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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 September  2020





Are  UK and  Australia American Territories?


[The question is whether the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka had the mandate to hear this matter which manifested in Northern Province. When I brought defamation action against a part of my family – here in our Supreme Court of NSW – in regards to actions in Mallakam Courts in Northern Sri Lanka –  Judge Mccallum said that the Court did not have jurisdiction – even though the parties concerned were Australians residing in New South Wales. The Supreme Court of NSW is the parallel of the High Court of Jaffna. The way TNA manages its provincial affairs needs to be different to the way it manages its National affairs. When  two are  mixed indiscriminately there is disorder in the structure.] Gajalakshmi Paramasivam in Not Madman – but Owner – at


That was my experience with the Australian Judiciary in relation to ‘Jurisdiction’. Lawyers for the Opposition filed to ban me from using the NSW Judiciary- claiming that I was an abuser of Court process. When it was my turn to speak all I said was words to the effect - ‘If am banned by these very relatives whom I sponsored to Australia, then I propose to go back to Sri Lanka’ . I had all the law points ready and they were already in the submissions. At that moment – only my truth came to my mind – as in the system of karma. Then Judge Lucy Mccallum said words to the effect that she would read the file in detail. When dismissing the application for the ban – as per my interpretation Judge Lucy Mccallum looked in my direction as if to see whether I was satisfied and I nodded in agreement. That was a People’s judgment. But the other part applicable to statements by the opponents’ lawyers in Sri Lankan court defaming me  that I was after my husband’s family money and the downgrading of my marital status (second marriage) and that of our children as being less than that of biological children – was serious miscarriage of Australian laws and the values it protects. Yet Judge Lucy Mccallum claimed that it was lacking in jurisdiction. That experience has helped me measure Julian’s case and rule it to be seriously lacking in Jurisdiction in the UK. If Julian is extradited then effectively, Australia as well as the UK would become American territories.  

Experience is the absolute value in our relativity. Yesterday Mr Bob Carr’s protest against the possible extradition of Julian Assange was part of the evening Channel 9 news. Sydney Morning Herald highlighted it was follows:

[Former foreign affairs minister Bob Carr says the federal government will set a precedent that could allow any Australian living abroad to be delivered into the clutches of third countries if it allows the United States to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the UK.

Mr Carr, who as foreign minister said it "wouldn't be a matter of concern to Australia" to make a case on Mr Assange's behalf, made his comments as Amnesty International Australia handed a petition of 400,000 signatures to the US consulate asking for the charges against Mr Assange to be dropped.]

As per my experience with Mr Car,  he goes with the side that seems powerful. I learnt this through my ‘protest’ against the Central Administrators of the University of NSW for which I was unlawfully arrested. I wrote to Premier Carr from prison but he did not even acknowledge receipt of my letter. That helped me demote Mr Carr to Junior relation in the world of the People. When such a person is given prominence over someone like me who fought for People’s rights that medium is also a junior. It is the Absolute value of our experience that determines who our true relatives are and who amongst them are our Juniors. To know that, we need to achieve senior position as per that Experience. Experience is Absolute in value.

It is explained through numbers as follows, at primary level understanding (learnt from my husband) :

The absolute value of a number does not change whether it is on the positive side of zero or negative side. In the case of +3 & -3, the distance from zero axis is the same whether we travel north or south. In an official system where the law is the zero base +3 is taken as good value and -3 as bad value. But in democracy, where People empower leaders the value becomes inverted as follows:

[In mathematics, an inverse function (or anti-function) is a function that "reverses" another function: if the function f applied to an input x gives a result of y, then applying its inverse function g to y gives the result x, and vice versa, i.e., f(x) = y if and only if g(y) = x. ] Wikipedia

In life, f  is the cause and g is the effect. In the case of Administration, the official system/function is f and its effects at experience level is g.  If we therefore consider officer (x) as the causal value f(x),  then the citizen (y) through whom the value g(y)was produced would be of Equal power in the world of the People who become the Opposition of Government in Executive mode.  If the People seem wrong to the Government then in a complete system that is divided in the middle – the Government would seem wrong to the People.

Yesterday the above was confirmed in Sri Lankan Parliament:

[Premalal Jayasekara from governing party becomes the first convict facing death sentence to take oath as a legislator.

Premalal Jayasekara - from the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Party (SLPP) - was convicted in July of murdering an opposition activist after opening fire at an election rally in 2015.

But the 45-year-old's conviction and sentence came after nominations for the August 5 poll, and he was allowed to contest the election and take up his seat.

Jayasekara did not attend the current parliament's first session on August 20 as prison authorities refused to let him out.] Aljazeera

Now when Premalal Jayasekara’s ruling party makes laws,  their absolute value would be below the line of existing law which is the zero base line. In common terminology political killings are not crimes as per the official system in Sri Lanka. The People who elected such leaders have naturally separated themselves from law enforcement officers such as the prison authorities above.

Thus the system has inverted itself where People control the government. To my mind, it happened due to lack of true Opposition in National Parliament and its arms in Administration.

The pathway available to us is :

to be driven by our own truth and live in the relative world through positions that we have invested in, through genuine faith. That is the way of the objective pathway.

Julian, so long as he lives in the  truth of the People would invert the punishment on the American government driven by politics.

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