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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 April 2021






From time to time I am asked by some of my readers as to how I gained knowledge in areas where they had mere book knowledge from the past. Yesterday I wrote as follows under the title NATURAL OPPOSITION:



[This was also the issue with war-crimes allegations. Where there are cultural differences – one invariably depends on one’s own sense of rights and wrongs – including in the battlefield. This was exposed last year about Australian soldiers in Afghanistan through Four Corners program  ‘Killing Field: Explosive new allegations of Australian special forces war crimes.]


There was response from '' as follows:

[Dear Ms Paramsivam

Could you please remove from your mailing list. 





Since this was the first response from British Tamil Conservatives, I googled for more information and came across the following article:

Persona Non Grata – Behind the Drama - Lanka News Web .   


I recognised the name Dr Arujuna Sivananthan due to his father being from Vaddukoddai and both his parents being Yoga Swami devotees. I did not recognize the others in that group including Mr Gajan Raj. They have been presented as Chairman and Secretary of the British Tamil Conservatives (BTC), respectively.

The matter covered by that article was - ‘Sri Lanka’s now ex defence attaché, gesturing a throat slitting motion to protestors outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London 

I wrote to the British government as well as Sri Lankan government. Mr Navin Dissanayake who was then a Minister did. In that matter I was his opposition, but he did demonstrate respect by responding. Even though the British Tamil Conservatives demonstrated that they were  highly excited by the throat-cutting drama by the Defence attaché at the Sri Lankan High Commission, they did not demonstrate any interest in my contributions. That meant I was an outsider to them. I would be an outsider, if they had Political ambitions particular to the UK.

Given that I included the BTC from around end of March 2021, why did the above communication happen yesterday? The answer came to me today through the Island article ‘‘UNHRC missive exposes UK duplicity in grave accountability matters’. The highlight was UK’s own ‘Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill. The following was highlighted:

[In the run-up to the Geneva vote on a resolution spearheaded by the UK on March 23, SLPP Chairman and former External Affairs Minister Prof G.L. Peiris questioned the rationale in British actions. Prof Peiris asked how the UK sought protection for its armed forces deployed outside their territory whereas it sought punitive measures against Sri Lanka for fighting terrorism in its own land.]

To my mind, that is a valid question. As per Dharma / Universal Justice – if the disciplinary actions by the UK government against its own forces is weaker than that expected by the governments against the UK voted in this issue – then it invalidates the UNHRC Resolution under UK’s leadership in March 2021. It effectively invalidates also the proscription against the LTTE which was the de facto government in parts of Sri Lanka when the atrocities were committed by LTTE forces.

This is the natural opposition that was invoked by yesterday’s article . This kind of natural reaction is not usual. One who is true to her/himself is supported by the Universal power.





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