Thursday 24 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 September  2020



Muslims became the Media of Tamil Militants

On 22 September, my media Energy took me to the Rediff article ‘India's Dilemma in Sri Lanka’ by Dr Badrakumar. How I got there – I cannot remember. Why it came to me – I know through my own assessment of myself through my true Sri Lankan position. I accumulated Energy through the Hindu pathway which is also largely Indian pathway. Along that pathway I formed relationships including through my media work. The passage of my book ‘Naan Australian’ to National Library of Australia is shown to be linked to ‘Library of Congress -- New Delhi Overseas Office . As per Wikipedia report ‘The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world

That to me is the way Universal Franchise of Democracy works. I believe that it was this power that took my attention to Dr Badrakumar’s article which had intelligence needed by Sri Lanka, at diplomatic level. As Jesus said - I was seeking and I found. That article was presented by Sri Lankan media through Asia Times two days later . The original was published by Indian Punchline on 18 September. I concluded when I noticed it this morning that the Sri Lankan media was not seeking to be independent, as strongly as I did.

When we complete our experiences we develop Energies at that level. These Energies come to us when we are in need. When we cannot ‘see’ or quickly know the connections – and they have a manifestation - we call them miracles. At Energy level we refer to it as intuition. Successful Democracy is supported by this intuition. Love, Truth, Ownership – they are all different names of this ‘Intuition’.

I connect to the intuitive power of Tamil Politicians when writing about Lankan Tamil Independence. The value in that is that I would then naturally access the wisdom of the Political Opposition in the minds of Sinhalese politicians also. Together they form Sovereign Sri Lanka. This way I have mind merged with the consolidated Energy of America & India in Sri Lankan issues. Many Tamils condemn the current American President. To me they are ‘foreign’ matters. I am automatically connected to the Australian Energy in this. Any more would amount to ‘gossip’ which would distract my mind from Sri Lankan issue.

It was this Energy that connected me to the fire at Shangrila Hotel Hambantota which was opened by the then President Sirisena. The government’s official news portal reported as follows on 02 June 2016:

[President Maithripala Sirisena declared open the Shangri-La Hambantota Resort & Spa in the port city of Hambanthota yesterday (June 01).

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, one of the major hotel chains to enter the island after the end of the war with Tamil Tiger separatists, by investing USD 120 million in the 145-acre, 300-room beachfront resort.]

The indicator was that Mr Sirisena who was part of the government that brought an end to the armed war  was celebrating foreign investment while civilians in North & East who were opposed to the government were suffering due to the sudden isolation and closure. That attitude is Separatists attitude. This resulted in warnings from India being ignored by Mr Sirisena’s Defence Ministry which in practice was driven by Executive power in breach of the provisions in the 19th Amendment which banned Executive Presidency. Had Defence been allocated to an elected member of Parliament who was open to Tamils and had not benefited from alliance with the government in 2009 – that would have kept the channels open with India and therefore prevented the 2019 Easter bombing.

If Sri Lankan government had remained connected to Indian intelligence – especially after India’s support to Sri Lankan government  in the final stages of the war to eliminate the LTTE – the 2019 Easter bombing would have been prevented. On the other hand, if Catholic leaders in Sri Lanka had stayed away from Buddhist-only leaders – they would have merged with other minority religious groups to Oppose Buddhists and thus become part of the Sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. Opposition by belief confirms an alternate pathway and separation of powers. Had Catholics grouped themselves with other religious minorities, they would have negated the influence of ISIS mentally in Sri Lankan Muslims who are separated from government and who carry old wounds. These Muslim Separatists became the medium of LTTE members who were killed by soldiers who did not follow the rules of war to the extent the Sri Lankan government claimed they had followed. As per natural laws, Buddhist had no jurisdiction over non-Buddhists. LTTE were Non-Buddhists and hence the government needed laws that were intellectually balanced and practiced so the system of karma would not takeover on cumulative basis as per Universal Franchise.

Buddhist leaders who are bound by the theory of rebirth have the moral obligation to seek through that pathway.  Mr Sirisena was obviously not such a believer. If the current President also fails to use the intellectual method – through Secular laws – he also will end up like his predecessor – especially if he has Executive power which can be manipulated by China. 19th Amendment is his protection from handing over Sri Lanka to the Chinese.






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