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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 September  2020



Sri Lanka’s Third Eye

This morning, I talked about ‘insight’ which I believe develops when we forego physical level pleasures and see through our pre-existing truth within. This might have been after Gwen spoke to me last evening and I was reminded of how her husband Dr David Garlick valued me. David also identified with my ‘insight’. In the above talk I used the message that came through Yoga Joseph about sugar:

[It is a very well known fact that regular use of Sugar & Salt cause health problems.

Children who are trained not to consume them will develop taste buds that do not crave for them even as adults & thereby lead long healthy lives.]


Yoga forwarded also the ABC (Australia) article headed ‘Experts warn Parkinson's disease may 'explode' after COVID-19’:

[The loss of smell and taste are worrying COVID-19 symptoms because they indicate possible damage to the brain. ]

I have experienced loss of taste during this period and we have had Parkinson’s patients in our family. I recalled the essence of a sharing with Gwen, last evening, in which I said that when I think I can find a solution I focus and focus on it and I do find the solution. If I think I have no control over the causes – then I do not think about it. In the case of Covid19’s above connection it is not something I have control over. But on the other hand, the loss of taste would lead to consuming less sugar and salt and therefore contribute towards better health. So why worry? This meant that my brain was still functioning well for my purposes.

When we copy / plagiarize we tend to be over-excited and hyperactive. To that extent we become under-active / depressed when we cannot sustain the memory that triggered the excitement. In Tamil, we call this Aarva-Kolaaru (Problematic Enthusiasm). It’s a problem because of the other side. Desiring a perfect body also indicates Problematic Enthusiasm. The more we are aware of our inner strengths the less affected we are by the ever changing body which decays in the end.

To the extent we have invested in good health – we would have control over how future problems would be addressed. Me worrying about it beforehand is not prevention but distraction from current challenges over which I do have control. When I enjoy through the deeper mind, I know that I am enjoying in common – including with the future heirs.

Then I noticed ‘Looking beyond your Senses’ and a clip with the following tribute:

[Meet Louis Benedict, a Deputy Editor at The Sunday Times. He has been in the industry for over 50 years and has inspired generations with his ability to proof read, write editorials and be involved in most editorial work even with a longstanding visual impairment. Here’s his story...] at Daily Mirror’s Life Online.

This is about Louis Benedict using his third eye because his eye sight was failing him. My friend Vijaya’s brother in law also was blind but he brilliantly taught physics. This is because our inner powers work without distraction when we accept the limitations of the external. When we plagiarize, we bring the external into us without its root. When we respect, we bring the essence of the contribution by the original discoverer into us. We bring the root with the external. That is the third eye wisdom.

Then I read the following :

Pilleyan appointed co-chair of Batticaloa DCC ahead of vote on 20A’ – published by the Island.

Pillayan is a former militant and carries wisdom from his own experiences as an armed fighter. This handout then means that if there is another war – Pillayan would need to be paid more bribe to not join Tamil militants who are heirs of his third eye wisdom.

As per the report:

[Political sources said that in addition to the TMVP vote, the SLPP was sure of two more votes-one each from the National Congress (Digamadulla MP A.L.M. Athaullah) and the SLFP (Jaffna District MP Angajan Ramanathan)]

They are both representatives of  ‘Assimilating Minorities’ – as many migrants are here in Australia.  The article goes on to state:

[Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage on Tuesday (22) claimed in parliament that 17 Samagi Jana Balavegaya lawmakers were engaged in secret negotiations to switch their allegiance to the SLPP. SJB leader Sajith Premadasa insisted in parliament that none of his members would do such a treacherous thing.]

If Sajith looks within – he will know that he formed SJB before he became independent of the UNP . This is like working for two competitors.   

The way to defeat 20A is to continuously present in Parliament opposition in the consciousness of 19A – as if it were still active. 19A  is a permanent resident of the Parliament – watching through the third eye.

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