Thursday 15 April 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 April 2021






[Today marks one year since Sri Lankan lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah was arbitrarily detained on 14 April 2020. Denied due process, fair trail and proper access to lawyers and family, he remains in detention without any credible evidence being put before a court.] Amnesty International South Asia


The case of Hizbulla was not internal to me, until Manivannan – Mayor of Jaffna was arrested in similar fashion. I had prior experience in the case of Manivannan through High Court of Jaffna. I became a true opposition of lawyer Manivannan who failed to do his duty by us. This helps me prevent dilution of my Energy by the opposing Energy in a ‘free’ environment – such as a disenfranchised community. Structures help prevent such indiscriminate mixing of Energies.


In a democratic environment – the structure includes this Equal & Opposite force from primary level. The more Equal we become, we also tend towards Opposing each other, within the same structure. In terms of law, a lawyer is expected to be more proficient in law than the client. Where the client has had the Experience of the law – the client becomes a senior to the lawyer. Since that would be disrespectful of the profession, Equal status is allocated to an apparent junior. This happens also with adult  children and parents. To earn that equal status, an apparent junior needs to do more than the apparent senior through the same structure. The ‘gap’ becomes Courage which drives the Junior to Oppose. Hence Equal Opposition in Parliament.


When Tamil Politicians passed the Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976 – they were confirming that they had the courage to oppose as per their true investment in maintaining the self-respect of the Tamil Community. This was confirmed to be a true expression of belief in 1977, when the Tamil minorities became the Equal Opposition in National Parliament. This was repeated in 2015 due to the accumulation of global credits by Tamils – not only through escalation of the war issue to the UN but more due to absence of wrong-doing by Tamils in relation to the ethnic issues. Had we taken revenge – the 2015 outcome would not have happened.  Forbearance is essential for us to access this Universal Energy which continuously balances the manifestations as per our truth. When we believe in the global measures – the manifestations happen at global level.


As lawyers if the above legal experts upset the balance, especially in applying customary laws, particular to their respective communities, they would lack the courage to escalate the issue to global level. If they then claim Equality – the equation would  not balance. In this regard, I wrote as follows to a Jaffna School Alumni:


[Karma is the same theory as Newton’s third law of motion –that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Hence what goes around comes around. But in terms of visible action and reaction – they would be different due to various factors such as time, place / person . Hence the word motion in the law. But if you raise every component to the identical level – be it visible matter or invisible Energy – you will know they are equal. Belief helps us raise it to Energy level]


When minorities therefore work and preserve more than Majority at number level – minorities would lack courage and this is worse when one starts off with Equal status from the very beginning. Instead if we protect our work and culture through non-violent pathways Truth will manifest Itself and bring us the support we need.


Tamil-Muslim Commonness would make the power exponential.






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