Monday 19 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 April 2021







As per my experience, we register knowledge at various levels. Likewise we use knowledge also at various levels. When it is at root level, it is wisdom and wisdom leads us. When our mind is active, we tend to be blind to such leadership. The mind  driven by desires, is most active. Hence the Buddhist recommendation (as per my understanding)  to renounce desire which is the source of dukka/pain. As per Hinduism the root of Katpagatharu / Kalpavriksha / the wish-fulfilling tree is in heaven and the branches are in Earth. When the branches are detached from the root – only heavenly bliss remains.


Sunday Times article ‘Controversy over Govt. bill to withdraw cases against its supporters’ is about changes to the law :


[The strong thrust of this multi-pronged exercise, now taking shape, is local.  It is to call a halt to cases pending in courts over alleged bribery, corruption, or other improprieties against some in the ruling alliance or their backers. This is on the grounds that the cases were “politically motivated.” The controversial move is based on the findings of a Commission of Inquiry which probed alleged instances of “political victimisation” and made recommendations to “redress the situation.”]


As per my experience, when our mind is still, the law that best fits our need to preserve our self-respect surfaces itself.  In our case when the lawyer hired by my husband’s sister Mrs Sabanathan – said to us that my husband had a small share in the estate of his brother, my husband promptly said the sharing needs to be as per Thesawalamai law. My husband & I  had very little knowledge of that law. But as per customary practice of Northern Sri Lanka, boys in the family took responsibility after the father passed away. Even though Param is the youngest child, we had foregone our comforts to facilitate other branches of the family. Later when I actively studied  Thesawalamai law – I admired the beauty of how it maintained Equal Opportunity values between the two genders. I believe that one who believes  in Thesawalamai law’s fundamental values will never practice unjust discrimination.


The question in relation to the above is whether – the recommendations to “redress the political victimisation” are belief based or desire based. If former, they would strengthen the minds of Sri Lankans. If latter, they would weaken the minds of Sri Lankans.  If the initial cases were truly for political victimisation  the disintegration of the Yahapalana government was effectively divine judgment for bringing in laws that they believed in. If the current government is falsely claiming victimisation then the disintegration needs to be taken as facilitating the Truth to be experienced by the People without delay that an Opposition causes. Time will tell. In the meantime, we need to go into the laws that we genuinely practice – so that they would be protected by Universal power of belief.

The invisible Truth is perfectly balanced. Truth maintains the sanity of the mind, due to this balance. A reliable law would take us to the truth. If we manifest something that is desire based, our own brain is likely to lose balance and hence mental illness. This is why hearsay is inadmissible in Court and when we take oath of belief. The 2018 Constitutional crisis confirmed such imbalance in Mr Sirisena and the above picture also strongly indicates the ‘ cause ’. Mr Sirisena who was part of the Rajapaksa government when the 2009 events unfolded, had the duty to Oppose pro-LTTE Tamil groups. A true Opposition would keep the brain balanced. A false agreement that brings ‘benefits’ would lead to instability of the mind. That is the natural judgment as per our own makeup.




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