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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 April 2021




Those who believe, do not wait for proof and those who wait for proof are not root owners.


This morning, my Canadian brother directed me to the IBC Tamil program at https://youtu.be/cE2ctceh5Cg

The area covered was that of Yoga Swami. I wrote back on the basis of my own experience in 2003 which was for the core purpose of  helping Tamil Rebels develop an appropriate Administrative structure. We went to Jaffna in relation to the poor sanitary conditions in public housing complex at Columbuthurai. After completing the official work, I went in search of Yoga Swami’s home. The area looked very different and I felt I had to ask around. I asked the tuk-tuk guy to stop the vehicle for this purpose. When we asked the pedestrian he pointed to the building right there! To me it was my belief that manifested this outcome. When we are driven by belief, the form of the cause given by us is the right form. The evidence would happen subsequently.

When I sought to speak to the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, I did so due to my feeling of ownership through my work dedicated to democratic resource management system. But instead of seeing me – the Vice Chancellor let matters happen and this ended up with me being unlawfully arrested. Through my continued experience, I believed that the reason was race. The Police listed me as Sri Lankan – and that was the evidence needed. Despite surfacing this in court – I was dismissed. My book ‘Naan Australian’ was born out of that pain. It found its way to the National Library of Australia where the following summary explains the subject matter:

‘History of a race discrimination case towards an Australian Tamil citizen of Sri Lankan origin by University of New South Wales.

A believer would not need proof. A believer identifies directly with the core message. As a migrant I was entitled to be assessed on merit basis – towards which my outstanding performance was recorded as per the scientific criteria. Yet, the Vice Chancellor took the easy way out. Due to the anxieties carried by me as a Sri Lankan Tamil, to weaken which I did not blame the government – as majority Tamils known to me did – my pain in Australia reached Universal level. This manifested as the ‘Scientific Fraud’ scandal after I physically left the University. This meant that I was dead as far as the University was concerned. But my mind was left to complete that experience. The Tamil saying ‘Ottappam Veetai chudum’. The legend is recorded as follows:

[Saint Patinathar begged for alms. His Sister was ashamed of this and she invited him to her house and gave him appam/hopper  with poison. Patinatharwith his inner  powers ‘saw’ this  and placed the hopper  in her roof and
went away – saying ‘
Than vinai thannais chudum, ottappam veetai chudum’/ One's negative action will burn one; hopper in the roof will  burn the house.]

The parallel  here is that the Saint who was from a wealthy background begged for food as I was begging for the responsibility to do the work to democratize the system. Like the saint I stuck the poisoned system and my insight at the top before walking away from the University. Thereafter the system burnt itself through its own corrupt ways in Research funding against which I argued and was condemned for doing so. The Research hopper at the University burnt the high status that the University was enjoying through pretence.

Those who believe, do not wait for proof and those who wait for proof are not root owners.

Yester, this came to mind when a fellow Australian Tamil responded as follows, to my article headed ‘CONSTITUTIONAL DEVOLUTION OF POWER:

[Unfortunately constitution doesn't mean anything to the Rajapaksas who carry on regardless, shaping for a military rule  in my opinion ]

But as a true owner of Sri Lanka I identify with strong indicators between disturbance to heritage and the spread of Corona virus, highlighted by the Hindu as follows through its report - ‘Sri Lanka braces for third COVID-19 wave’:

[Preparing for a possible third wave of the coronavirus following a recent spike in cases, Sri Lanka on Monday said all schools in the Western Province, where capital Colombo is located, and the North Western Province will be closed.

Over the last few days, Sri Lanka recorded about 800 cases or more a day, taking the total number of cases reported in the island to over one lakh, and the number of fatalities to 644, as of Monday morning. Over 6,000 cases are currently active. The National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak reported 892 positive cases on Monday.]

As per my belief in the Constitution – Article 9 is relative and article 14 is absolute. Those who follow ‘ Buddhism foremost’ in practice relate. Those who believe and practice  article 14 in the Fundamental Rights chapter would connect to the exponential power of Sovereignty. The latter have insight; former need visible proof. Both articles were in the 1972 constitution and have survived the subsequent changes. Whoever drafted the 1972 Constitution contributed to the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Such articles connect us to Universal powers of Self-Governance. The negatives would lead to self-combustion – as indicated by exponentiality.

As written previously – I connected to the fire at the opening of Shangri-la resort, in Hambantota, to be a warning from Kathirgama Murugan. That fire was also on the roof. The 2019 Easter Bombings have resulted in damage to the then President who opened the resort. To me – that was due to artificial promotion of that sacred area.

Given that I do not have scientific knowledge about the virus – my belief gives me the reason. Hence when China became the origin of the virus – for disturbing Silkroad Heritage, my mind went to Hambantota being taken over by China. This includes not only the Kathirgamam area but also the Sinharaja forest area. According to Natural World Heritage Sites:

[Sinharaja supports more than 90% of Sri Lanka’s 26 endemic bird species, and 75% of the country’s 20 endemic mammals. Many of the tree species protected within this small reserve are highly threatened by forest destruction elsewhere on the island, so Sinharaja represents the ‘best chance’ to ensure their long-term conservation. Sixty percent of the tree species recorded at Sinharaja is found only in Sri Lanka, while more than 90% of its Dipterocarp trees are endemic to the island.  New discoveries are still being made, but existing knowledge clearly demonstrates the importance of Sinharaja for the conservation of Sri Lanka’s endemic fauna and flora, including especially large numbers of unique reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, invertebrate animals and plants such as ferns and orchids. ]

As per recent News First article ‘Sinharaja Rainforest losing forest cover ?’ :

[Dr. Punchinilame Meegaswatte, Secretary-General of Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO (SLNCU) said the construction of a tank or a lake as proposed by the Gin – Nilwala Diversion project will directly damage the forest.

What would be the repercussions of diverting waterways near Sinharaja due to the Gin – Nilwala project?

According to the statements made by minister Chamal Rajapaksa, the project will be carried out by China.

If China constructs two reservoirs after diverting the Gin and Nilwala rivers, wouldn’t they be allowed to control the supply of water to the people in low-lying areas?

Recently, News 1st reported on China’s Water Blackmail practice that has affected several nations in the recent past.

According to a report in the Harvard International Review, the diversion of water could have grave implications for the livelihoods of almost half of the world’s population in South and Southeast Asia.

The report adds that China has established control over the rivers Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, and Mekong rivers in the Tibetan Plateau.

Will the proposed Gin – Nilwala project, make Sri Lanka fall prey to China’s Water Blackmail approach]


The above resolution happened in November 2020. Now it is being extended to Colombo Port City for Economic reasons. Native Rights are protected by the land itself. If Northerners who pray to Murugan – are denied access to their native lands then Southern Murugan at Kathirgamam would be invoked. Both are exponential. To right this wrong – Buddhists need to believe in article 14 and take article 9 as the Executive responsibility to facilitate practice of one’s belief.


When fundamental rights are damaged by executive power – the damage is exponential. China traded in the fundamental values of Sri Lanka  and ended up making a Tibet in Sri Lanka’s North – where the Chief is Hindu but the Ruling Secretary is driven by Communism wearing Buddhist clothes.

 I believe through my own experience, that when fundamental rights in a family are damaged the cause is exposed as money. Then the damage is exponential. We need to flatten the curve to facilitate the citizen to manage it.



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