had the exponential power of Truth in support.


As I said to a family junior this morning – death is inevitable. It is important that we clear our negative karma before we die. Respecting ancestors is one way to strengthen our belief. When we are disrespectful of them we weaken our commonness. Sinhala only as official language was disrespectful of Hindu kings of Lanka. In essence it is in breach of Buddhism which also promotes losing consciousness of the physical. By including that in the 1972 constitution – the rulers disrespected their elders.


As per Dharma – the prisoners in Vellore fort – were blessed by the last king of Lanka who was also a prisoner at that place. The soul connect was made and hence the successful escape.


So long as we Tamils believe in our ancestors – including Sinhalese who were Hindus – we would govern justly in areas where we are respected.


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