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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 September  2020



Universal Franchise and Universal Outcomes

The voting system is referred to as Universal Franchise. In his paper ‘Is our Nation at crossroads for crucifixion or resurrection, Anura De Silva claims:

[Ceylon in 1931 was regarded as the oldest democracy in Asia in terms of universal suffrage]

Suffrage, as per my understanding is the right to vote. It becomes Universal due to Belief. Hence I wrote to Anura:

[Very good analysis. If I may say so – the real solution in a democracy would come from the People. You have highlighted this as ‘Ceylon in 1931 was regarded as the oldest democracy in Asia in terms of universal suffrage’ Universal suffrage confirms self-governance right. We may not fit other models. But do Sri Lankans without portfolios seek to govern themselves? It would be good if you can highlight one such experience in your circles]

Anura’s  response included the following:

Self-governance will be the light at the end of the tunnel and the destination of the long journey

My response to it was:

[To my mind, it is the beginning at individual level and the destination is global ownership through various group levels as milestones. As Dr Chandrasekharan has highlighted – ‘ I quote Once we are true to ourselves - Truth does the rest”.  But will Xi Jining and his CCP come out with the truth ever about the pandemic that has led to immense  loss of a million lives and we are still counting?’

My belief about the virus was as per my true investment for my purposes – largely work at the University. Hence I wrote from the beginning that to my mind it happened due to the leak in lab. Dr Chandrasekharan has from time to time confirmed his identity with my philosophical expressions. Hence we join the global group that is seeking to find the cause of the spread.

I expect our democratic pathway to likewise lead us to a feeling of Global connection. To me, both are Universal Suffrage. ]

My Universe may not be the same as that of another in terms of form. Mine could be just myself, my family, my work institution, my profession, my community, my country, my region or the globe. Hence how far my reach is, depends on my need and my need is as per my investments. I invested in Research ethics at the University of NSW through my Accounting Profession. The immediate return was pain. Since I did not compromise, that pain gave me access to the Common Ethnics of Scientific Research. One who is disciplined has the natural insight into the mind of the less disciplined. This is confirmed through the authority of a senior. Hence my intuition about the virus being from the lab and not through bats in the markets. The speed at which it spread was electronic.

In his article ‘Corona Virus (Wuhan) and the Chinese Hypocrisy’ published by South Asia Analysis Group, Dr Chandrasekharan quotes as follows:

[Dr. Li Meng Yan, who was a doctoral fellow in Virology and Immunology in the Hongkong School of Public Health said that the Corona Virus was developed in a Government Laboratory in Wuhan and that the WHO is very much a part of the cover up.  She said that the mention of the Wuhan wet Market was a smokescreen.  She claimed that she was in Wuhan to investigate a pneumonia outbreak and stumbled upon the in formation about the deadly Virus.


Four PhD scholars including Dr Men Yan( the others are Shu Kang, Jie Guan and Shan Chang Hu) have published a report giving an alternate narrative to the origin of the Virus as man made( meaning modified by researchers) Virus variation.  The article is titled “Unusual Features of the Sars Cov. 2 Genomes suggesting sophisticated Lab modification rather than evolution and delineation of its probable synthetic route.


The 26 page report says-


Sars Cov 2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring Zoonotic virus.


The report further describes a gnomic structural, medical and literature evidence which considered together strongly contradicts a natural origin theory.  The evidence shows that SARS Cov.2 should be a Lab product created by using bat Corona Viruses ZC45 and ZXC21 as a template and that a lab induced variety can be created within six month.


The Virus thus produced may have accidentally leaked as the Wuhan Virological Research Lab is notorious for not adhering to strict safety standards although it is declared to be of P4 status.


Dr. Giuseppe Tritto an internationally known expert in bio technology and Nano technology in his book on China- Covid 19 believes that the CCP is behind the spread of the Wuhan Corona Virus 19.


Dr. Shi Zheng Li who is still living in China has forcefully ruled out the possibility of the Corona Virus escaping from the Laboratory.  We can only sympathise with an outstanding Scientist like her as she cannot but mouth the official stand of the CCP. ]


Mine was intuition based. The intuition was due to the discovery of the exponential effects of desire based Medical Research here in Australia and the takeover of Hambantota port in Southern Sri Lanka, by Chinese government through its ‘free-money’. My deep belief in Kathirgama Murugan in Southern Sri Lanka rendered the ‘insight’ to find the root-cause. China’s takeover was unethical. Hence the natural conclusion that Chinese Government influenced Research would be more unethical than Australian Government influenced Research.


The common person’s belief based use of Research findings is also an exercise of Universal Franchise. One who uses it with belief has the power to expose unethical practices at her/his universal level. Chinese to whom China was/is their homeland, had/have such power. Likewise, scientists anywhere – at global level


Many of us who have been hurt due to loss of our investment in democracy especially due to war – would have naturally contributed to the powers that invoked this universal spread which would in turn go towards preventing wars in which bioweapons would be used. Major powers that invest in CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defence are likely to get restless if they become unethical especially at government level. China’s takeover of Hambantota port was unethical and undemocratic. When there is a war, such restless groups are likely to experiment with their discoveries and inventions. I have found the conduct of some Tamil Administrators to fall within this category of victims whose mind structures seem to have had major restructuring – which is unnatural. Another war in Sri Lanka would make it worse – especially for Southerners. If Northerners try to profit from the war – they also would become victims again.


The Coronavirus has given us an early warning about such damages. If we limit the exercise of our powers to the areas that are our world – and we are peace-loving, we would prevent such disasters in our world. Evidence of this is available in the areas where there are war-antibodies and therefore less victims of Coronavirus.


Every sovereign group produces its own balance. How and when – is as per the needs of deepest contributors to sovereignty through any avenue. Corona happened due to the awakening of Silk Road heritage which is a Universal heritage. Hence the effects were global.

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