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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 September  2020




Legacy Development by Rajapaksas?

I have been having this nagging knee pain which I thought started when I bent down to pick something up from the floor, during cold weather. Later when my cousin and a cousin in law shared their experiences of similar pain I felt it was due also to age. Then last night my husband complained he had similar pain. Did I infect him? Did I get infected when I went with him to Native doctor Veera in Moolai – Northern Sri Lanka? These were questions that are natural during a time when the Coronavirus is working to produce exponential effects. In essence, I do feel that our minds infect each other’s if we are  not independent and self-sufficient. If we are independent as a group then we share each other’s strengths - mind to mind. But when we live together without that unity that comes naturally through soul power – we pick up negative Energies from those whom we allow into our minds – freely without relationships and their duties. I said to my husband that he got his pain back because he bought for breakfast the type of bread that he liked while I was expecting him to buy the type that both of us endorsed in common!

This morning I was directed to a video clip under the heading ‘THE MIND IS OUR SOUL’, distributed by Dr Charles Sarvan Ponnuthurai with the following comment:

[It shows me yet again that the mind (brain) is the basis of our being: one could say that the mind is our soul]

My mind, rejected the above. There are minds that are idle and there are minds like Lord Buddha’s that are full. The brain helps us to attain fullness of mind through the intellectual pathway. But we can also go deep into belief and pick up the mind of another like Jesus who realised such fullness without active intellectual pursuit. As per the laws of Nature, the gain of active knowledge happens due to the pain of learning. But there is passive intelligence that informs us from within – especially when we go into medication. In the video clip this is referred to as ‘genes’. To my mind it is belief based wisdom to which we can give form from time to time or leave it passive which can be activated by a true believer through any form or pathway. The Universal Franchise is exercised on this basis. Where a contributor to such positive Universal Energy has a need – that passive energy raises itself to support that person. It is rare but it happens.

A member of the Tamil Diaspora directed me to the 11 September interview by Newsline’s Mr Faraz Shauketaly, published under the heading – ‘ Development is fundamental" - MP Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam – at

 As per my interpretation, Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam was expecting the Tamil Diaspora to invest in Northern Sri Lanka through business activities. To my mind – it was an extension of his claim that almost all Tamils of North received assistance from their relatives overseas. Even if we take that to be true – in order to sustain such support – those currently living in North need to feel gratitude or at least demonstrate respect for their seniors in the Tamil Diaspora. But as confirmed yet again yesterday, by another senior with family in Vaddukoddai where the Nationalism declaration was made in 1976, the juniors who took  such sharing as  handouts – did not want to work. Yesterday, the guy said that he kept sending money at the rate of Rs 25,000 p.m. and later he bought his nephew a tractor for work purposes. The nephew sold it and now the uncle does not send money. The uncle has been working at least 12 hours a day including during the pandemic. THAT is his Muthusum / Heritage to a share in which only those who work hard in their own fields are entitled. It was on the basis of my parallel experience in sponsoring my nephews in law and the lack of respect they demonstrated that I wrote the book ‘Jaffna is my Muthusum / Heritage and not Dowry. Those who choose the more liberal law of their new countries – took dowry and not Muthusum.

Mr Faraz Shauketaly referred to this as ‘Legacy Administration’ in relation to the rebirth of the Rajapaksa regime. Its parallel in relation to Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam is from his grandfather who was a very clever lawyer as well as Politician. Gajendrakumar has not demonstrated the law heritage but more the business name in both. I do not know whether the Rajapaksa’s would succeed in developing their in heritage in Politics & Armed Defence. But Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa did state that he was the man from Southern jungles whilst LTTE leader Prabakaran was the man from Northern jungles: .

[Solheim, who was sucked in by the yarns spun to him by Anton Balasingham, told President Rajapaksa around March 2006: "Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action…."  The President said: "He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!" (Lalith Weeratunga, at the President’s interview with Ram.)]

That confirmed Equal respect for the guerrilla leader. But the Tamil parallel of this is yet to happen. All Tamil Politicians who claim to fight for Tamil Nationalism continue to blame only the Sri Lankan government  for the loss of Tamil civilian lives and disappearances. When we do not know ‘facts’ with accuracy, we need to use belief to know why something happened. During the above interview Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam claimed that all Tamils supported the Armed struggle and when Mr Faraz Shauketaly said ‘but they didn’t all support it’ Gajendrakumar claimed that most of them did. If that were true then that explains why the Political investment by Tamils have become so weak and has divided them.  The killing of Politicians by the militants had the effect of  fear in the minds those who pursued the political pathway including through free expressions of opposition to the ruling party in an area. Until Tamil heirs of militants and their outcomes – accept Equal responsibility for civilian killings and disappearances the negative Energy that killed our investments in the Democratic Political pathway would continue and become Paavam / sin beyond its time. Sins remain in us as our genes and would get activated when we take credit through past for, without paying due respects to those who delivered those results in the past. All Tamil politicians who have entered National Parliament are heirs of the politicians including those who were killed by armed militants. They cannot be heirs of militants as well at the same time. This is why they do not have the blessings of the system of belief to sustain the People’s mandate.

I still do not know which division within Jaffna electoral district Mr  Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam represents or Mr CV Wigneswaran represents. If they have not been elected by any division, they are in Parliament as overall leaders on personal basis. To my mind this is in reverse order of democracy and confirms autocracy.

In democracy local belief in a person happens first. Then overall vote for the party as per its policy. It needs higher thinking to vote for a party on the basis of its policies. These policies translate as laws in National Parliament. That is the final Objective outcome. Since Mr Angajan Ramanathan got the highest number of preferential voting, it is taken as withdrawal of support for separatism and therefore Tamil Nationalism claims. There was some cleverness in using personal  popularity to override Party based prejudice against the SLFP. It confirms also business development in coastal areas of North including Kayts division where Mr Douglas Devananda’s party came first. The placement of Mr Douglas Devananda as Minister of Fisheries was a strategic move to confirm the direction of government sponsored Business Development in Northern Sri Lanka. The people of Kayts are well known to be outstanding in business. Their section of the Tamil Diaspora is money-rich.

If the Rajapaksa government was against militants – this would not have happened. The Opposition was as Sinhala Nationalists. But beyond that commonness has been demonstrated. This also safeguards the Northern coastline from Indian invasion  which is always a probability for Southerners. But with their folks as leaders they get both – to preserve the sovereign borders of Sri Lanka as well as to develop business enterprises in their natural areas of expertise.

Mr Faraz Shauketaly discussed ‘housing’ needs. As per my experience, the People of Northern Sri Lanka have been availing themselves of the grants by the government. We ourselves often lend money for housing to those who have a real need. When they delay payments or do not pay because they do not have enough income – we consider the loans as common compensation for loss of opportunities due to our part in the war – which was passive acceptance due to fear of victimisation. But from then on we take senior positions with those debtors so there is a relationship through which they can pay their respects to us – which then prevents them from becoming sinners. Instead,  we become relatives. It’s the good side of debt-trap that China is often accused of. But to do that neither the giver nor the receiver should think it is ‘free money’. Our is hard earned and painfully saved. Hence we would not even dream of it being free. In turn we openly show position as their seniors –so they are not allowed to forget and become sinners.

If the Tamil Diaspora overplays its oneness with the victims in Sri Lanka – they would be doing what we accuse China of doing. That is NOT nationalism. It is servitude.


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