Saturday 10 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 April 2021






As per Jaffna Tamil culture, when someone passes away, we say prayers to merge the soul to positive side of Universal power. Hindus  especially  chant Sivapuranam – as Lord Shiva is recognized as the power that destroys body consciousness. To me even the legal work that we do by invoking the parallel of Sivapuranam – Thesawalamai law, to raise the balance sheet of the individual to higher common level is also towards this merger. This is a consolidated Balance Sheet and is the parallel of Confederation structure proposed by Thamizh Makkal Tesiya Kootani (TMTK) , headed by former Justice C V Wigneswaran which was analysed by me on 08 April under the subject matter ‘TAMIL ONLY LAWYERS’ . Appended to this was my letter to Barclays Bank UK PLC under subject matter ‘FRAUD INVESTIGATION’ which was dated  07 April.

Mr Manivannan represented us at the Jaffna High Court in that Testamentary case. When I asked him to get us the ‘Certificate of Heirship’ he said we had to go to Mallakam District Court and through Mr Kanagasingam who represented us at that Court.  The original Petition was filed in the Mallakam District Court on 31 May 2011. Our Appeal was dismissed by the High Court of Jaffna on 14 March 2018. Despite repeated requests including through Right to Information Commission, we have been denied the Certificate of Heirship of my brother in law. Mr Manivannan failed to even pick up the phone to respond to us. He failed in his duty to uphold Due Judicial Administrative Process in Jaffna and his own karma was returned by an owner of Jaffna, who did follow Due Process despite the insults in Jaffna Courts.

On one of the days of the hearing – some men who claimed to have the authority stopped me at the gates and said that I was not allowed in because I was in a skirt. The skirt was long and at the security booth were female  Police officers in knee length uniforms. I looked at them and they said those were not their rules. I tried to explain to the men in mufti that I had been wearing similar attire to courts many times. When asked whether I would have been allowed if I had been in jeans – they said ‘yes’. They pointed to others they had stopped from entering. Then I went back to the place where my phone was called Manivannan. I said I was retuning home. Then Manivannan urged me to come through the side gate. I declined. A few minutes later, a lawyer came and took one of the ladies in skirt with him. I promptly said words to the effect ‘if she can go – why can’t I go?’ They spoke to someone on the phone and said I could go.

I went inside and sat outside the room where our matter was listed for hearing.  The other side lawyers Mr Yogendra and Mr Parathalingam PC were chatting away. Manivannan walked in my direction, nodded his head and joined his club of belled (royal) lawyers. I felt hurt – as if I were an orphan.  I got up and went towards the office of the Registrar (who was a lady) and complained about the issue re my clothes. The Registrar said that they were the orders. I asked her for a copy of the order but was informed that she did not have it with her. I wrote about it to Colombo also. Copies as usual went to Manivannan also.

We won the leave to appeal because I had submitted the Appeal Application on time. But when it came to the legal arguments Manivannan failed to deliver even though his fees were along the same level as his Colombo parallels by position.

Despite the ruling being in their favour – the Petitioners have so far failed to facilitate for us to get the Certificate of Heirship. The Australian sibling sent us a cheque and we do not know how they obtained the funds without my husband’s consent for them to Administer.

There is a legend about Shiva who carried sand on behalf of an elderly lady and got beaten by the king’s men for failing to do so. The pain was felt by all responsible. That is what happened to Manivannan. The pain I felt back then was felt by him last week. This confirms to me yet again – that Dharma supports those who uphold Dharma.

As per the news report Mr Gary Anandasangaree is reported to have stated:

[I strongly condemn the arrest of Mayor of Jaffna V Manivannan by the Sri Lankan govt, and call for his immediate release. The continued harassment & arbitrary arrests of members of the Tamil community including elected officials, journalists & human rights defenders must end.]

This amounts to interference in the affairs of Sri Lanka. Gary needs to wait for the next UNHRC session – just as we have to wait for our turn through Due Processes. The exception is Truth that has been experienced by the person. If indeed Mr Gary Anandasangaree has had such an experience with Mr Manivannan and/or with the Sri Lankan government – he has the duty to share it with all of us – especially those currently experiencing those challenges in Jaffna.

As per my knowledge, at least three Mayors of Jaffna -  Mr Alfred Duraiyapah, Mr Ponnuyhurai Sivapalan and Mrs Ms. Sarojini Yogeswaran were killed by the LTTE.  Given that Mr Manivannan has strongly espoused LTTE ideology – he would have become their heir. When we benefit more than the cost – including through respect – we inherit the negative karma. This is why we chant Sivapuranam to inherit positive Energy.

US Ambassador Ms Teplitz is reported to have stated as follows:

[Arrest of Jaffna Mayor is worrisome. Having strong rule of law (with judicial safeguards) is a better way to fight terrorism while protecting everyone’s basic freedom.]

In Sri Lanka, if rule of law was followed – lawyers like Mr Manivannan would profit from the People and turn a blind eye to those who take the law into their own hands. Where was Ms Teplitz when Manivannan demonstrated support for students who protested against the demolition of the war memorial erected unlawfully  within University of Jaffna? That University is the Shrine of Lord Shiva. Manivannan became king of Jaffna and got the beating. Whoever gave him the beating is a medium of Lord Shiva.


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